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building an online business from the ground up                             eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],\'businessknowhow_com-box-3\',\'ezslot_0\',122,\'0\']));  -  portable swamp cooler air conditioner
Last update: May 1, 2014, when your background is completely different, what is the purpose of creating a successful online retail store?
Learn the business story of e-commerce business aviation and water companies
"Go out before your brain turns into a paste.
"This is my first year as an environmental scientist in California.
This was my first job after graduating from college and I was much younger than the other engineers and geologists who worked there.
They all told me the same thing-"go out now before your mind gets messed up!
"It was the first time my brother told me about the online business world-he successfully started his own online business.
I started working on the industry and saw a high demand for air conditioning --
Search online.
This is the niche market I can get.
I had been thinking about this idea for a while, and then one day when I was driving home from work, I was driving on the highway, the name "air and water" randomly appeared in my mind.
Call it a moment of inspiration or anything you want, but I went home that night and started working on the site right away.
I hope I can simply say "The rest is history" at this point, but I think you and I know that small businesses will never do that.
The actual history is always much more interesting than that.
My background is Microbiology and chemistry-so the initial development of this site is slow.
In order to make things as simple as possible, we started to develop the website as a Yahoo store in the first place.
My wife and I have just had a second child and every day around seven o'clock P. M. I go home from work, have dinner and play with the kids until they go to bed. Then work on site until eleven o'clock P. M. or midnight.
The process is repeated every day, trying to launch this site from our apartment in Huntington Beach, California.
The initial products we were able to list were some basic heaters, as well as some thermostats from a company called virtual returns.
When I first started negotiating with suppliers, they didn't want to deal with me at all because we were going to sell their products online.
Besides, they don't want to give us any honor.
Until today, despite the obvious success, we still have the same problem with vendors who don't want to deal with online retailers!
Even though we see more and more companies finally starting to embrace the concept of e-commerce.
I finally realized that when I was on a business trip again in 2002, I was able to run air and water full time.
The whole journey-as I sit at important meetings-my phone keeps ringing my wife's questions about the different thermostats people order.
This is my last trip to California.
Before I left government work forever, my wife and I decided to upgrade from our apartment to a house.
The only problem is that the escrow company has been closed for about six months, so we ended up moving into my mom's house while we were waiting to close our own.
I don't think she knows what she's doing because soon after that we ship 20 to 40 products a day from her garage.
We drive out every morning to pick up orders directly from the manufacturer and ship them from my mom's home by that afternoon.
As things get busier, we miss UPS pick-up from time to time.
My wife would load the van with a different order and drive in Orange County looking for a UPS truck for her to drop the goods with them.
Surprisingly, she can find a willing and capable brown truck every time!
When we finally moved into the new house, I was overjoyed with the great new warehouse, the 400 square foot garage we had!
It's great to finally have a place to put our products.
We ended up turning the entire garage into an operation center and eventually being able to hire people to help with the day-to-day operations.
However, it was not long before we grew up.
So we moved the factory to a warehouse of 1800 square feet, a place I never thought we would surpass.
At this point, we have recruited a few more people, including the last addition. needed IT help.
Yes, we waited so long to hire a real IT professional.
But not only did we eventually surpass this warehouse, but we also exceeded two!
At this point, we really did everything with our hands until we couldn't stand it anymore.
Before buying our first forklift, we will actually move the product tray to the truck by hand!
We usually only need four or five people to sell some larger orders.
Especially in the early days, two orders stood out.
In an example, one of our suppliers
There are too many products shipped to customers.
Instead of ordering him a heater, they sent him a whole box!
The client was in San Francisco and I was arranged to attend a work conference there.
I talked to the customer and told him not to worry about shipping the heater back to us, instead we would send the courier to pick them up.
As soon as I arrived in San Francisco, I took our rental car with a few colleagues and asked them to send me to his apartment building.
I walked up to his apartment and picked up the product myself as if it were in the movie.
He couldn't believe the service!
We 've always had a loyal local customer base in southern California and we're trying to make a big deal by offering the will
Answer the order phone.
This process began in our early days, perhaps too early.
During our infancy, a supplier should ship some heaters again to customers in Corona.
Well, instead of letting them ship, the customer wants to pick up the devices from us.
The only problem is we are still getting the company out of my apartment!
We improvise and tell the customer that we will save him some time and meet him at Anaheim Stadium in the parking lot.
Like in Mafia movies, we deal with a deal in an empty parking lot at the baseball field.
Eight years later, we operate in a 35,000 square foot space in Santa Ana.
With all the action, I just stopped predicting how long we would stay in any one place, but I would say that our latest location is perfect for us, we enjoyed working with the city.
I 've learned a lot through all of us, and most importantly-if I can borrow a slogan from Nike-"Go ahead and do it!
"Sometimes you just have to jump in and do something.
You can plan and plan every minute of detail, but there is nothing that will really prepare you.
Also, your idea is to get it to market faster in this way without wasting any time.
Some may call it reckless, but it is this that keeps us ahead of the competition.
We think much less time than we do.
Another important key I learned is to move on.
Again, it's nothing new, but I never like to get stuck with the project.
Even if the current result is not 100%, go ahead and don't let yourself fall into the mire of analysis and over-analysisplanning.
With these two philosophies, we can keep it fresh and fresh.
We can also test our new ideas in the best labs-the real world market!
Like any business, there are many obstacles on the way forward.
But we have overcome all the difficulties because I believe we have found a way to succeed.
Although we are engaged in a relatively new industry, the same simple concept is to work hard and have excellent employees who have worked for the enterprise for many years.
The best thing is that it's simple enough that anyone can do it.
The combination of our great people and hard work leads me to believe that we can afford it no matter what the future holds.
Luke Peters is the founder, owner and president of air and water
An online retailer focused on meeting customers' heating and cooling needs.
Established in 2002, air and water have developed into one of the leading online retailers of portable air conditioners, swamp coolers, space heaters and other household appliances on the Internet.
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