5 reasons why your air conditioner stopped working - maytag air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
5 reasons why your air conditioner stopped working  -  maytag air conditioner
It's strange to start counting down, in the middle
1960, the home air conditioning is so luxurious, only 10% of the American family is equipped with air conditioning.
Some families in the South actually sleep on their porch in order to cope with the heat of the summer [source: Oremus].
Today, almost everyone in the United StatesS. has it.
Of the 10 Am American households, nine are now equipped with some sort of air conditioning, and residential air conditioning is expected to account for 18% of the U. S. S.
Annual household electricity]source: EIA].
At $2013, Americans spent $7.
2 billion according to federal census data, central air conditioning is installed or replaced at home.
According to the survey, this is more than any other type of home remodel except for the new kitchen and bathroom remodel [source: Quint].
But now that Americans are used to feeling cold, they may be more difficult to cope with the heat when their home air conditioning system stops working or only partially works.
According to news reports,
Air conditioning repair services constantly repair or replace equipment for overheated homeowners.
An Indiana-
For example, the repairman at the headquarters told the local television station in May 2018 that a record was set.
In that area, he works six days a week and 14 hours a day in response to a repair call [source: Houser].
Here are five reasons why your air conditioner may stop working this summer and what you can do to keep it running.
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