bats dropping from trees as record heat wave grips australia - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
bats dropping from trees as record heat wave grips australia  -  air conditioner dripping
CANBERRA, Australia
The BAT fell from the tree, the kangaroo collapsed inland, and the garden turned brown.
When North America freezes at record polar temperatures, the southern hemisphere is experiencing the opposite extremes, as Australia is creating a record of high temperatures after the hottest year in history.
Weather forecasters in Australia say parts of the sparsely populated Pilbara region on the rugged northwest coast will be close to 50 degrees Celsius on Thursday (122 F).
A record high of 50. 7 C (123. 3 F)
It was established in odanata, South Australia in 1960. More about the stars.
Com: Natural disasters cost $ 134B in 2013, and the 60-year-old Australian wild fire fighter, Ryan Tate, survived, spend most of the day in a small pool near Emu Creek in the Pilbara area, a remote area of the grid.
The thermometer outside her house shows 50 degrees Celsius (122 F)
Wednesday, she said.
Tate and her husband rely on two electric fans to deal with the oven.
Like heating, because of the high fuel cost of running the generator, they rarely turn on the small air conditioner in the bedroom.
"We must live with it;
There's nothing you can do, "she said.
Brazil's high temperature index has also reached 49 degrees Celsius (120 F).
The Rio zoo keepers are giving the animals popsicles to keep them from the heat.
Karly Braganza, climate monitoring manager at the Meteorological Bureau, said the delayed arrival of the monsoon in northern Australia had a cooling effect that caused the heat.
Global warming is also working, he said.
So far, this year's heat wave has started around Christmas and moved counter-clockwise in northern Australia, not as widespread or persistent as last year's heat wave.
But bragaza predicted that the situation could continue and develop to South Australia.
"Of course, from next week's forecast, it looks like the heat will continue," he said . ". Since Dec.
On the 27 th, records were set at 34 locations in Australia
Some big profits.
Temperature data have been collected for at least 40 years in Queensland and New South Wales.
Nababi, a mining town in New South Wales, set a new record of 47. 8 C (118 F)
More than the previous record 3. 6 C (6. 5 F)
Extreme temperatures followed Australia's hottest year on record, breaking the previous record in 2005 with an average temperature of 1. 2 C (2. 2 F)above the 1961-90 average.
Australia's heat wave has also caused losses to wildlife.
In Winton, famous for being one of the hottest places in Queensland, and also the place where Australia's unofficial national anthem "Waltzing Matilda" is written, with "lots" of parrots, tom Upton, chief executive of the Winton County Council, said kangaroos and us were recently found dead in dry landscapes.
"This is as important as prolonged drying and heat waves," he said . ".
Louise Sanders, chairman of the Queensland animal welfare organization bat protection and rescue group, said at least 50,000 bats in the southeast of the state were killed by high temperatures. Heat-stressed bats —
It includes black flying fox, red flying fox and endangered gray fox.
Flying fox head-
To lower their body temperature, hold on to the trees and pee on themselves, she said.
"When they give in, they just pile up at the bottom of the tree," Sanders said . ".
"You can have 250 or more --
Like a drop of chocolate
All dead at the bottom of the tree.
"This is a huge issue of animal welfare," she added . ".
In Emu Creek, the leaves in her garden turned yellow despite watering, Tate said.
The hot weather kept her awake at night.
It also made it easier for her husband to hunt kangaroos at night as they gathered around the well that provided water for the cattle. (
Kangaroo meat is sold to consumers in Australia. )
"You don't have to hunt them," she said . ".
"Every kangaroo in the evening will be at the water's edge.
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