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Returning to the main pageCNN newsroom, isis claimed responsibility for the Iraqi truck bomb; U. S.
As Stan suggested, the re-counting effort gained momentum and we should have quality assurance;
Earthquakes, hurricanes hit Central America;
Rohingya refugees fleeing torture in Myanmar;
74 people were killed in a power plant accident in China. Aired 1-
Chun Yi ETAired November 25, 2016-
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CNN Newsroom host isha sesay: you are watching the live broadcast of the CNN newsroom in Los Angeles.
An hour ago, a huge explosion in Iraq killed dozens of pilgrims.
Rohingya Muslims fled the violent crackdown in Myanmar and gave up everything to save their lives.
The leaders of the Colombian government and the Marxist rebels once again signed a peace agreement, calling it a diplomatic deja vu.
But will it stick to it?
Hello, thank you for joining us.
I'm Isha Sesay.
This is the newsroom. A.
In Iraq, a truck exploded at a gas station southeast of Baghdad, killing at least 80 people.
Iraqi officials say most of the victims were on buses carrying Shiite pilgrims from Iran.
Our own Phil Black reported who claimed responsibility for the attack. (Start Video)
CNN correspondent Phil Black: the online jihadist monitoring service of the website's Intelligence Unit says it has identified ISIS as responsible for the latest devastating attack, it said, it was motivated by the spread of fighting in the north of the country to other parts of Iraq, including the capital Baghdad and the South. It is a long-
The group frequently declares ambitions to fully ignite
Sectarian civil war broke out in this country.
ISIS is a Sunni extremist group.
The victims of the terrorist attack were a large number of Shiite pilgrims who recently returned from the Kalbala shrine pilgrimage.
The attack also shows ISIS's ability to attack violently on another front far from Mosul and northern Iraq, a stronghold here, despite Iraq's drive to expel ISIS from parts of Mosul and the north, it is increasingly under pressure and losing territory.
CNN correspondent Phil Black reports in Erbil, northern Iraq. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Cesay: Of the millions of people trapped in eastern Aleppo, some may start starving in less than 10 days.
According to the head of the volunteer group "White Helmets", they also told Reuters that rescuers are running out of heavy equipment to rescue people from the rubble.
At least 59 people were killed on Thursday alone.
An activist said a woman was suspected of involvement in a chemical attack on chlorine.
This is the tenth consecutive day for the government to launch air strikes again. Now, U. S. President-
President-elect Donald Trump has inherited the overwhelming challenge of dealing with the conflict in Syria.
The Syrian leader called Trump a "natural ally ".
Trump seems to want to change Washington.
Becky Anderson of CNN, see what that means. (Start Video)
US President barack obama: we know very well that a red line for us is that we are starting to see a bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being used.
CNN reporter Becky Anderson: The red line has been crossed again and again more than four years later.
But while activists have documented the frequent deadly use of chemical weapons across Syria, there are few actions in support of President Obama's warning.
Shocking horror, even in a country almost numb to cruelty, a country that has been in civil war for nearly six years.
ISIS felled there most of the time, looting the country's complex and toxic chaos.
But the next president of the United States, Donald Trump, saw this in a simpler wording during the campaign.
President Donald Trump
US election: ISIS pays tribute to President Obama.
He's the founder of ISIS.
He's the founder of ISIS.
Anderson: of course not.
But Syrian President Bashar AL-ASSAD
Assad has always been at the center of all this.
With Moscow putting a lot of firepower into the Syrian battlefield to help him stay in control, Washington has been opposed to that.
Obama: When the vast majority of people in Syria think he's a cruel, brutal dictator, it's unthinkable that you can stop the civil war there.
He can't regain legitimacy.
Anderson: America. S.
It also gives rebel weapons and other support to want Assad to step down.
This may change.
We support the rebels. we don't know who they are.
But I want to see what's going on.
I want to know who these people are, we want to give them billions of dollars, we don't know.
Of course, Assad is a bad guy, but you might get worse and maybe this person will get worse. [01:05:01]
Anderson: some analysts think we should put it all aside.
Fawaz gerges, author of ISIS: a history: we should not take what he said during the presidential campaign very seriously because it is incoherent, contradictory and counter-productive, if he did translate what he said in the presidential campaign
It will be disastrous during the presidential campaign.
But the Kremlin does not seem to think so.
It described Trump and Putin's views on Syria as "very close ".
At the same time, millions of refugees were forced to leave their homes.
Many people flocked to Europe.
For them, Trump has some familiar remarks.
Trump: We need to build a safe area.
We will do it in Syria.
We will let the Gulf countries save the money. They'll do it.
Anderson: There have long been calls for places like here, the UAE and other Arab countries to do more to help refugees.
Most of them have not been answered so far.
They 'd rather put this aside.
This is a chaotic, uncontrollable network of fighters, jihadist forces and others who are all armed in Syria.
What President-
It remains to be seen whether or how Trump will solve the problem.
