4 ways to end food waste - what's a evaporative cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-27
4 ways to end food waste  -  what\'s a evaporative cooler
It takes generations to put an end to food waste.
But there are four solutions running today. 1. Match.
What do Com for waste supermarket dealers do when they have additional products?
Not much now.
But the food cowboy, based in Berkeley, California, is a brand.
New mobile app designed to reduce food waste by linking food businesses, truck drivers and needs-
Based on organization. Co-
Founder Roger Gordon is an experienced entrepreneur who helps start-ups and non-profit organizations gain capital.
His brother Richard owns and runs a truck fleet for 25 years.
This app combines their combined experience in trucking, logistics and philanthropy, so excess food can be donated before it goes bad.
Food Cowboy's website provides a sample scenario: "You are a Food bank manager. . .
You will receive a text message asking if you can open the warehouse in advance and accept three tons of carrots that dealers refuse because they are not straight enough.
You answer with a smile, "Okay.
In this way, the carrots found a good home. 2.
In developing countries, food losses often stem from the lack of simple things: equipment or procedures that, once implemented, can lead to unknown waste prevention.
In its report entitled "reducing food losses and waste", the World Resources Institute has studied case studies in poor countries where the basic increase has resulted in significant gains.
In Karokh, Afghanistan, researchers found as many as 50% of tomatoes lost in transit.
Farmers in Karokh received $60,000 in aid funds, bought simple plastic boxes and reduced tomato waste to 5%.
In Kenya, the use of closed metal silos to store grain prior to transport reduced crop losses to 1 kg. 2 percent.
In Nigeria, an evaporation cooler called zeer, which costs less than $2 for construction, uses wet sand to keep food cool, I have kept tomatoes and guava for 20 days, otherwise only two days can be saved. 3.
Former CEO of expired Supermarket Trader Joe is very interested in his expired ideas
Food supermarket.
In the past February, grocery giant Doug Lach announced that he plans to open 10,000-
Walking market in Boston's disadvantaged community in Dorchester, after selling food at the fragile window
But before it was destroyed.
As many studies have shown, the validity period is arbitrary and has little to do with safety or even taste.
Despite this, Rauch's plans have created tension in some communities;
One supporter told The Boston Globe, "the organization doesn't want customers to think, 'Hey, I'll eat the trash from the rich.
"The idea of this store has already attracted audiences worldwide, such as a French chain store and a small grocery store in the Netherlands (
600 shoppers on weekends)
Do a good job in the business of expired goods.
Rauch's market is likely to be launched by the end of this year;
If this is a commercial success, Rauch wants to replicate the concept in urban centres across the country.
He wants to sell milk for one dollar a gallon more attractive than pouring it into the sewer. 4.
In this over-built city, the buffet for the piggy, food waste at the Las Vegas cafeteria seems to be taken for granted.
However, a enterprising farmer came up with a way to make good use of the leftovers ---
And reduce feed costs in the process.
Bob Combs has 160-
Acre farm north of Vegas;
He drives into town every night to collect free food leftovers from 12 casino restaurants.
He brought it back to the farm, processed it and fed it to his 2,500 pigs.
According to the law, it is necessary to be very careful before livestock eat the rest of human food.
Combs built his own big-
The scale of the heating system, steamed leftovers at high temperature to cook impurities.
He also created a delivery system to help clear the garbage mixed with food-
Combs told the Los Angeles Times that he found plastic bags, champagne bottles, and even a bottle full of things. 38-caliber pistol.
Overall, he eats 1,000 tons of food residue every month.
The article was originally published in modern farmers.
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