alone in a shipping container - portable swamp cooler air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-08-31
alone in a shipping container  -  portable swamp cooler air conditioner
Phil Knight isolated himself in a container to raise awareness of the situation of human trafficking.
Although I try to re-
Creating this, I can't help but think that people who do this do not have portable toilets, air conditioners, chest coolers, cereal bags and sleeping bags.
Maybe a better way to experience loneliness is to live like these people.
This is a meaningless PR stunt.
There is absolutely no need to "recreate" these conditions in order to make people aware of the situation.
Yes, agree, all it does is bring awareness to him, a self-serving gimmick of thinking from narcis.
How can you say it's pointless!
Hundreds of people walk through this website every day.
I walked along the way to work and there was always someone parked on the rails, staring at the containers and banners with disbelief.
I overheard the charity say they never got such a positive response from any previous event.
CNN, the existence of human slaves is one thing, but those who are persecuted because of what they believe badly must also appear in the news.
I can't help but feel like this guy is doing this to get his own attention. . .
If he really wants to help, why not go abroad to help the victims who are currently hidden?
Found about 12.
5 million people are shipped each year. where do you suggest going first?
Poor guy.
People live forever in worse containers without any luxury goods he has around the world.
If he was sealed in a container/cargo placed on a ship that was bumpy at sea for a few months & after 6 high piles at the container terminal, he managed to show up, this is certainly a cause of justice.
Sadly, this is a non-
Activities without news value.
Millions of homeless people will be happy to live in his container permanently! [
This can even be interpreted as an insult to many people who are trying to improve their good desperation]
I agree, I seem to remember reading an article a while ago about people buying or being able to buy all the remaining Chinese containers (
Those stupid imports.
Turn them into modular houses, a cottage that serves as a room.
This guy is amazing.
We have Americans, including children living on the street, sleeping in the car because they lost their jobs and their families.
Where does he live alone? ! Invite 20-
40 people locked up with you for a few days-
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