calling in an hvac pro - in a heat pump

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calling in an hvac pro  -  in a heat pump
Tips for dealing with professionals who maintain and repair heating and cooling systems. NEW YORK (This Old House)-
There is nothing in your home that affects your comfort more than your heating and cooling system.
However, unless the heater is extinguished in a snowstorm or in the air --
The air conditioner failed in the heat wave and most of us almost ignored our heating, ventilation and air --conditioning (HVAC)equipment. We shouldn't.
Even the best system will cost you when it doesn't keep the shape. How much?
It depends on how you heat and cool the climate of your home and the area you live in, blocked filters, dirty thermostats, soot, the leakage and lubrication-free fan motors can reduce heating and cooling efficiency by up to 25%.
Some of these maintenance tasks are simple, while others require trained professionals.
If your system is at the end of its service life, you will also need an HVAC contractor.
Here are some tips for handling HVAC equipment and the professionals who serve it.
The good news here is that some systems hardly need attention.
The heat pump only requires a service call from the technician once a year, who checks the belts and filters and changes them as needed.
He should also refuel the moving parts and check the lines. A gas-fired, forced-
There are also simple requirements for air heating systems.
The heating season should be replaced every month or twice, and the circulating fan should be oily once a year.
Call the professional to check the heat exchanger, smoke duct and pipe and adjust the burner every other year.
Other systems, such as oil
Coal-fired boilers need to be maintained once a year
The replacement, cleaning and adjustment of the filter often requires more attention than this.
These chores should be handled by professionals. Air-
Maintenance of air conditioning equipment is a little lessintensive.
At the beginning and end of each cooling season, you should clean or replace the filter, vacuum the unit and lubricate the motor.
If the cooling of the equipment is not normal, please call the technician to check the pressure level of the refrigerant.
Arrange service calls before the start of the heating or cooling season.
You'll get better attention when you schedule your appointment and have more flexibility.
When looking for a company to maintain your system, look for a company that designs, installs and serves the type of system you have. Full-
Service companies tend to keep abreast of the latest developments in this area.
In addition to checking whether liability insurance and workers' compensation policies are valid, inspections were conducted with neighbors, friends and family members who have been using the company for many years.
How does the system run under the care of the company?
Does the technician always clean the work area?
How quickly does the contractor respond to an emergency?
Is the service staff on time when you call to ask questions?
A quality provider will have an emergency number 24 hours, seven days a week, and when the weather is bad and the phone is piled up, there are enough technicians to respond.
The design life of the heating and cooling equipment is at least 15 to 20 years.
If your system is older than this one, you may want to assess the condition of it.
While Replacing HVAC equipment is a major expense, modern systems are running much more efficiently than the old equipment they replaced.
Most HVAC contractors specialize in designing and installing systems from some manufacturers, so none of the stores will have every major brand.
But before you worry about the equipment, it makes sense to find knowledgeable, attentive contractors in your area --oriented.
Start your search by asking neighbors, friends and family what company they hired to replace the stove or air
Air conditioning system.
If they are satisfied with the installation, ask their contractor to come over and talk to you about the heating or cooling of the house.
You should meet at least two contractors;
Hire product installers from at least two manufacturers.
Don't forget to consider it if you have a service company.
You are not obligated to hire the company for the new system, but its technicians do have a good understanding of the conditions in your home.
When selecting a contractor, remember that it requires skills and experience to determine its size by matching the HVAC unit with the home and existing plumbing.
Poor design often results in the system not being able to provide a consistent temperature from room to room, and higher operating costs.
But it may be more serious than that.
In a very tight house with plumbing services, poor design can lead to a retreat, which is a dangerous situation where smoke is sucked back into the house.
Most HVAC stores are small, so owners should be involved in system design, or actively participate in the installation, or check after the installation is complete.
You don't want your system to be designed by a salesperson with no live experience.
Any contractor you are considering should also provide these products and services: Hot
Loss calculation.
This process estimates the Btu capacity needed to heat or cool your home.
The calculation should include the number and type of insulation materials for your walls, lofts and floors, as well as the type, quantity and location of windows and doors.
This data is combined with the climatic conditions in your area to determine the size units you need.
Software makes these calculations relatively easy.
HVAC technicians who do not perform these operations usually specify that oversized equipment is safe.
This is the money in your pocket and every time you get the utility bill. Energy advice.
When sizing an HVAC unit, a good contractor recommends that you do an energy upgrade, such as adding a layer of insulation to the attic.
These devices allow you to purchase smaller air-conditioning units.
Efficient equipment.
While it's usually not cost-effective to buy the most energy --
Efficient units on the market, with minimal shooting.
What the contractor should provide is: a heat pump with EER 12.
Automatic Control.
Frustration thermostat ($40)
It contains a timer and all HVAC systems should be adjusted.
Calculation of returns.
A quality HVAC contractor will show you the return calculations for the various units he provides that should give you an estimate of the seasonal operating costs.
The variables that the contractor will use in the calculation include the heating or cooling load of your area, the heating or cooling capacity of the unit you are considering, and the cost of various energy sources, so, you can compare the cost of electricity, gas and oil.
Once you receive an estimate item by item, you compare the cost and do some of your own research on the device.
Visit www first. eren. doe. gov/hvac. html or www. Consumer Reports. com (
This website is for a fee. based)
, Or contact your utility company for a list of comparisons.
Look at the efficiency and cost of operations, and the consumer --
Rated reliability.
Then compare your knowledge of the contractors involved and make a decision.
Confused by HVAC terms?
Whether you believe it or not, it's all about making it easier to understand and buy equipment.
These terms allow you to compare apples and apples between units in the same fuel class.
It would come in handy to know what the terms listed here mean.
Energy of the season-
Efficiency ratio (SEER)
How much Btu air-
Air conditioning equipment will be removed for every watt of electricity consumed.
The higher the SEER, the less you spend on operating costs.
Federal law stipulates that the minimum SEER for all new airlines is 10-
Air conditioning unit. Tonnage: Air-
The adjustment ton is equal to 12,000 Btu per hour.
It means three.
Tons of air conditioning can take away about 36,000 Btu of heat from your home every hour.
AFUE: Fuel of the Year-
Use Efficiency to estimate how much heat a unit can provide for every dollar spent on fuel.
The higher the AFUE, the lower your heating costs will be.
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