air conditioning: cold comfort - evaporative cooler central air

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air conditioning: cold comfort  -  evaporative cooler central air
In 1992, the University of Cambridge anthropologist Gwyn Prins wrote a "paper on Candice and cool" in the academic journal Energy and architecture, bashing the addicts on air conditioning
He labeled them "condis" and their favorite cold storage climate was "coolth" and he thought AC was the end of an unnecessary luxury in an already greedy society
In an elegant and influential long story, Prince warned that "global warming" was deteriorating and that the word was rarely used at the time, so commas were still needed.
His target Americans ignored his attack.
Now, air conditioners account for up to 15 of the total energy consumption in the United States, higher than in any other country, using the same amount of fossil fuels used throughout Africa to meet all energy needs. Global air-
Demand for air conditioners cannot be quantified, but the high temperature this summer, for example, has led to a surge in air-conditioning sales in China.
Although air conditioning in Britain is not "a must" for a society --
According to the Association of Chartered building service engineers, "Yes "(CIBSE)
Its use will grow by 50 here in the next 20 years.
"The damage of air conditioners to the environment is not limited to greenhouse gas and ozone emissions --
Writer Stan Cox says his book "Losing our coolness: the truth about the discomfort of our air"
In the United States, the conditional world is causing a sensation.
"The massive deployment of indoor climate control can indeed enable us to live anywhere on Earth, but is that wise?
"Indeed, from the sun --
The scorched desert of Dubai to the sandy beaches of Arizona (
"Air-conditioned capital of the world ")
Buildings with poor design and location require more refrigeration.
Artificial cooling links weapons to global warming-the higher the temperature, the more cooling we need-a chilling positive factor --
Air conditioning doesn't seem to shine the most.
"I think this is a challenge," Cox continued . ".
"This is a topic that people haven't thought about for a long time.
When you see technologies that have changed our world over 50 years, such as cars, computers, and television, we have debated their costs and benefits.
But the air conditioning has been buzzing in the background. "Man-
Dating back to the second century, Chinese inventor Ding Huan conceived a method of artificial control of climate.
Electric rotary fan.
The medieval Persians used wind towers to cool the buildings, but it was not until the 18 th century that Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley connected evaporation to the tempered surface that modern air-conditioning methods were first discharged.
The first electrical air
In 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier produced air conditioning equipment in Buffalo, New York;
Later, the growth of the model reflected the economic development of the southern states of the United States and took off around the world (
Capitalism, especially in manufacturing, has taken note of studies linking high productivity to low temperatures. .
People have moved from the outdoors to their apartments, jeeps and offices, so now in China and the United States, the two largest producers of greenhouse gases, air conditioners are everywhere in offices, homes and cars.
In the United States, it is mainly used for housing, swallowing up to 261 billion kilowatt hours a year, and several tons of carbon dioxide per population per year.
The UK is mainly cooled in a commercial environment (
Only 1 of our carbon dioxide emissions per year).
In Europe, air conditioners on cars have shown the biggest growth, with the penetration rate of air conditioners from close to zero to 95 in the past 10 years.
In the developing world, air conditioning has a status.
Between 1997 and 2007, the number of Chinese households with air-conditioning equipment has tripled.
Cox quoted a PR person from LG Electronics, South Korea, the world's largest manufacturer of communication equipment, as saying: "I see air-conditioning sales compete with color TV sets because temperatures in India are going to get worse, pollution is also rising.
"By 2020, air conditioning consumption in India will be 10 times that of 2005.
"When a family in India starts to increase their income, the first thing they get is mobile phones," Cox said . ".
"Even people with relatively low incomes can afford it.
They will then buy a refrigerator.
Soon they may buy one.
Before installing them to the rest of the House, air-conditioned their bedroom.
"Tourism also needs to pay a price. In Dubai, long-
The UAE is known for its energy glut
The developer of the new Palazzo hotel, based at the Versace Sunland Group, announced on 2008 that the attraction will have the world's first airline
Beach in condition
The coolant pipe will circulate in the sand, planning to "install a large blower and blow the breeze on the beach.
"A refrigerated pool will attract the sun.
An admirer of a city with the world's largest carbon footprint per capita.
At the same time, Dubai ski resort is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, and in order to prevent the snow from melting, it has to pay the owner the King's electricity bill.
In Denpasar, Bali, the Jakarta Post reported last year the dog "hotel" proposal for 32 airlines
A conditional unit with its own bed.
This waste can be contained by improving outdated engineering designs, and this waste goes beyond madness.
"The air-conditioning industry uses the equation that developed in the 1960 s," said Fergus Nicol, deputy director of the low-energy building research department at City University of London.
"It allows engineers to calculate the temperature needed for the air conditioner by entering data about the building size, what clothes the engineers expect people to wear, etc.
But we do research by asking people in the building how they feel.
We found that people usually adapt to their environment without cooling.
For example, they can change the clothes they wear.
This may sound obvious, but it is not considered in the engineer's mind.
"We can deal with it by wearing less or sweating more.
Smelly colleagues are not ideal;
But our aversion to smell is a cultural condition.
As Prince wrote 20 years ago: "The body is carefully equipped with its rather efficient cooling mechanism.
Nicol also blamed glass buildings in a warm climate on modern architectural trends;
Very little consideration is given to the "beautiful envelope" of convection, conduction and condensation ".
So what is the solution?
Cox sees this in terms of minimizing the heating effect of the bulb, limiting the wasteful central air-conditioning system, using the plant roof, and even taking incentives through energy companies.
"Getting more than just anonymous Xs and Ys in a set of heat --
"We can become more resilient in load calculation," he wrote . ".
"We need this toughness.
"The author admits that he owes Prince money, and he has compared AC addiction in the Western world with the desire to crack a drug addict.
"Once a person's body is addicted to air --
"Air conditioning extends the basic physiological needs of humans beyond food, shelter and warmth to meet the needs of the day after tomorrow: cool," he wrote . ".
His words were quick.
If Turkey is not possible, we should look for alternatives because the cold temperature is not the right one, but an indulgence.
The rule of "cool" must end.
The glowing armpits are the least feared on our planet.
Keep cool without air conditioning, and your body will produce the same heat as a powerful bulb;
Fans can help you get rid of that warmth.
Buy a portable, open at night and replace the accumulated warm air with fresh alternatives.
Unplug the appliance and all things that use electricity generate heat.
The lights;
Take a hot or cold bath and dry your clothes with a clothesline.
There's a reason people who develop your basement cave live there: retreating deep underground is often a cool experience.
If the air is too wet-
Use a room as a resort facility instead of your entire house or office.
If there is no lake or pool nearby, set up a sprinkler in the garden (
Moderate use).
If there is a lack of water, use an evaporation cooler-a fan that produces fog-not traditional air --conditioning.
The ade Grass Wood has a dual cooling effect of shading and evaporation.
The trees are the best for your garden, and if it will grow next to your house, then sunflowers, even corn are the best.
Please leave the terrace if in doubt.
Calm down at work, over
Cooling in the air can be a problem
A conditional office in summer.
Stand with your repairman instead of defending against the Heat with sweaters and trousers.
This will save energy.
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