border between wickedly funny and downright offensive isn’t easy to find - how to make a swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-30
border between wickedly funny and downright offensive isn’t easy to find  -  how to make a swamp cooler
Politics is a joke, and now, more people want to laugh than cry for the federal government.
To prove this, it is unlikely that the ratings recently designed with Stephen Colbert on a more moderate, non-politically colored platform will be successful.
Colbert's victory in this game is largely due to his political humor, a talent that alienates more audiences in any other era, rather than being attracted.
When Jimmy Kimmel of ABC began to spend more time satirizing D on his own show. C.
The swamp without drainage, his show changed from interesting background viewing to watercooler event.
People even began to notice that Seth Meyers was late. night show (
Coincidentally, it's called Late Night with Seth Meyers.
When the actor, who was broadcast on Saturday night, started every night to "want to be a dictator" and all
The "strange man" who occupied the White House ".
The more extreme the picture on Capitol Hill is, the more extreme the comedy about the seat of American power is.
And the role of the late return --
The host of "night" changed from a witty artist to a sharp artist.
Political satire, Cage
Comedians at HBO, Netflix and the comedy center have to go beyond the already ridiculous headlines to get laughter.
It's a far cry from getting political status on ground TV that means Jay Renault is joking about Barack Obama's super-big-ear days, and Conan O'Brien makes fun of George W.
When Bush used "Bill Clinton" and "blue clothing" in the same sentence, he was unable to pronounce "nuclear" and David Letterman strategically suspended.
But that doesn't mean there is a clear competitive environment for comedians.
Just ask Kathy Griffin or Ross Anne Barr. Or Kevin Hart.
How far is it too far?
The boundary between evil fun and outright attack is not easy to find.
It seems to move like a tide mysteriously, but is pulled by the news cycle.
This is also a conditional boundary depending on the performer's gender
Women have crossed this line more mysteriously than men.
When a comedian gives up a nasty wit, how dedicated a social media that is easily irritated is.
However, we are still willing to beat the comedians who have crossed the illusory border, and the list of martyrs is increasing.
In 2017, Queen snak Griffin took pictures in a mask and looked like Donald Trump, who was beheaded, after which she lost most of her empire.
Critics plopped and she apologized, but Griffin was still removed from her CNN New Year's Eve performance with Anderson Cooper and lost more high-profile gigs.
Griffin later withdrew her apology.
"You can hate this picture . . . . . . But it is important to know that it is not illegal ")
She said she was questioned by the FBI for two months,fly list.
And Michelle Wolf, who shot a brick wall when she hosted 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner.
The comedian's displeasure with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kylie Ann Conway and Trump and others annoyed conservative critics who were uncomfortable with her "rude" behavior.
The White House Press Association, which recently announced that it would not invite comedians to host next year's dinner, almost immediately apologized for Wolff's daily life (she did not)
Her subsequent Netflix series was canceled after only three months and 10 episodes.
Hart broke the comedy record, selling more than a million tickets for his irresponsible tour, who will host the Oscars but step down last week, earlier, his homophobic tweet from 2009 to 2011 reappeared on Thursday.
How Hart handles criticism is still in debate.
Obviously, his joke 10 years ago, which was considered interesting by many people at the time, is no longer interesting now.
The environment has changed, especially with jokes about women, black people and lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, although some groups --
Mexican and Muslim, for example.
It still seems to be a fair game for some comics. Samantha Bee (
Earlier this year, she sat in a hot seat for Ivanka Trump's comments)
John Oliver, Hassan minhaji and Trevor Noah were among those who might have killed their TV ambitions decades ago.
HBO's Bill Maher lost on the ABC show in 2001, and he was politically incorrect.
In October, politicians and celebrities celebrated 25 years on television.
Of course, this wealth is not a catalyst for the two-party comedy revolution.
The movement is tilted to the left and, if any, rarely turns in another direction.
Barr is an exception to this rule, and before she does what people want to see her do, she does too much: hate, hate, contempt for people drinking Kool around her
Not media aid for Fox News.
Barr, a controversial veteran, began to feel pressure after she came out to support Trump and seriously talked on Twitter about her alt-
Correct conspiracy theory and release fake news in good faith.
She gave up after she falsely accused a park in Florida.
School shooting survivors pay tribute to the Nazis during the march of our life rally.
Ahead of Barr's racist comments that led to her dismissal, the call for Rosanne to restart the boycott grew louder.
Of course, there are still some people who like to maintain a largely non-political attitude, including Jimmy Fallon on tonight's show.
Even though he and Colbert rank first in the 18-to 49-year-old adult race, in the face of Colbert's sharp Jared Kushner joke and Kim Mel's advice on how to pay for the Trump wall, his overall ratings were affected.
But if Fallon waits, his time may come again when escapism beats the Oval Office sarcasm and the old piein-the-
In the face of routine return, regain the glory of the past.
Before that, the joke was about politics, where comedians danced online, hoping they were agile enough to avoid being the next joke.
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