best practices: performing a green it audit - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
best practices: performing a green it audit  -  outside air conditioner
Calculate energy UsageA typical green audit calculate energy usage and evaluate how to reduce energy consumption by recommending energy conservation methods and studying cooling and ventilation.
The first step is to determine the extent of energy use through IT resources.
Refers to the wattage or maximum power consumed by the equipment;
This is usually printed on the bottom or back of the device, or on the nameplate.
However, actual consumption may vary depending on the settings.
If the wattage is not specified by the device, use tong-
Tester or any other method and multiply it by the voltage used by the device.
Most IT devices in the United States use 120 V.
Use the formula to estimate the energy use of the equipment: the number of watts used per day × hours ÷ 1000 = Daily kilowatts-hour (kWh)consumption. 1 kilowatt (kW)= 1,000 Watts.
Multiply the resulting graph by the number of days calculated.
Finally, multiply the resulting figures by the energy rate per kWh of local utility units during the same period.
For example, a personal computer and monitor with 120 W and 150 W respectively, used for 4 hours a day, consuming the following energy :(
120 W 150 W x 4 hours/365 days)
1000 = 394 KW.
Assuming the energy cost per kWh is 10 cents, the total energy cost per year is $39. 4.
Now, if you replace your PC and monitor with a 50-watt laptop, the annual energy consumption becomes :(
50x4 hours x 365)
/1000 = 73 KW hours, the price of 10 cents per kWh is only $7. 3.
Switching to a laptop can result in 39. 4 – 7. 3 = $ 32.
Save 1 sum of money a year, the rest are the same.
The Green IT audit identifies ways to save energy.
The most common suggestions include: the impact of multiple "on" and "off" PC, which has a negative impact on the service life of the PC, however, due to the technical upgrade before this, most PCs are close to the limit.
In addition, the computer generates heat when it is turned on and off, thereby reducing the cold load of the building, providing the dual benefit of protecting the PC itself, reducing the cold load of the air conditioner.
Good trade audit
From the cost of saving energyà-
Relative to the cost of productivity or time wasted waiting for the computer to load after shutdown.
A major component of the cooling and ventilation green audit is heating, cooling and ventilation, which again has a significant impact on energy costs.
Computers generate heat.
The audit evaluates whether the ventilation is adequate so that the heat spreads and accumulates near the computer and checks whether the CPU fan is working properly and there is no dust.
Data center layout design is a key component of Green IT.
Usually, the original design rarely considers the cooling and ventilation requirements, and rearranging the physical layout of the hot and cold equipment arranged by the transaction will increase the airflow and reduce the energy cost.
Putting all servers in a centralized room can also greatly reduce costs.
Other considerations for IT audits include specifying the optimal temperature for the cleaning schedule of air conditioners and air filters, as well as checking for air leaks, or infiltrating external air through cracks and openings, this can increase the cost of heating and cooling and bring pollution.
A good IT audit suggests upgrading any inefficient incandescent lamp with new energy
Save on incandescent, CFL and LED bulbs.
Other considerations for Green IT audits may include suggestions on cloud computing, virtualization, outsourcing, etc.
Auditors are kept abreast of the latest developments and incorporate any content related to the organization.
There is no list of criteria for best Green IT advice, as IT depends on the status of the organization.
The success of a green audit depends on the auditor recognizing the Green IT activities planned, ongoing or completed in the organization and recommending best practices that are most relevant to the organization.
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