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by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
audeara a-01 headphones review: the promise of customized, perfect sound  -  air conditioner accessories
Note: This article has been updated since its initial launch to reflect the new price.
Audra saris
The 01 headset "is designed by doctors and engineers to always provide you with the perfect sound.
This is a big statement that comes with a matching price tag: $499 (
About $379).
The problem is, Audeara-
01 does the headset not meet the claim?
If so, is it worth paying such a high price?
First of all, the first impression of the Audeara headphones started some pattern throughout my review: an impressive and rough blend of edges.
The package is first class and there are a wide range of accessories inside, including protective suitcases and various cables and adapters.
Good so far.
However, the headset itself is a bit disgraceful in appearance.
There is nothing terrible about them, but there is a lot of matte plastic in the building.
Given the size of the earmuffs they installed, the buttons look unnecessarily small and it's hard to read the symbols.
They are very comfortable.
There are some padded cups that can rotate freely, but I find them a bit comfortable.
I 'd be happier if the band could stretch another inch or so.
Audio performance?
It's not my expectation of that kind of money.
I found the sound flat, low, bass. heavy.
However, with the Audeara headset, you can't judge based on the first impression. . .
Audeara app: killer app, but the need for RefinementHeadphone app is usually a relatively small part of the user experience.
Most products include EQ, the ability to display battery life and update firmware.
Audeara's app is essential for listening experience.
It includes hearing tests that produce results for customizing audio for wearers, and methods to control the degree of customization.
But in my tests, the app itself proved to be a source of frustration.
The screen description of the initial pairing process required to successfully run the hearing test is not clear.
"Experience" the screen of Audeara--
Where the app flashes the headset with a custom profile--
It takes about five minutes to upload data to the headset.
Every time you leave
Go to the screen and you will do so if you decide to modify the degree of customization.
This should happen the first time from a given user profile, not the subsequent time.
I also have a problem with the Android version of the app repeatedly bombing--
While the phone I'm using still runs Android Nougat, this may not help.
Audeara says it is planning a firmware update for Android and iOS to address these issues;
Hope they can fix it.
The Audeara app offers three different levels of listening test: Standard (three minutes), High Detail (five minutes)
And ultimate precision (10 minutes).
I chose Super precision.
If you're going to spend that money on customization
Tuning the headset makes sense to make the most of this critical feature.
After listening to pings for about 10 minutes, I had my results ---
Displayed as audiogram.
The app itself does not tell you how to interpret the data, so I went to the Internet.
My results seem to indicate normal hearing to about 12,000Hz, mild hearing loss to about 15,000Hz and moderate hearing loss to 16,000Hz. In low to mid-
Range frequency, my right ear has been slightly better than the left ear.
From my understanding of listening tests, these results are not necessarily a problem because most people focus on frequencies up to 8,000Hz--
Human dialogue.
I did the second test a few weeks later.
The result is almost the same.
Personalized headwear in fact, there may be varying degrees of hearing loss in your ears, at different frequencies, which explains why the left and right ear cups are marked so prominently (
Inside, invisible).
This is a set of headphones that you don't want to accidentally reverse.
The application allows you to select from the configuration file (
Allow multiple people to use headphones)
And then select the level of application customization: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
With the expansion of scale, audio has been significantly improved, especially with higher frequency performance.
I found my voice a little thin at 100%.
At 75% it offers a clear high point, but there are still some muscles in the bass.
There is no comparison between the default state and the personalized headset--
Customization brings the best of these headphones.
Once personalized, I tried the Audeara headset with multiple devices and confirmed that the tuned audio is still there.
I decided to try a more extreme case. My father-in-
The law is a music lover wearing hearing aids.
I asked him to do a precise test with only his ears.
Once he reached about 2,500Hz, he could not hear the beeps at all.
Once customized, he found that the Audeara headphones did recover some height
He lost the frequency sound, but he found that he thought the treble was the ideal level, the bass dropped too much, and he found that the bass was too weak to listen.
He suggested better control of customization-
10% increments, not 25%--would help.
He tried again and this time his hearing aid was in place.
In addition to the test drop, he saw similar results
Off did not appear until 3,500Hz.
What's worth noting is my father. in-
The law also found that for the sake of comfort, the headband can use the length of the other inch or so. Audeara A-
The Audeara headset includes active noise cancellation. 1. main specifications battery life and active noise cancellation function.
Although I find it rare for me-
In any case, the over-ear profile factor will suppress most ambient noise--it worked well.
I sat outside for an hour, 2 feet metres from the central air conditioner we were running.
With the opening of the ANC, the racket of the AC unit never invaded the music.
Battery life is a bit confusing and can mislead you depending on how well you know the specifications.
Audeara lifts the headset to up to 65-
Battery life is several hours long. However. . .
When used with cables, not wireless, and there is no Audeara customization.
The combination of Bluetooth, Audeara and ANC is said to provide 35-
Hours, while Bluetooth with Audeara but no ANCitoffers is available up to 45-
Hours of game time
Yes, it's a bit confusing. . .
In fact, the battery life will be due to how you use Audeara-01 headphones --
Like any wireless headset.
Four key factors are Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Audeara customization and listening volume.
I listen almost entirely via Bluetooth, most of the time there is no ANC active, almost always listening in the case of Audeara custom campaign, usually the volume is about mediumway.
I saw the results for 24 hours. hour to 35-hour range.
This is far from "up to 65-
But the battery life is still quite stable.
Charging with the included micro USB cable takes three to four hours.
The ordra family-
01 headphone value?
That's $379.
After customization, I found the audio performance of Audeara.
The 01 headphones are great. But. . .
I tested them extensively.
Last year I looked at a set of Fiil Canviis Pro for $349 Bluetooth headsets.
After switching back and forth for a few hours, I found that I didn't see any obvious difference between the two, especially at the high end, and I might expect more details based on my Audeara hearing test.
I prefer Fiil headphones if any because they are more comfortable and the audio is warmer and will not give up the details.
Using standard headphones, the audio is usually finely controlled using EQ settings based on listener preferences, which is why you give up your Audeara headphones (
You can change the degree of customization, but not too much granularity to do this differently from improving bass, mid-tone, or treble).
One way to look at it is Audra-
01 headphones, once customized, perform the same as a set of headphones in a similar price range--At least for me.
Given some of their shortcomings, they may not make much sense as an investment in this situation.
In my experience, people with severe hearing loss are also less likely to benefit a lot from it.
The value proposition of Audra-
01 headphones seem to be grounded in the middle
Music lovers who experience a slight hearing loss and/or a difference in hearing ability between left and right ears are likely to see a personalized Audeara-01 headphones.
If you don't really try it, it's hard to say if it's right for you.
The company seems to understand this and provide 60-
Refund guarantee, so you can try it without risk.
So if you are not happy with the audio performance, you will leavethe-
Headphones on the shelf, you might want to give Audeara-
01 headphones are filmed with their personalized audio.
They may make a big difference.
Note: Audeara announced the advertising price on February 21, 2019-
01 headphones will drop to $249.
99 disclosure: Provided by Audeara-
01 headphones were evaluated but not entered into this review.
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