5 billionaires who pulled some monstrously 'rich guy' moves - air conditioner accessories

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
5 billionaires who pulled some monstrously \'rich guy\' moves  -  air conditioner accessories
Have you seen those interviews and they asked the lottery winners what they were going to do with their millions of dollars and their answer was, "I'm going to put the air conditioner in my trailer and fix it!
"Because they don't fully grasp the terrible power they have now?
Do you know who got it? Billionaires.
These people have long been tired of buying ordinary goods and know how to take it to the next scary level. . .
Howard Hughes bought a whole month of television and only hosted HimHoward Hughes. he wanted to see if his people might be in the category of "big money ".
Mental illness.
The answer is "very, very far ".
"Seriously, this guy really needs help, but he never gets help because, well, that's how weird the rich are, right?
One of his biggest hobbies is watching movies, and in the standard Howard Hughes style, he spends a few months at a time in his private cinema and never leaves, pee in the bottle whenever he needs (
When it comes to how he shit, you can use your imagination).
Who the hell stopped him?
Well, in his later years, Hughes moved to Las Vegas and rented a penthouse and found that there was never anything good on TV.
So Hughes solved the problem with the only way he knew it.
He forced it to cater only to a very special crowd: Howard Hughes.
Hughes of the network insisted on a comprehensive overview of all the content planned to be aired and asked them to change anything he didn't like.
If he was distracted and missed a TV show, a movie, or even a scene, he would call the studio and ask them to replay it.
According to the Vegas artist at the time, if you turn on the TV and see Hughes in town,-
His favorite movie-was playing.
It broadcasts almost every night and sometimes loops until the early hours of the morning.
You will know that Hughes is somewhere there, poking in a can of empty beans. 4The Ultra-
Rich people like to treat their dogs with inhuman luxury goods. Here's the question: do rich people even know they have money?
You can try asking this question, but she doesn't seem particularly interested in her own brand --
The new iPhone 7 s: that's Coco, owned by Wang Sicong, son of one of China's richest men.
Yes, it is said that these phones do "belong" to dogs.
This week, Wang released his iPhone 7 s and posted photos on social media, wearing two Apple Watches at the same time.
Of course, Wang can be smart enough to know that dogs can't use Apple products even if they want to use Apple products, so the most likely explanation here is that he is just an ordinary person.
But this is far from the only example of an obscene rich man who dotes on dogs in an obvious psychological projection.
Taking Paris Hilton as an example, she built a whole house for her dog, because of course she did it, and she was Paris Hilton.
As we all know, expensive furniture and Crown styling are a necessity for dogs.
There is a chandelier in what Hilton calls a "dog house" because money can't buy your imagination.
Yes, there is air conditioning.
And Mariah Carey, who spent only $175,000 on her dogs in 2014, sent them to a luxury resort worth $25,000 and also for dogs. It's called .
European billionaires collect old trees and transport them to his individual to foresee the difference between you and the average billionaire: you will go out in nature and say, "These trees are beautiful!
"Billionaires will follow up," now get them all up and mail these things to my house!
"Take Bidzina Ivanishvili, a wealthy former Prime Minister (
If you want to know when America isS.
Election of Prime Ministers)
Like to collect huge, old trees.
So he will see one, and then the crew will have to dig them out, and then, King Kong --
Along the coast style, his private villa has included his own waterfalls and the zoo of exotic animals.
This is much more difficult than we said just now.
On 2016, Ivan nishveli paid £ 135. year-
Despite the heavy weight of the old tulip tree, which almost caused the boat to sink, it ran to his property, so they tried to build a road that collapsed all the time.
Finally, it took nearly a week to drag the giant tree 40 kilometers and cut it down in his cartoon trophy forest.
He said that he would plant new trees to fill the space of the trees he brought, and that his acquisition of these historical trees was actually saving them (
It's like an animal sanctuary, but for trees! )
So far, this has not done much to calm down the tide of criticism.
But what do they do?
They can't throw him out anymore.
Damn bastard!
2 Computer billionaires like to spend money to stop driving a Lousa billionaire from getting a $150 speeding ticket, just like a police fine you for a quarter of an hour with a lint currently in your front pocket
The only deterrent is that they know that they have to suppress their smirk during a traffic stop ---
Such a law is only a small inconvenience.
Bill Gates, for example, has a crush on Porsche, whose collection of jewelry is Porsche 959, one of the rarest and most popular models --
Second only to cars in the world.
But there is a problem: he is not allowed to bring it to the United States because it does not pass the EPA standard.
Gates raised his eyebrows and said, "I am not happy with this law. Change it.
So his people passed
The so-called "show and show law" basically only allows real rich people to import illegal cars if they promise they do it just because they are really rich.
Now, Gates can drive around in his car that is not good for the environment, just because he has a building full of lawyers that will allow the legal reality to obey his will.
Meanwhile, Steve Jobs, Bill's arch rival, took advantage of his loophole.
To avoid the troublesome laws that the rest of us must abide by, use pranks.
Jobs absolutely refused to drive a car with a license plate because no one except him knew (
It's probably just one of his many quirks, he puts his feet in the toilet and only eats carrots and apples).
Fortunately, there is a law in California that gives new owners 6-
They need a one-month grace period before they get the license plate.
As a result, jobs will not face the drudgery of the DMV and the pedestrians who fill out some documents, but will change a new one every six months.
The loophole has been closed, but it didn't take effect until 2019, which means jobs may be chattering in the Paradise of the rich until the day he died before he started gambling.
Henry Ford collects houses inhabited by celebrities.
Even if they don't actually)
Like we said.
Rich has completely changed your concept of what you can and can't buy.
Not just the rare trees we mentioned earlier. -
There's everything.
When the industrialist Henry Ford visits some historical sites, he says, "I want it!
Throw it on the truck!
"For example, when he visits a house where the Wright brothers built their first plane, or a lab invented by Edison, Ford will spend money to move this damn thing to what he called a museum in Dearborn, Michigan, the museum still exists today.
He did not answer no ".
On one occasion, Ford was fascinated by the songwriter who wrote "downstream of the Swanee River," Oh!
Suzanne, "and many other public domain songs that you were forced to play on the recorder in your first grade.
He spent money to move Foster's childhood home from Pittsburgh to Dearborn, but the Pittsburgh mayor interjected to tell him that he had bought the wrong house.
John Tusk Howard, the biographer of Foster, came up with the idea that while Foster's father owns the land where the house is located, there is no evidence that foster actually lives there, even seen before.
Ford went to Pittsburgh to make up his mind, apparently thinking that some of the views of the locals exceeded the professional discoveries of historians, as he soon announced that the house was a real deal to transport it to Greenfield Village, and put a sign on the front that says, "the birthplace of Stephen Foster
One of Foster's nieces, Evelyn Foster monyuk, published a booklet publicly criticizing Ford for ignoring the overwhelming evidence that his foster family was a fraud.
Still, Ford decided to keep the home and continue to declare it historically accurate before his death, always consolidating the view that when you become a billionaire, damn it.
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