7 things attracting pests into your home - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
7 things attracting pests into your home  -  air conditioner dripping
The best way to control your pests?
It's tempting not to let them live there.
Using this list can help you reduce the chances of bugs entering space.
Put the dishes in your-
If you are passionate about not having pests, please make a list.
"You might want to think twice before you do the dishes in the morning," said Brad Smith, president of preferred pest control.
"Pests such as flies, ants and cockroaches are very interested in the leftover food on the dishes.
Tips for trying these bugs
Prove your kitchen
Moisture attracts many different types of pests.
"We need water in our daily lives, but pests also need water," said Cherie Hartzer, an entomologist at Orkin . ".
"Even a small drop of water from the air-conditioning unit may attract wasps who are feeding.
Water soaked in wood is attractive to termite.
Water-filled downpipes and ditches are the perfect habitat for mosquitoes.
A dripping tap may attract rodents, especially if the tap is already dry and there is no other water source around it. ”he cure?
Regularly maintain and repair any leaks that may provide water.
Also, these are the 10 most serious insects in your garden.
When it gets cold outside, many bugs look for a comfortable winter home --
Your place may be perfect.
"Pests like bugs and beetles are just looking for a protected place to wait for the winter and your home meets the requirements," Hazel said . ".
Check out 13 secrets about common family pests.
Birds can't resist it
No bugs.
"Moths that feed on grain are very common insects that invade their homes," Smith said . ".
"The favorite food for Indian moths is bird seeds.
Homeowners inadvertently bring them into their homes by buying a bag of infected bird seeds, and within a few weeks a family is infected with moth larvae and adults.
"In order to avoid infection, check carefully the bird seed bags of moth larvae, adults and straps before purchasing --
Then store it in a sealed plastic box to avoid attracting animals.
Is your city the most harmful city? infested? Spills happen—
But the bug can't resist even if it leaves a little bit of confusion.
"The food crumbs that spill out of your kitchen contain a veritable insect feast like cockroaches and ants," Smith said . ".
Clean up regularly
Includes moving and vacuuming behind the stove and refrigerator
It can reduce your kitchen's appetite for pests a lot.
Find easy ways to keep your house pestsfree. Dormant drain
In particular, there is a little water and some organic substances in it, such as hair and soap.
Perfect home for drain flies.
"The unused sewers make a sticky film that creates an ideal breeding place for sewer flies," Smith said . ".
"If these flies appear in the House, it is almost certain that there is a drain that is slow or blocked.
Look at these 11 pests.
Control the factory for your yard.
The smell of garbage can be completely unpleasant for your nose, but for bugs like flies, it's like a siren.
You may already know the secret to stop this.
Contains your garbage.
"When you take the garbage out, be sure to bag it up and the trash can close tightly," Hazel said . ".
This will also help prevent other pests, such as mice and racoons, that are attracted to garbage.
What do you think is the most annoying pest in your state? Find out here.
The story was originally published by Family Handyman.
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