are you cut out to be a hvac service technician? - rooftop air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
are you cut out to be a hvac service technician?  -  rooftop air conditioner
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Credit: heating and air conditioning maintenance or service technicians and installers in the HVAC service industry are demand positions in most parts of the United States and other countries during spring and summer.
While full time positions throughout the year are certainly available, the fact is simple, there are more moving parts inside the air conditioner than the stove used for heating, which boils down to the fact that the air conditioner needs to be repaired more, because there are more parts that may fail.
Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration are all technical-based mechanical processes that are not entirely new, but are unlikely to change or improve in a significant way in our lifetime.
There is no change in the refrigeration cycle, but the new refrigerant enters this cycle, so it is necessary to constantly learn something new, because the refrigerant itself is a product of the new technology, but it is used to cool the cycle, in some cases, heating a home will not and will not change.
Power and electronics are always a big part of the industry, and heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems work like refrigeration cycles --
Electricity, and the rules of its operation-
It's a static thing.
Electricity will not change, but in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, the new electrical control modes are indeed designed and implemented in these systems.
Become a first class technician in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration
You need the ability to learn complex mechanical concepts.
However, the refrigeration cycle is more physical than the mechanical cycle-
The industry also involves a lot of science.
For myself, I didn't have any mechanical experience when I started learning about heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.
Without some experience or real interest in mechanical products, I would not recommend jumping into the industry and fixing it.
It is best to have some interest and experience in repairing electrical and mechanical things.
As for myself, the reason I chose HVAC was simply because the opportunity came up and I was sure I could learn and do it.
Although I have learned to repair residential and light commercial HVAC equipment
For me, this is much more difficult than those who are already interested in such things and some experience working on electrical or mechanical equipment.
Can a woman be a technician for HVAC services? There is absolutely no reason why a woman can't be a HVAC and Refrigeration technician.
There is nothing in the world that shows why women can't learn to do anything that men can learn to do.
Women have the same ability to learn science or mechanical knowledge as men.
As usual, some people are more talented in certain things than others.
As for myself, I am not a big man.
I stand 5 feet and 9 inch above the ground and weigh about 150 pounds.
However, I am a man
Because of this, I am much stronger than most women in a comparable world.
However, I am usually not strong enough to do all the lifting and movement on my own, like the air conditioning condenser.
Oh, of course I can move things, but I can't pick up one to put in the back of the van or pickup truck, and I can't pick up one to put in the back of the trailer.
I can't tilt a large condenser back on the two-wheel trolley and move it anywhere I need to go.
Yes, sometimes the use of the straps allows me to lean back into Dolly's car. . . .
However, there is still a new or replaced condenser to load or unload onto a van, pickup truck or trailer.
So I have to help with these things.
In this sense, I am no different from any woman.
Yes, there are 6 feet or even shorter or higher men who are much stronger than me and they can do something on their own. . . .
But they are in danger of doing so.
In our life, each of us gets one and the condenser is a heavy equipment.
Of course, the heavy work in HVAC and Refrigeration systems is much more than moving around the condenser.
Vacuum pump, recycling machine, freezer tank, tool bag, there are many very heavy things that need to be lifted. the work of HVAC and Refrigeration Service technicians is "unlikely" suitable for women, but if a woman somewhere is right for the job and determined to do so, then I would never say no ".
"Literally, I'm a little guy in the industry, but my body is a bit small, which also makes me quite useful in many ways --
I can climb into spaces that others can't get into, and I can still walk around and do things that others can't.
Literally, without someone like me, a person smaller than a normal trade male, some work would not and would not have been done.
So women younger than me, not necessarily stong like me, can certainly fill up a roll in HVAC.
In my opinion, there is no doubt about this.
There is always customer service in the service industry.
In the HVAC field, I am better at one area than any other.
I can talk to people, I can feel their mood, I can get along with others who don't know anything about how to deal with the problem.
It's no wonder that my working life as an adult is also doing well in sales.
I can talk to you.
I can knock on your door, you, a completely strange person will not doubt me, in fact, you will most likely give me coffee, soda, water, or even beer before we finish
We will respect each other and become friends.
HVAC service technician must be one person.
HVAC technicians are expected to meet and say hello, respectful and friendly, attentive, willing to listen to many people he or she will meet every day at work.
HVAC service technicians engaged in residential work will constantly knock on the door and walk into their home.
It may be a very uncomfortable thing for some people, but not for me.
I like this part.
If you don't like people, then your ability or skills in mechanics rarely make the job a job you can enjoy.
In the business area of HVAC/R, a person who is not very sociable or a "person" with high mechanical abilities can be very useful.
Commercial equipment is often more complex. of course, it does not involve entering a family, but rather a business.
