birds are winging their way north in greater numbers - how to make a swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-30
birds are winging their way north in greater numbers  -  how to make a swamp cooler
A series of activities have slowed down last week due to the recent drop in temperatures, but the birds continue to move north, with waterbirds dominating the report.
Last weekend, migrants in eastern Ontario appeared to peak, with 50,000 to 250,000 birds reported in burheat, east of Ottawa, in March 20Pendleton-Riceville area.
The area is flooded every year, attracting many water birds.
A visit in March 21 generated more than 30,000, hundreds.
Another popular area is the belbrook floodplain located between Milton Road and Frank Kenny Road in Navin --
Calsbad Springs district.
This is a great location, and when the area is flooded briefly in the spring, attracting many kinds of waterbirds, it gathers waterbirds.
There are some interesting observations from March 18-3 to 22, including 9, 2 adults and 6.
On March 21 and 22, there were separate reports that there was one along the Salmon River and one along the Jok River near the twin elm trees.
Remember to check all the sheep carefully and look for other kinds of geese.
The Raptors are moving north, and many locations are reported to include the Winchester, Casselman, Bull heat and the Carlsbad Springs area.
Many of these eagles were observed in areas reporting higher concentrations of waterfowl.
Over the past 20 years, this species has increased significantly as individuals migrate north.
You can see the migrating raptors along the dunrobyn Ridge.
You can look for birds anywhere in Line 5 outside Thomas Dolan Avenue and Greenland Road.
You never know what you will find, it depends on the weather.
Good Southwest airflow is always helpful.
On March 22, on the Greenland Road overlooking Constance Creek, there were more than six hours of eagle watching, with a small and interesting flight, including four, two and one
The number continues to increase with the increase in sightings from brockleville, arnopell, Ottawa, Canata and renfreu.
On March 13, the Antrim region reported.
This southern cousin is increasing along the northern edge of its breeding range in the north.
In the eastern part of the United States, more and more tourists come to southern Ontario.
Eastern Ontario and Ottawa have some recordsGatineau.
Dawn chorus continues to slowly build up and some are reported to sing so far.
However, it is also very loud.
Showing and drumming.
There are already some species sitting on eggs, including Shirley Bay, that are now nesting for the fifth consecutive year.
In the next few weeks, be aware to give a few examples.
I would like to thank all birdwatchers, photographers and breeder watchers who have sent reports and/or photos in the past week. Please e-
Post bird observations and/or photos to: Subject line: Ottawa Citizen birds.
For photos, please provide the date, location and the name of the photographer, as well as the Bird Report, Observer, date and location.
Bird watching ethics and guidelines in Ottawa
You can find the Naturalist Club here.
Reach the wild bird care center for orphans and injured birds to call 613-828-2849.
Report the bird belt.
Access to Causeway Bay, Shirley Bay is restricted.
You must obtain permission from the scope control office before entering the area.
Please call 613-991-
Permission of 5740.
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