calsonic kansei: car parts firm to cut 95 jobs in llanelli - coolers for house

by:HICOOL     2019-08-13
calsonic kansei: car parts firm to cut 95 jobs in llanelli  -  coolers for house
A car parts manufacturer will cut 95 jobs from its Llanelli factory after "sales have fallen sharply.
Calsonic Kansei, Japan employs about 300 employees at the Carmarthenshire plant to develop cooling systems and air-conditioning components.
The company was paid 4.
The Welsh government provided a $4 m grant in December to create 88 jobs.
British Economy Minister Ken Skates blamed Brexit on "serious instability ".
Llanelli AM Lee Waters, also deputy Minister of Economy, told BBC Radio Wales that it was "very disturbing news ".
The Calsonic plant, which has been in operation since 1943, produces parts such as radiators and oil coolers for global automotive companies including Toyota and Nissan.
A company spokesman said: "Due to the political and economic situation, the pressure of market instability has increased, affecting the number of our customers, so the sales of calsonic Kansei have dropped significantly, "The company intends to make every reasonable effort to reduce the impact of this proposal on its employees.
The union blamed the UK government for spending cuts "without a manufacturing strategy ".
"We see the automotive industry closing factories and we see the automotive industry moving their jobs abroad, which has an impact on the UK's supply chain," said Paul Evans . ".
Mr. Skates described the news as "incredible disappointment" and blamed it on the serious instability caused by the Brexit negotiations.
A member of the British government cabinet and Minister of Wales, Allen Keynes, said "all politicians" have played a role in the uncertainty of Brexit.
He described Calsonic's decision as "disappointing" and added: "Jaguar Land Rover is an important customer whose sales have not been the most successful in recent months.
"Of course, there was a knock on the door.
Impact on parts suppliers.
"This announcement is the latest blow to employment in the town --
In mid-January, car maker Schaeffler announced the closure of the plant with 220 jobs, and Tata Steel's future Trostre packaging plant was in doubt, risking another 650 jobs.
In his speech to Good Morning in Wales, Mr. Waters said that when he felt uneasy about the announcement, "we should not be surprised ".
"It's part of the pre-referendum debate, so it's not surprising in that sense, but now we see the reality," he said . ".
Waters said the Welsh government's funding could still be used to create jobs in electric vehicles, but the company has yet to accept it.
He added: "Their business model is so affected by the UK's exit from the EU that the two major clients have told them that they are no longer coming to Llanelli due to the UK's exit from the EU.
Helen Mary Jones, a plaid pattern Cymru AM in the Midwest of Wales, said she was seeking answers from the Welsh government on how to protect workers.
"This is a very disturbing news for Llanelli and the wider region," she added . ".
Neil Hamilton, leader of the UK Independence Party, AM in Wales and the Midwest, said unemployment "has nothing to do with Brexit ".
"The biggest problem for European automakers is the crazy policy of the EU, UK and Welsh governments to ban diesel and gasoline engines within 20 years," he said . ". Analysis -
BBC Wales business reporter Brian Meechan is facing a turbulent period in the automotive industry.
The pressure includes driving electric vehicles and falling sales in the UK.
Uncertainty about Brexit also exists in an industry that relies heavily on cross-border shipping of products without tariffs, additional regulation and paperwork.
We have seen car companies such as JLR suspend production, which has an impact on suppliers including Calsonic.
Calsonic supplies, another company called Honda, will close its factory in Swindon.
Japan now has a trade deal with the European Union, which makes it easier and cheaper for cars produced by the former to be exported to the latter.
Calsonic's loss will be good.
Paid, skilled work and not easily replaced, especially the closure of Schaeffler.
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