a cut above: the grill thrill - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
a cut above: the grill thrill  -  outside air conditioner
Discover new ideas every month and enjoy delicious, simple but elegant funto-prepare meal.
We're here, whether we're busy or not.
Every month, the "one above" serves new recipes, cooking tips, and ideas for dishes that are elegant in taste and presentation, but simple enough to be prepared quickly and
This is the barbecue season.
Unless you live in a city enclave like we do.
So the idea of the barbecue season is probably more appropriate here.
Or the envy of it.
We are already very desperate and we have considered installing a hiachi on the air conditioner outside the living room window.
Our neighbors downstairs might be a little surprised by the coal falls at night, but hey, you can only eat burnt caramel with a barbecue, right?
Frankly, there's a better way to improvise.
Take the grill pan as an example. These new-
The Frying Pan of the sharp teeth raised a strip on the cooking surface.
They are heated evenly due to the flat bottom and give you these unique grill marks.
With the right spices (
Some summer herbs, Chilean friction
They are enough to make anyone's barbecue fantasy go to the end.
They are also a great way to grill in bad weather or cook your own way in a long, cold winter.
We recommend an actor if you have one. iron version.
Don't worry about the non-stick surface, it will overheat.
Yes, no grill pan will give you a taste of the burning of the outdoor pit, but any Grill will give you a taste comparable to the gas grill.
Even if you are lucky, you can barbecue outdoors whenever you are in a bad mood, and the recipes we include here are crowd --
Please be happy wherever you do it.
A few years ago, the dishes helped us build a sense of community in a corner of northern Vermont where we rented a summer house.
It was so exciting to have a barbecue on our outdoor grill, but without seeing any of our friends, we ended up harvesting a bunch of fragrant, bold seasoned pork chops, juicy
We were new here, so we decided to share mouth watering gifts with our neighbors and ended up making a few friends.
This is probably the best part of the barbecue.
You heat up the barbecue.
Or grill-
Make friends and dinner in a few minutes.
It's easy to fall under the grill spell-
There is no other way to cook so delicious outside, juicy inside, and the whole process is full of smoke.
No wonder we all crave a barbecue.
The secret of the barbecue is spice friction.
While summer is the season for fresh herbs, dry herbs give better friction
They don't burn so fast in the heat that they can sit there for the night and not wither.
4 copies.
We all like grilled shrimp.
But who ever heard of grilled lettuce?
They actually came out of the grill, sweet and a little withered, just waiting to dress.
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