beyond ice cubes: clever and cool - air conditioner portable evaporative

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beyond ice cubes: clever and cool  -  air conditioner portable evaporative
Written by Leslie Chess felomei 23, 1999 fruity cooler AROMA FANHow, how did you smell relief when the air was just hanging there?
Breathe in an orange
Cross draft of fragrance provided by people of Circul-
The air, its orange
The fruity cool fruity fan is one of the trio that combines whimsy and functionality.
Choose Their watermelon fan, which is a refreshing and stupid explanation for the fruit, and you will smile despite the high humidity.
Plug in two AA batteries and add a fruit fragrance ring to let the automatic fan float gently in your direction.
Close your eyes and breathe the fragrance of iceCold watermelon.
This is so real that you have to stop yourself from spitting out.
Suitable for home, courtyard or office, fruity cooler (Model 1510)
Available in CVS store. $9. 99 each.
CHILBANo, this is not a flying disc.
Or a movie prop for the last emperor.
This is a "full sun hat" designed by Kavu, a company specializing in outdoor equipment ".
Named after the warehouse staff of Kavu (
His favorite expression is "chill ". . .
Who added the suffix "ba" to almost every noun ")
The personality and function of Chillba are equal.
With DWR (
Durable water repellent)
Finished nylon and one
Its black underside is designed to reduce glare.
A pan with a sliding adjustment of the intranet cap to make the hat-
The exterior of the shape is almost a breeze-proof.
Whether it's a parasol or a mysterious fashion manifesto, Chillba is a practical and versatile headwear.
Shooting rapids?
If you leave this hat in the river, it will float. Thirsty?
Pour it over.
An inverted Chillba can accommodate up to 12 cold canned drinks.
Can be in fire-
1939 Black Rock toll road Fairfield Dongshan sports center engine red and melon Green. (203)334-7006.
Scented stones and oil use solar energy to cover these river stones shaped by the ebb and flow of flowing water.
When a warm stone is annoyed by a restorative essential oil, it releases a fragrance designed to send the right message to the brain.
Summer ice, a particularly mixed cooling mint (
Stimulate the heart), eucalyptus (
Respiratory relief)
And lemon grass (
An anti-depression drug.
Can overcome the summer downturn.
A drop or two of oil is engraved with meditation symbols or words on each stone.
Take a deep breath slowly.
When the oil spreads into the air, its molecules go directly into the marginal system that controls the heartbeat, breathing, and mood.
Draw energy from the tree of life;
Absorb the unstoppable power of regeneration of the ancient Celtic maze, or directly.
Choose a word that expresses exactly what you want to feel.
Close your eyes and breathe in. New Age hocus-pocus?
Not necessarily. Try it.
You will be surprised.
Stoneworks Gallery's custom stone is available in Westport on 146 Avenue.
Big stones are $18 a bottle, small stones are $17 a bottle, and summer ice essential oils are $10 a bottle. (203)222-2283.
Personal cooling system do you rush through a climate in June, July and August --
Control the environment to the bottom, afraid of hot and wet walls?
In any given heat wave, are you most likely to be found over-ventilated inside in front of the air conditioning vents?
If so, consider this alternative.
Sharper Image Design has invented a portable wearable air conditioner that is light and easy to use.
Plug in an AA battery, fill the two chambers of the device with water, put it on your neck, and open it.
A quiet motor drives a miniature fan that flows the air through the surface of the water, generating evaporation to cool, resulting in a temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the surrounding hot air.
The flexible sides lean the aluminum cooling plate against the neck and enjoy the cooling effect throughout the body.
About 6 inch in diameter, made of ABS plastic and mold
Cast aluminum, which weighs 11 ounces when both chambers are filled with water.
Size for all. ($49)
Sharper Image is located at Stamford Mall in Stamford ,(203)353-0719.
1999 Saab 9-glove compartment with air conditioning
Air included-
Conditional glove box as standard equipment.
The air-conditioning system pipes deliver cold air through the vents that slide into the glove box, cooling it to 42 degrees Fahrenheit.
It is ideal for refrigerated baby formula, soft drinks or fresh fruit during a summer car trip.
Finally, there is a way to make the chocolate bar melt in your mouth instead of melting all the decorations while driving for a long time in hot weather.
Available as standard equipment on Saab 9
Located at 1800 Boston Post Road, Guildford Saab. in Guilford. Saab 9-
5 sticker price: $38,025 (203)453-0396.
Ice and Fire can lower your body temperature.
It's better to heat than an ice bag-
It is the perfect accessory for personal timeouts. Think spa.
Love yourself.
Refrigerate for an hour or immerse in cold water, place this 9-inch by 6-
In the inch aqua mask on the top half of your face, feel instantly reabsorbed.
Refreshing cool can relieve pressure and reduce edema.
Of course, the price is right. Only $4.
Each family is at Greenwich Douglas Park, 96 Greenwich Avenue. (203)625-0392.
Not enough time for treatment? Try the eyes-only, 9-inch by 1-inch version.
The smaller relaxing Eyemask is only $2. 95.
Keep a few in the refrigerator.
Advertising antique hand fans, no matter how hot the weather is, do you hate being bombarded with artificial cold air?
Mint leaves (
Behind could be a nap in a hammock in the shade)
Your preferred way to overcome high temperatures?
Is your favorite movie Gone with the wind?
Then consider being as calm about the future as Scarlett did.
One hand floats here.
Hold the fan, preferably a fan that has actually been used.
Prices for these ladies fans range from $45 to $125 between the 1930s and 1950s. Hand-
Painted originals decorated with past birds, flowers and scenes, they can still produce a fresh breeze (
Strict optional flirting
On the hot afternoon of August
In September, just hang them on the wall and they will look beautiful by next summer.
Available through Laurie Morris Shure, an Ivy Knoll real estate purchasing company at Westport 7. (203)222-1177.
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