changing cities: a wind turbine that creates fresh water out of thin air - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
changing cities: a wind turbine that creates fresh water out of thin air  -  air conditioner dripping
For nearly 20% of the world's population living in areas without fresh drinking water, access to drinking water is a matter of life and death.
Inspired by drip air conditioning machinery, French inventor Marc Parent was inspired to create a solution that takes fresh water to the most remote and dry places in the world.
The parent company created a company called Eole Water, which produces wind turbines that extract fresh Water from the air.
His solution, known as the WMS1000, uses electricity generated by windmills to collect and process water without access to water sources such as rivers, lakes or wells.
Eole Water is testing the invention in France and Abu Dhabi.
If the company is able to achieve economic benefits, the invention seems to be a promising solution to the water crisis.
I recently interviewed Thibault Janin, marketing and communications director at Eole Water on WMS 1000 turbines to understand the potential of this new technology.
How does the idea of a wind turbine that produces water develop?
Thibault Janin: The idea came from Marc Parent, founder of Eole Water, who suffered from a Water shortage when he lived in the Caribbean.
He began working on a system that could recover moisture from the air and convert it into water.
Soon after, he returned to France.
He applied for a patent for the craft and founded Eole Water.
Millions of people around the world live in remote areas without safe drinking water.
What is the potential of the Eole system to solve this problem?
Thibault Janin: 1,000 liters of drinking water can be produced per unit using only water and wind power.
Let me emphasize the word CREATE.
All existing solutions (
Water wells, desalination, pumping of lakes/rivers, etc. )
Only existing water sources are treated.
So what happens when there is no or no more water?
The WMS1000 can make water when there is no available water source.
This is not the same.
Our technology integrates water creation, water collection, water treatment and local water supply.
The WMS1000 can produce and distribute water anywhere.
Today, people only use centralized distribution, from one central point to another.
We want to disperse the water supply with our turbines.
Since logistics and processes are easy to install and operate, this will be an answer to a variety of questions, such as large population movements that cause urban inflation, increased disease, and increased medical costs ,(it can also be)
A gateway to agriculture or local industry.
All economic or welfare starts with access to water.
This is what we offer.
Are these turbines in place and in operation?
Thibault Janin: wind turbines (
One, two, three generations)
You can see it at Eole Water headquarters in Manosque, South France.
The fourth is used for presentations during performances and exhibitions.
The fifth, WMS1000, is a real demonstration of our company's actual knowledge.
It was designed and manufactured between January 2010 and December 2011.
Then the first test was conducted in France between January 2011 and August 2011, and the second test was conducted in Abu Dhabi (Mussafah)
From November 2011 to April 2012.
The final location of this turbine will be in Dubai by the end of 2012.
The location will be open to the public.
What is the production and operation cost of the steam turbine?
Thibault Janin: the price of the WMS1000 is $600,000.
It is designed to operate in very remote areas, which means maintenance costs are strictly reduced to a minimum.
The service life of the WMS1000 wind turbine is at least 20 years.
What is the potential of a turbine?
Thibault Janin: Don't just look at the 0. 15 billion potential customers of this technology.
It's much more complicated.
Water is becoming increasingly scarce.
Household demand in this area will increase by 130% by 2030.
At the same time, WMS1000 is just a step in our development.
Our range will be expanded to provide more precise and larger answers to the communities where larger turbines have higher water production capacity.
We deal with growing global demand, not the classic economic cycle, because water is essential to life.
What obstacles do you think are preventing more of these wind turbines from going online?
The main challenge for Eole Water is to make the technology more competitive in terms of the price per cubic meter of Water.
Our technology must mature as soon as possible at several levels of production, R & D, legal or business experience.
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