building a diy evaporative air conditioner. - desert cooler vs air cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-14
building a diy evaporative air conditioner.  -  desert cooler vs air cooler
It's not so much an Instructable as a "how did I do it ".
A few years ago, my family and I ran a store in Gamman, a fairly hot area of new state.
To increase the heat, we have huge windows facing the West, and we are the main source of takeout, namely: pizza, fish and chips, burgers, etc. Very nice too.
We couldn't afford a $5000 offer, so I built my own store myself.
It is absolutely not compared to the commercial unit, but it does provide us and our customers with a little welcome from the high temperature.
Here are the "blows" of how I did it, but I don't have a photo of the actual unit, so you have to use your imagination a little bit.
Words of warning.
The voltage of 240 V and water are fatal combinations.
When mixing both, please take all precautions, including making sure the fast circuit breaker is installed.
It may save your life.
As you can see from the photo, the commercial air cooler is just a big box.
A large box with some pieces inside, large onion bags filled with wood chips on the side panel, fixed with a wire mesh.
OK, they may have a perforated slot along the top, but what about it.
My purpose is to replicate the theory of delivering water to a mat that may evaporate, through which I can breathe in the air and deliver it to a specific place as cheaply as possible.
The material I used is: 4 red bread crates. 720mm X 600mm.
4 pieces of rock wool 550mm x 670mm.
4 550mm x 670mm mesh.
1 children's pool.
1450mm x 200mm. 5 meters (almost)
1/2 "Poly irrigation tube.
4 Poly elbows of 1/2.
Two 1/2 "Poly three links.
4 Poly end plugs of 1/2.
16 degree radius micro spray.
1 240 v Wind curtain fan. (
Recycling from the door of the store)
2 small 240 v aquarium pumps (
Not sure about the size, but a big one would be better. 1 sheet of 2mm(? )
Aluminum plate (recycled).
2 180mm vents.
180mm insulated pipe of 6 m.
The tools I use are: a drill bit. Tin snips. Pliers. Stanley knife.
I don't know the cost, but it's not very big.
My advantage is to have a basement to build and accommodate this unit (
A small garden cottage next to the window is enough).
4 bagels have been prepared for pre-assembly
Drill 1/4 "on the base near all corners ".
They are then connected together with tie lines, with the base facing the center to form a square open at the top and bottom.
Then, the top edge drilled about 10 holes in each crate (
Attach Poly tube later).
The aluminum sheet is then prepared by cutting a hole in the center.
One of the vents is mounted on the holes and is drilled into and screwed into place.
I installed the air curtain fan on the vent and connected the length of the flexible pipe to the fan vent.
The pipe then enters the store through the floor vents and hangs from the ceiling, with the end above the cooking and service area.
The other vent is connected to the end of the pipe and fixed.
The pool then slides under the "unit" and is assembled.
It definitely doesn't look like the one in the picture, but you get it.
The 1/2 "Poly tube was cut into 4 720mm pieces and 2 700mm pieces.
Then, 4 720mm parts are connected along the top edge of the unit and in the corner with 4 1/2 Poly elbows.
I then cut out the 1/2 tube from one side and installed a tee.
A 700mm-long polygon pipe is attached to it, and the water pump is connected to the other end.
Drill 4 small holes along the bottom of each 720mm long tube and place a micro sprayer on each facing inside.
Each sprayer delivers water to the top of the rock wall above 1/4.
I chose to use rock music on my mat.
It turned out to be worse than I thought because the water wouldn't soak in rock wool velvet and it just ran away.
If you do not have a ready-made scallions bag and shavings, I suggest you buy a commercial liner.
If you have access to these materials, you will save a lot of money if you make it yourself.
The mat is attached to the base (
Inside the crate)
Fixed in the appropriate position with 550mm x 670mm mesh.
The pool was filled with water and the crew was put into trial operation.
The fan works well and delivers quite good airflow to the store, but the pump cannot deliver enough water to wet the pad properly.
Another pump was bought and the Poly tube opposite the unit was cut to the first pump, one tee was put in, and the second pump was connected through another 700mm Poly tube.
The center of the other 2 sides is cut and the end is blocked.
This effectively reduces the load on each pump to 8 micro sprayers. Much better.
The unit is then put into use and fills the pool through the hose as needed.
In any case, this is not a world fighter, there is a lot of room for improvement.
Combine these ideas with the 12 v conversion of the commercial units converted here by 12 v, and you may get a top level unit.
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