9 hours in an ac workplace may be disastrous - times of india - space air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
9 hours in an ac workplace may be disastrous - times of india  -  space air conditioner
We can't afford to buy an office under the tree, but staying at the AC workplace for 9 hours means you are at risk and they don't lie when they say you can survive by love and fresh air.
Research has shown that in open spaces, because white blood cells that fight bacteria require oxygen to function effectively, it can enhance your immunity.
The free oxygen supply means that your blood pressure and heart rate are under control because the body is not overworking to get oxygen.
The level of oxygen in the blood is also related to the "happy hormone"-chloramine, which is why you are more likely to slide into a fresh, relaxed state in the green environment outdoors.
Of course, the biggest problem is that most urban residents spend almost nine hours in the air every day --
A conditional office that often sleeps all night in a closed cool bedroom.
Your lungs are the first infection, which is why respiratory infections including common colds, frequent headaches, itchy throat and flu symptoms are most common among young urban professionals.
There is very little fresh air in the funky air-conditioned office that helps the airways of the lungs expand, releasing toxins from the air from your system.
Dr Gauri Mankekar, consultant to the ENT doctor at JA hospital in India, said the air conditioner was able to cool through the evaporation process.
"Because of the way the AC works, it will eventually dry the mucosa in the nose and mouth," she said . ".
The immune function of our nasal, sinus and throat depends on the moisture in the mucosa.
When wet, immune cells are able to attract and capture viruses, bacteria, and allergens as the first line of defense for the body against air-borne pathogens. Most air-
The air conditioner is not equipped with a humidifier, which improves the dryness of the surrounding air.
This continuous and direct exposure to cold and dry air can destroy the skin, deprive the skin of its elasticity and cause it to itch, scale and age.
Dermatologist Dr. Sushil Tahiliani said skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema are common among those who stay in cool and dry recycled air for a long time.
What is more harmful than low temperature is the growth of mold, which is a microscopic fungus that lives in air conditioning vents and pipes, and high humidity and dust provide a good breeding place for it.
While filters installed in AC units are designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, contaminants accumulate over time if cleaned from time to time, they eventually accommodate bacteria.
"Because it's the same old air
"We are spreading throughout the day and eventually inhaling the virus and the droplet infection," Dr. Mankekar said . ".
Ideally, the filter should be cleaned once a month.
Make sure AC soldier uses anti when he arrives
Fungal chemical solution instead of using a simple vacuum and brush that will only loosen the mold.
Corrective plan-
While working in a ventilated office is not an option for most of us, try to reduce your time to sleep in a closed communication room.
Open all the windows and doors every morning and let the sun in.
Ventilate your linen between washing cycles. -
Make sure the air conditioning in the office is set to 25 degrees.
This "average" temperature helps because it doesn't "impact" a new entrant who might walk in from the heat outside.
Sudden and extreme fluctuations in body temperature can also affect joints. -
Dr. Mankekar recommends that you wear enough clothes in the air-conditioned room to wrap your body and not
You can peel outdoors. -
Install a warm mist humidifier at work if possible.
Otherwise, put a big boat in the corner of the office full of water.
It can circulate water in the air.
Drink water every few hours, splash your eyes with water, and go out for a walk during lunch time to get some sunlight and oxygen to keep your body hydrated. Reema. Gehi @ timesgroup.
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