a novel heat pump designed to chill your beer and wine - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
a novel heat pump designed to chill your beer and wine  -  in a heat pump
For decades, refrigerators and air conditioners have basically been operated by compressors, which are noisy and consume ozone.
If this can be done equally cheaply, it would be a feat to replace both.
A start-up in North Carolina believes it has addressed the challenge and plans to launch its first product next year.
Anthony Atti said the company Phononic has come up with a way to use thermoelectric materials to generate cooling and will build the unit into a heat pump that will target the refrigeration market first, CEO and colleagues
Founder of elastic wave. "Everyone (at Phononic)
"I have signed up and promised to build a company worth billions of dollars and have a final impact on society," Atti said . ".
He pointed out that the company's motto is "riding Lightning", which does not refer to metal songs, but is determined to seize a promising ---
Although often unpredictable-
Make the most of this opportunity.
If you use thermoelectric technology to build a successful business, then the industry will be as unpredictable as lightning.
Thermoelectric materials include the use of semiconductors or semiconductor compounds.
When applying voltage to a semiconductor, it causes the electrons to move from the hot side to the cold side.
You can modify the change in temperature to produce an ideal heating or cooling effect.
Some companies are looking to generate electricity using this thermoelectric effect.
However, thermoelectric materials are not widely used, in part because the cost of materials and production is too high.
Improving the efficiency of the material to produce an ideal heating or cooling effect is also a tricky challenge.
It's hard to get a lot of information about photon technology from Atti.
The company received $3 million in federal research funding in 2009, developed its own intellectual property rights, and also obtained a technical license from the University.
The company's name is taken from the word "phonon", a thermal sound wave.
Founded in 2008, Phononic is ambitious and aims to replace compressors commonly located in refrigerators and air conditioning systems with heat pumps.
Compressor manufacturers have been in the process of improving products and reducing costs for a long time.
The heat pump provides an alternative that is lighter and quieter than the compressor, which utilizes Freon-
A DuPont product commonly used to refer to a class of compounds used as a refrigerant-
Atti said it was out of date.
As we all know, refrigerant is a greenhouse gas that eats up ozone.
Given the goals of many developed countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and responding to global warming, refrigerant manufacturers have been working to reduce environmental impacts and meet new environmental regulations.
Atti is counting on the $21 million C round financing he announced last week to help the company enter the market with its first pile pump designed specifically for home refrigerators and wine coolers.
The company has arranged for a customer to produce these products and plans to launch wine coolers and refrigerators with photon heat pumps next year.
Atti declined to name the customer.
Because the heat pump is lighter and smaller than the typical compressor in the refrigerator-
95% reduction in weight and 80% reduction in volume-
Refrigerator or wine cooler manufacturers have greater flexibility in designing heat pumps into products.
Atti says it doesn't have to sit at the bottom of the refrigerator like a compressor usually does.
You can even place more than one heat pump to drain the heat at different speeds, which in turn generates multiple temperature zones within the same refrigerator for storing different types of food and beverages
Phononic wants to see its heat pump used not only in the US for cooling equipmentS.
But in Europe and Asia, Beijing-
Qingdao-based Capital led the latest round of financing.
Atti said the start-up is planning to produce heat pumps at its headquarters and that the company has enough production capacity to meet its expected needs in the next two years. The window-
The installation of air conditioning systems will be the next market.
"One day, we will stand high and say to the world that wherever you see a mechanical-driven compressor, you will be replaced by us," Atti said . ".
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