blazing sun can cool house | delhi news - times of india - room evaporative air coolers

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blazing sun can cool house | delhi news - times of india  -  room evaporative air coolers
Summer is coming, most people cool their heels in the air
A house with conditions.
But rely too much on these energies.
Guzzling equipment-ACs-
Scientists are urged to explore other alternatives.
The latest alternative on the stream is solar air conditioning at the solar center in Gual Pahari village, Gurgaon.
It sounds incredible that 13 rooms are cooling at this research station using solar energy.
In other buildings, minor changes in the structure help minimize the need for air conditioning.
In the Solar Center, there is a solar air in the room of K Sinha of f-
Air conditioning next to traditional air conditioningconditioner.
As temperatures rise, Sinha and his colleagues have completely stopped using traditional air. conditioners. "Middle-
Revenue families in Delhi are increasingly shifting from coolers to ACs.
Air conditioning is available in all offices.
We are trying to reduce the use of traditional air conditioners.
"Solar air conditioning was installed last year and this is the first time we have used it," Sinha said . ".
This means that the cooling effect will be the biggest on the hottest day.
This air conditioner captures solar radiation through a 288 solar collector on campus.
It produces 60 KW of pressurized hot water.
The heat of this water further generates chilled water at a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius, which is cycled through fan coil units installed in all 13 rooms.
"Like any other air conditioner, the remote control is used to monitor the temperature and humidity of the room.
We cannot tell the difference.
"The building also has a" passive solar "building, which further contributes to the cooling effect," said project researcher Himanshu Jaiswal . ".
Although the cooling capacity of ACs usually installed in the house is 1 to 2 tons, solar air conditioning equipment-
The capacity of Up is 30 tons, and there is no energy consumption in the power grid.
However, it is still time to significantly reduce reliance on traditional ACs.
The experimental devices will be used first for larger buildings, scientists say.
The director of the energy and environmental technology development department of the Institute of Energy and Resources said that parts of Europe, especially Germany, are manufacturing modular solar coolers for families (TERI), Amit Kumar.
But for now, if you're keen on buying air conditioning for your home, energy efficient air conditioning can reduce your electricity bill slightly.
Amit added, "I suggest people buy five --
Star air conditioning.
That's the least we can do.
"Vinod Gupta, architect and consultant of the Delhi City Arts Council, is involved in research projects that incorporate solar heating and natural cooling into the building, and air conditioning is the last resort for the building in Delhi.
"I recommend using an evaporation cooler.
These are different from the usual desert coolers because they allow you to control the noise and explosion of humidity and air, which is typical of the cooler.
However, the cooling of the building is more than just installing a cooler or air conditioner.
We use a variety of passive solar and evaporation cooling technologies to reduce the temperature . "
"Passive solar" is to use the energy of the sun to heat or cool the living space.
Gupta said he used a variety of methods, such as having a terrace garden to cool the roof of the building;
He sometimes holds the vertical shaft with an evaporator, insulated wall, and he also ensures that there are enough trees around the building to keep it cool.
Some buildings have tiles on the roof to emit heat from the sun.
"If these technologies are applied, energy consumption is typically reduced by 70-80%," Gupta added . ".
Some buildings use a combination of air conditioning and evaporation cooling to keep their energy consumption limited.
These features have been implemented in the American Institute, the Terry retreat, the ITC Center of Excellence in Gurgaon, and other buildings in Delhi and Noida.
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