beetle owner proud of his ’57 vw’s history - air and water swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-07-28
beetle owner proud of his ’57 vw’s history  -  air and water swamp cooler
At the Vancouver Island annual car gathering at the Viscount aviation center in Sydney last weekend, polished and sparkling vehicles lined up, but people seemed to have their own ideas.
Chris Zessler's 1957 Volkswagen Bug has a typical pedigree to show cars, but he has decided that letting the years shine is the only way to his precious possessions.
Coral from the factory
The red finish that has faded over time.
"There has never been a painting," Zessler said . ".
"Original paint, original interior, original engine-documented.
"There may be some rough places on the car, but he won't let it bother him.
"I try not to call it rust. it's patina.
Like many antiques.
Zessler, the owner, knows the history of his vehicle.
"She grew up in Arizona and baked in the sun for more than 40 years.
A young man bought it, brought it here and modified the suspension system.
It went through several different owners before I got it.
"I think I saved her from several fixes because everyone had a big plan to fix it and something happened and they had to sell it.
"Of course, the engine has been rebuilt, but any renovation will take place.
"I will ride it out as long as I can," Zessler said . ".
It is still "correct and true," he said ".
"36 horsepower;
I won't break any records.
In the small town, its driving is perfect, and Malahat is a challenge.
The finishing touches he showed include roof racks.
With a surfboard-
And the luggage rack attached to the back of the car.
All standard equipment, of course.
When he needs replacement parts from time to time, Zessler will also look for items --
Like the car itself.
"I'm looking for a wiper now.
I can't find the new one because it looks too inappropriate.
Zessler is one of those lucky people who love to match his career.
He's a classic-
Parts expert in Volkswagen Victoria.
From his point of view, many people can agree with his mistakes when he brings it to the show.
"Most people have one, one for those over 35.
He said he enjoyed the car's reaction.
"I was just wandering in the background and watching people see cars.
Pointing at this with a smile, pointing at that.
One thing they noticed wasfangled air-
Air conditioning attached to passengers-
Zessler called the side window of the "swamp cooler.
"Just add water and pull the rope of the rotating drum, the device can suck the air out of the water to create a cooling effect.
"The second equipment and equipment worked very well," he said . ".
Zessler also owns another one that he calls "mish-
Mix and match ", it is equipped with big tires, suitable for outsideroading.
He is one of the impressive 250 entries at the Sidney show, and Vancouver Island's largest dealer group gain represents 10 dealers.
The program doubles as a fund-raising event and supports the Vancouver Island Children's Health Foundation, the David Foster Foundation and the sanitchi Peninsula Hospital Foundation.
This year's event raised $118,425 for charity, with more than 3,500 people participating.
Peter Trzewik, CEO of GAIN group, said charitable funds come from entrance fees and food sales.
Next year's event will move to a new facility being built by gain group near Duncan, known as the Vancouver Island Racing resort.
It will open in next May to complete a track where customers can drive their Highways
Performance cars, says Trzewik.
"It's really just a project to make it more interesting to have a performance car," he said . ".
The website will also be used for activities such as car display and new car introduction.
Time colonists.
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