American Apparel moves to Canada — where will its hoodies be made now? - buy air conditioner online

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
American Apparel moves to Canada — where will its hoodies be made now?  -  buy air conditioner online
Just a decade ago, American Apparel was the darling of the apparel industry, from the original Montreal T-
Shirt importer in Los Angeles
Based on "Made in America"S. A.
Apparel manufacturers and retail giants.
To some extent, due to its productive and controversial "Lolita" advertising aesthetics, 20-
Signs of some early naughty hipsters flocking to the company --
Free hoodie, pure tights and vintage underwear.
However, due to the Great Depression, financial management mistakes and the inability to adapt quickly enough to changing fashion trends,
Not to mention the consequences of founder Dov Charney's alleged sexual relationship with female employees --
American clothing has not been profitable since 2009.
In November, it went bankrupt for the second time in more than a year.
When American clothing returned to Montreal, Canada, on Tuesday-
Gildan active wear announced, according to Reuters, that it has successfully purchased US apparel at auction for $88 million, which has caused online retail giants Amazon, Forever 21 and others
Initial tracking by Gildan
The price of the horse is $66 million.
A spokesman for Gildan told Sharon on Wednesday that the company has extended a limited license that will allow 110 retail stores and their electronic products of apparel companies in the United States
Commercial websites continue to operate for the time being.
The US clothing deal is the first deal this year that could spark new concerns about the president.
President-elect Donald Trump penalizes the efforts of companies working at the transfer of factories from the United StatesS.
So far, Trump has targeted his anger at the United States. S.
The company used Twitter, his favorite form of public communication, because they sent manufacturing jobs to Mexico and called them one by one.
Companies that face Trump's challenges include Carrier, Ford and General Motors ).
Trump also gave the wrong comment on the decision of some companies to retain or create jobs in the United States.
Speaking at his first press conference in 167 days on Wednesday, Trump said: "a major border tax will be imposed on companies that are about to leave and escape murder," he reiterated his position on taxing goods imported at the border, the decision needs congressional approval.
But what happens when a foreign company that has factories both at home and abroad in the United States buys a bankrupt American companyS.
Of course, the manufacturers may make Trump's policies think twice.
He will make everyone think twice, "said Mauro Gillen, professor of international marketing and director of Joseph H. Gurun.
The Lloyd's Institute at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania told Sharon.
"What Trump has been saying and doing goes against one of the Republican principles that less government intervention would be better.
In the Republican Party, there is a very profree-trade faction;
Most of them are pro. free trade.
All this goes against the most basic principles of the Republican Party.
The Americans will have to wait and see the next ministers of the Treasury, the Commerce Department and the State Department, as well as Republican lawmakers, the high import taxes that deal with the Trump threat, which has already sounded the alarm on imports, Gillen said --
Related industries including clothing.
Gildan's purchase agreement covers the assets of American Apparel, including most of its manufacturing and distribution equipment.
Gildan purchased the existing stock of American clothing in another transaction.
But the company has rejected the option of renting two Los Angeles manufacturing plants that employ nearly 1,300 workers.
Gildan also rejected the lease for the US apparel company headquarters, which employs nearly 2,200 employees.
The office in the city center will continue to manage the company's retail business and website, but on December, the US apparel company warned it of Los Angeles.
They may lose employees in the area where they work.
Although the company may retain some business in the United States, analysts have expressed doubts about the Los Angeles Times that American apparel companies are currently in any of the United States. S.
Manufacturing workers will keep their jobs, and they speculate that Gildan may transfer the factory work to existing factories in Honduras and the dominican Republic.
When Sharon asked if political factors would play out in the company's decision to decide on future US apparel brand clothing, the company's spokesman, Garry Bell, declined to comment but issued the following email statement: "Gildan's commitment to the United States has a long history. S.
Manufacturing, which has invested more than $0. 4 billion in the past four years, now exceeds $3,000. S. -Based on employees.
We are also pleased to be the largest domestic consumer in the United States. S.
Cotton, creating a positive economic impact for the proud United StatesS. cotton farmers.
"More information about the transaction will be disclosed on February.
In the company's annual report, he added.
Gildan currently operates seven companies in the United States. S. -
Production base including four yarns
Textile facilities and clothing in North Carolina
Dyeing factory in Massachusetts
It also operates two distribution centers in North Carolina and South Carolina.
Scott Paul, chairman of the US manufacturing Alliance, said he was less concerned about such acquisitions by foreign companies, a non-profit organization that advocates policies to boost domestic manufacturing growth. Especially if they lead to net job growth in the United States.
But he says American clothing brands are built around domestic manufacturing;
The name is there.
"Part of the value of their brand is that its clothes are made in the United States," Paul told Sharon . ".
"I don't know how this will appeal to the core audience of American Apparel.
In fact, it is changing ownership of Canadian companies and may change its procurement policy, does this affect how customers feel about it? This is an outstanding issue.
What about Trump's strategy of picking out the United States? S.
Companies that send manufacturing jobs abroad "light a beacon for bringing jobs back to the United States" is a good thing, but the company --by-
"Corporate trading and Twitter strategies do not replace sound public policy," added Paul . ".
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