8 thoughtful gifts and gadgets for highly sensitive modern moms - air conditioner portable evaporative

by:HICOOL     2019-08-31
8 thoughtful gifts and gadgets for highly sensitive modern moms  -  air conditioner portable evaporative
Looking for something more thoughtful than the standard gift card for Mother's Day this year?
All moms are special, but those highly sensitive moms may have a deeper appreciation for thoughtful gifts because of their genetic abilities. Dr.
Elaine Allen, author of the book "highly sensitive people", estimates that there are only 15-
20% of the population is born with innate biological properties with high sensory processing sensitivity.
This means that your mom's brain actually works a little differently than other brains.
Because her brain naturally processes information and makes a deeper reflection on it, your mom is also vulnerable to excessive stimulation, overwhelm, stress, and anxiety.
Each budget has 8 gifts ranging from $4 to $299, which will help your mom feel special and understanding. 1. Noise-
Removing the highly sensitive principal will feel the volume has appeared in the world.
Constant noise, no mute button.
A good pair of noise
Canceling the headphones will soon send your mom to her own quiet little shelter.
CNET rated Bose's QuietComfort 25 model as "best noise-
Cancel headphones on 2016 ".
MSRP is $299.
99, these are the most expensive on this list, but for the special woman in your life who is willing to kiss your boo, it is well worth it.
Wearing a pair of luxurious leather cushions around the mother's ears, she will enjoy happiness alone in the white noise.
Even if there is no music, they will quiet the ambient sound by creating a frequency to eliminate ear noise. 2.
More and more research has shown that artificial light, including blue light emitted by electronic devices, can reduce melatonin levels and disrupt sleep.
For a highly sensitive person (HSP)
Full rest is not only the key to maintaining emotional, physical and mental balance, but also a natural healthy way to get rid of the excessive stimulation of the world.
In general, bright, harsh lights tend to overwhelm the heat shock protein and, therefore, Amber-
Colored Glasses are listed for their soft, calming effects.
Prices range from $8 for Orange Uvex Skyper safety glasses on Amazon to $75 for low-blue-light brands designed to improve sleep, shielding out 100% of the blue light that shows inhibition of melatonin. 3.
If your mom's high sensitivity can scare her with easy, sudden, loud, or repetitive noise (
Like most alarm clocks cause)
It creates immediate anxiety and overwhelm.
While it may be more tolerable when she is awake, the sudden shock of her quick eye movement sleep can make a grumpy mom all day long.
Philips HF3520 wake-up alarm clock for $169.
99 is designed to eliminate all of this through its natural sunrise simulator and progressive natural sounds.
It also has an intuitive dimming display that can be automatically adjusted according to the natural light in the room, so during the midnight bathroom run, don't touch your toes with any more bright lights or in the dark. The only wake-
Clinically, this clock works fine and is also contrary to the natural sunset simulator, helping her to sleep naturally at night. 4.
Adult color books are popular.
Yes, this is the type of adult product your mom will recognize.
Earlier this year, CNN reported that coloring can reduce anxiety, generate focus, and bring more mindfulness, similar to the effect of meditation.
If your mom's highly sensitive brain makes her over-active thoughts, color can not only calm the constant chatter in her mind and relieve her stress,, if you put together its play date and color, it can also create an opportunity to deepen the connection.
On a lazy Sunday afternoon with mom, think about wine, cheese and colored pencils.
You can try something new, slightly naughty with standard calm, peaceful design, or with the world's first dirty coloring book printed on black paper, currently ranked first among all books on Amazon.
Because sometimes mothers need to swear. 5.
Top empty appIf coloring in the book (
On actual paper, gasp! )
The top-and-air app is too outdated for your modern mom, and it's proven to relieve stress, improve attention, increase mindfulness, and many other powerful benefits.
It is highly praised by 5 million users and can be modified according to their mood or lifestyle.
It may not be a physical product that can be packed with beautiful bows for dear mom, but once you install it on her smartphone, she will find what's inside her
This is a gym member of the mind. it won't sweat.
When it comes to sweat. . 6.
In heat shock, temperature sensitivity of special gloves and bandaging is common.
If your mom is always cold, always hot, or fluctuating between the two, these three simple little gifts are of great help to everyday life. A.
Touch Screen Gloves: Moshi's digital touch screen gloves have been rated by Wikipedia as the best touch screen gloves in 2016.
They keep mom's delicate hands and fingers warm, while also allowing her the dexterity and ability to use touch screen devices.
The soft microfluff lining inside is perfect for mothers who are sensitive to rough fabrics and rough textures.
They are thick, comfortable and very comfortable when you put them on.
It's like a warm hug to the cold hands. B.
Fingerless gloves: If your mom is like me, she has to touch everything.
My mom can't buy clothes online because she has to feel it with her fingers first to determine if the fingers agree.
If she sees what she likes, whether it's department store clothes, botanical garden flowers, or the silky hair of strangers passing by at an exchange meeting, she has to touch it
For moms who like touch and touch things with their fingers, these gloves will provide warmth by releasing their fingers to feel the object while respecting their forcing.
They are the perfect solution without adding a large number of touch screen gloves. C.
Neck cooler: these modern chilling headscarves are worn on her head or neck and will definitely keep mom cool during gardening, hiking or daily activities.
The chill of magedain
Its vaporized cooling handkerchief costs less than $5 and is lightweight and can keep cool for hours, helping to reduce the effects of heat stress.
Just soak in the water until saturated and wrap around your neck.
Its cousin, cold
Its cool towel is the best seller on Amazon and covers more skin with just a few more dollars. 7.
Individual cooling fan Hunter.
Com called Handy Cooler's personal air conditioner "the greatest wireless invention in human history ".
"Don't let this size fool you.
Not just a fan for recycling air, this $49 portable micro-air conditioner is equipped with a powerful cooling punch that can cool not only the person or object in front of it directly, but also the air.
Just soak the cooling filter with water and open it.
The humidifying effect of this cooler also helps to relieve the breathing problems caused by dry air and moisturize the skin.
It has a stylish, ergonomic design with a USB power supply for office desktop use and a battery power supply for getting home from work.
Your mother's temperature will thank you. 8.
This $99 Ostrich bird pillow is reminiscent of science fiction.
Movies with strange bulbs
A cool-headed person, once you have overcome its weirdness, you may fall in love with it and want one yourself.
It basically sucks your whole head and creates a micro
Shut out the world and take a nap.
Oh yes, it holes in your hand so they can take a nap as well.
If you are a mother, you may think of everyday fantasies and dreams of running away.
If you are a very sensitive mom, you may already have one.
If you want Mom to relax in this strange world of Ostrich pillows, try the Ostrich bird pillow light that wraps around the eyes and ears and creates an invisible feeling, a silent world without aliens shaking their heads.
Tree Franklyn is the author of the ultimate emotional survival guide for Empaths and highly sensitive women.
You can get her free guide here and learn how to turn your sensitivity into an authorized gift.
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