aging church creates space for 16 large immigrant families in north glenora - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
aging church creates space for 16 large immigrant families in north glenora  -  in a heat pump
Hsar Keelar never had a bold dream-it was a wish come true
Spacious sunshine-
In a quiet neighborhood, there are plenty of rental units enough to accommodate a family of grandparents over the age of seven.
But that's the gift she got.
"The unit is amazing;
I have never dreamed of living in a house like this, "Keelar, a refugee who fled the Myanmar war (Myanmar)
Said Monday, 2005.
She is one of the first tenants to move into the North Glenora housing project, which is notable in several ways: this is the largest networkzero multi-
Family housing program in Canada, a social housing program with enough community support to re-partition in town hall without objection, it has added 33 new students to help save nearby primary schools
The grand opening is planned for February. 2.
The North Glenora townhouse is a partnership with Westmount Presbyterian Church, which used to have a large old cinderblock church, and its decreasing congregation can no longer afford heat.
They worked with the rights of the family housing association to dismantle the facility and then built a much smaller church and day care center next to the third floor of the 16 thand five-
Stacked bedroom townhouse.
"We are very proud of this," said Ryan Young, president of the North greennora Community Alliance . ".
His community is worried about the traffic and density of single people.
Family neighborhood.
But housing officials built trust.
The executive board met. to-
Face-to-face with neighbors and invite them to the board of directors of the housing provider.
The association reduced the number of units from 19 to 16, revised their traffic plans and redesigned the project to remain independent
At the request of the community, the only church building on the corner.
Now, neighbors are confident that society will continue to participate and manage projects responsibly for a long time.
The new arrivals Edmonton menot Centre will accommodate tenants in the facility and provide job training and other services.
This saved the Coronation School, Young said, because there is a possibility that the consolidation efforts of the Edmonton public could be closed.
Every townhouse is now packed with children.
"I can't wait to join our sports and football team in the summer," Yang said . ".
"It will be great. Network Implementation-
The building is like a mini. Blatchford —a smaller-
The scale version of the geothermal and regional energy system planned for the former city center airport land.
"This is a very effective way to generate renewable energy," said Peter Amerongen, partner of residential developer Habitat Studio.
They drilled 33 holes in the parking lot, 75 metres deep, heating the church/daycare center and the townhouse.
The solar panels on the roof power each unit and pump the water that flows through the underground pipe.
The water is heated to 6 degrees Celsius underground, and then the heat pump in each unit concentrates the heat energy into a warm room.
The building is connected to the grid so that it can sell excess energy in the summer and absorb it in the winter.
It has no gas connection.
He's estimated to be online.
The zero cost is 5 to 10 cents higher than the $5 traditional building. 6-Million projects
Maryan Ali, a single mother from Somalia who raised four children, said the tenants began their relocation in December and have established a network of mutual support.
Her neighbors have seven children, so they help each other to get everyone in and out of different schools.
So much better than her last unit.
On the busy 82 th Street, near 118 Avenue.
It feels safe and quiet in North Green Nora.
When they moved in, the Community League brought gifts, and the school gave each family a Christmas gift basket.
"Everything here is so beautiful and peaceful," she said on Monday . ".
"As a family, we do more activities on foot.
It really changed our lives.
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