amsterdam cargo ship has been transformed into a stunning luxury houseboat - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
amsterdam cargo ship has been transformed into a stunning luxury houseboat  -  in a heat pump
A former cargo ship that lives on the Amsterdam canal has become a luxurious houseboat.
The stunning images show the previous life of the ship, while others show its new and improved version, as well as its new sparkling interior. The white-Walls and wood
The paneled hallway leads to a kitchen and bedroom with similar design.
In 1957, Dutch architect Anna converted the kempenal ship into a sailing House ship.
Although there is no living room, there are several living areas, including the cab, where people can relax.
A spokesman, Anna, said space, quality of life and sustainability are the starting points for design.
"The customer wants a ship that can be built on the ship;
Spacious and comfortable.
In response, the linear switching space system for many residential ships was put on hold in this design.
The line of sight runs through the entire length of the ship, with views on different floors.
These sights were created by the terrace hanging in the middle of the 4 th. 5-meter-
High Space, fill the building with glass.
In addition, the windows of the cab, portholes and patio (
Terrace accessible)
Provide more light and sight.
Keep silent on the use of materials.
Design does not mean to imply that it constitutes the context in which life can take place.
Concrete floors, white walls, make this simple.
At the same time, Oak Multi-functional furniture attracts attention and connects different spaces.
The master bedroom is a separate living space that includes a storage room, a bathroom, a toilet and a seating area.
The kitchen is located at the heart of the boat and is directly connected to the main living area.
The wheelhouse is another type of living room that fits the overall concept of creating several seating areas throughout the interior.
The spokesman continued: "In the design, a clear choice was made for the use and layout of different spaces.
The children's bedroom is designed as a cabin;
Small and practical.
They open to the multi-function hall through a large sliding door.
The remodel, they say, gave the ship a "second life"-it was completely isolated in order to make it fit to live.
Existing aluminum glass and single-layer glass windows were replaced by hand-made mahogany frames and double-layer glass windows, they added.
There is no gas on board. An air-
The water heat pump extracts heat from the air and heats the ship through low temperature
Temperature under floor heating. PV-
The panel will be placed on the roof.
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