In commercial air conditioners, service technicians rarely deal with people or personalities or unfamiliar families filled with garbage, or so primitive and clean that technicians have to adapt to taking off their shoes, or pay attention to the cultural differences of Christians, Jews, Muslims, or any other type of thing that you must pay attention.
In some cases, commercial work has a greater burden on social skills than residential work, and people never know what kind of person or social environment the HVAC/R & D services industry may meet, for this reason, people must be prepared to be very polite and very sensitive to the customer's current mood or situation.
Environmental factors for HVAC service technicians.
HVAC service technicians are truly required only when the system is turned off or does not exist.
So service technicians have to anticipate extreme environmental factors, and I live in a place in northeast Texas, which means extreme heat.
You must be prepared to meet the immediate conditions that will be more challenging for you if you are overweight.
The outdoor temperature of more than 100 degrees will not be too much for you to handle for a few hours at a time.
I 've never told anyone what their hair must be like or what kind of clothes they have to wear --
But some companies don't think shorts are worth doing business. . . .
Even though these people sit in the office and make such a decision.
I don't do my hair.
I shaved my hair completely, where I looked like a recruit, which was the best for me.
I'm extravagant now-
I can wear a simple white T-shirt and shorts for the company I work. . . .
But a uniform shirt is usually required, as are jeans, steel toe boots or shoes that meet the requirements of OSHA.
I don't work in cities, I work most often in rural towns, we don't care at all about the requirements of OSHA, but we are in danger ourselves.
I swear to you that I have never seen an OSHA employee in my life, and it is unlikely that you have seen it.
I have been doing it for fifteen years.
The heat outside is hardly the problem.
The real problem is the temperature in the attic at home.
There will always be lofts to consider in air-conditioned residential applications.
Now, it is absolutely correct that half of the air processors or stoves are not in the attic in situations or situations that need attention, but the piping system for the standard separation system is, people may have to go to the attic to repair the air handling program or some plumbing work.
In the summer of Texas, it may be more than 100 degrees outside, but in the attic of the residence, it is likely to be 100, or even higher.
Now, most HVAC companies do not send men or women to the attic for overhaul in hot weather, and they often tell customers that through policy (
This information must be delivered frequently by technicians)
The work is not finished at all at the hottest of the day, so it will be arranged late at night or early in the morning.
However, when initially getting a service call, when the problem seems to be on the air processor in the attic, you have to go there and you have to figure out what the problem is, sometimes it is something that can be done and you must be able and willing to do it. . . .
Regardless of the temperature in the attic, 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
If you can't do this, then you can't be a HVAC service technician, especially in the residential area.
You may be more suitable for the commercial aspects of HVAC, but only if you are able to deal with sometimes more diverse mechanical and electrical problems, these may be on the roof of a building under sunlight, it's also very hot there.
Payment and advice.
The salary of most HVAC and Refrigeration technicians is paid on an hourly basis, and the hourly salary ranges from around $12 per hour at the low end, for top commercial HVAC technicians, up to $25 per hour.
I personally took a course from a person who said he knew someone who made $35 an hour in the HVAC industry, but this person was very proficient in these mechanical and electrical systems, he only received calls from the most complex business services.
However, this was a long time ago --
So at this point in time, some people may have higher wages.
HVAC service technicians can go higher all the time in their field and then become contractors with HVAC/R national licenses and when this happens or has been implemented, then, this person can charge according to their wishes and then go to the market.
They will then rely entirely on their own skills to manage the business, win a reputation, protect customers and pay for it, while maintaining inventory of parts, tools and equipment.
Sometimes, a person will become very rich in doing so, developing a company and hiring excellent talents and management talents.
Being a millionaire businessman is not unheard of. In fact, I have worked for some millionaires.
It's nothing but simplicity, and the job itself requires a lot of OS skills.
My advice is mainly for ex-servicemen, and in fact people can learn trade entirely from the Army --
Civilian work was then continued to increase wages.
A former Marine will be very capable of jumping into the super hot attic to do what must be done, but the key to the problem is that people must have the skills to figure out what the problem is and deal with it in a timely manner. . . .
In this case, the clock for heatstroke or death is ticking, and it is also ticking in the sun, albeit at a slower pace.
Military personnel who have been in Arab lands for a while are also suitable for the job, as long as they have the ability to do it, be polite, sociable and have mechanical and electrical skills.
There is also a problem with having to do a lot of paperwork, and the problem of revealing information to customers when their situation is better handled by replacing expensive things. . . .
Despite their economic situation (pun intended).
No, only you can answer the question. Not I.
This can be very beneficial, it is a stable industry with high requirements for people who can work, skilled minds, labor and subsequent economic returns.
Is it appropriate for the HVAC/R industry that you decide?
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