Becky Anderson, CNN reporter. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Cesc: Donald Trump will resume transition work on Friday morning after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The President-
Elect tweeted on Thursday that he was trying to get the airline
Air conditioning company will stay in USAS.
We will know the progress soon.
The company plans to move production and 1400 jobs to Mexico.
On Thursday, the company tweeted, "there is nothing to announce at this time.
"When the Trump transition team played down the president's report --
Since his election, elect has skipped most of the daily intelligence briefings.
According to The Washington Post, Trump has only met with the intelligence analysis team twice.
Vice President-
The elected Mike Pence received his briefing almost every day.
The transition team says Trump has been busy filling government and cabinet positions.
CNN Intelligence analyst Bob Baer says national security is a pressing issue for the president. elect.
Bob baer, CNN Intelligence Analyst (via telephone)
He needs to build a team he can trust.
He will have to represent a lot of policies, just don't have time to do it himself.
So if he has a tough problem in China, he needs a Chinese expert.
If he's going to write a treaty-
He must know the impact of a trade treaty with China, but now he does not.
He sounds good in the presidential race, but at the end of the day, we need a president who is committed to national security. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Cesc: At the same time, the US pushS.
The momentum for the re-counting of votes is growing.
A website for Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised more than $4.
The cost of recounting tickets in the three states is 5 million.
Donald Trump won in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.
Michigan is still counting votes, but Trump is ahead.
Some experts say the total number of votes for Hillary Clinton in electronic voting looks too low compared to paper voting.
They are worried that e-counting could be hacked.
CNN reporter Paula Newton spoke with Jill Stein about the recount campaign. (
Start Video Editing)
Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate: Let me say, you know, there's still to be seen.
What is really worrying here, in my opinion, is that we know that there was a hacking attack in this election.
Hacking of voter databases, party databases, personal emails
In addition to that, we know the voting system we use, many of which are completely open to hacking.
In fact, some of the machines used in Wisconsin have been classified as illegal in California because it turns out how easy it is to tamper with them and install basically malicious programming.
So, you know, it's really unfortunate that the American people are in a position we're very skeptical about right now.
We are not only skeptical about voting and election, but we are generally skeptical about our basic government agencies, the Supreme Court, the executive, Congress.
This will be the most--
Paula Newton, CNN International: but yours--
But what do you mean by doubt and cynicism?
Because some people will think it means you're trying to remove the legitimacy of the presidential election.
The presidential election just took place.
No, I don't think we want to cover up our doubts under the carpet.
We want to stand up and face them and let's prove that this vote is valid.
You know, we're not saying there's specific evidence of fraud here.
Of course, there are not many questions raised, but they have not yet been confirmed.
But I think what we need is a voting system that should be built on quality assurance. [01:10:02]
We do this in all other ways, and I am a doctor with a variety of quality assurance built into our health care and service delivery.
There should be quality assurance in our votes.
You know, it shouldn't need proof of disaster or proof of fraud in order to install the crossover
Our voting system.
Newton: why?
Stan: we should include insurance in the audit. -
Newton: but we 've heard something like that before the vote, but all the states say, "Look, this voting system is sound. " Why now?
Why after the vote?
Well, you know, a variety of computer scientists and electoral integrity experts have come into contact with me and they say that they now feel that there is enough evidence that we can prove this in court. And --
Well, it turns out in court that it's not fraud, it's proof in court that we need assurance, we need quality assurance built into the system. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sai: Well, the deadline for applying for a recount is coming soon, Friday in Wisconsin, Monday in Pennsylvania, Wednesday in Michigan.
Well, UK exit EU leader Nigel Farage says he has no plans to meet him face-to-face when Donald Trump visits the USS.
In the next few days
But he said he did want to improve relations between London and Washington. (
Start Video Editing)
Nigel Farage, leader of Brexit: Well, I don't think I will be appointed as the British ambassador.
Let's be honest.
You know, I'm not far enough this time. I'm -
Maybe I'm not that kind of person.
But I did have 20 years of business before I was involved in politics.
I know how to make a deal.
Surprisingly, I did get the support of the president.
I know some of his teams, some of which I 've known for years.
I very much hope that Britain and the United States will get closer again. And I just -I genuinely -
My critics will say that I am trying to tear down buildings when I change my political career.
Now, I hope to have the opportunity to try and help build one. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Cesay: Trump tweeted on Monday that "as the British ambassador to the United States, we have done a good job. S.
A spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May responded: "Thank you, but this position has been filled.
ESAY: French police are looking for a suspect who was found dead in a nursing home for priests and nuns.
A local official in southern France said a masked man forced into his home early Friday morning.
The intruder tied a staff member who was able to release himself and call the police.
A source said that the victim was killed with a knife and then she seemed to be the intended target.
Police believe the attack has nothing to do with terror.
Well, with the fires raging across the country, thousands of people were forced to leave their homes in Israel, known as "arson terrorism ".
The mayor of Haifa said the scale of the disaster was "unprecedented ".
Authorities have set up rescue centers to help those who fled.
The Israeli Minister of Internal Security says the fires are clearly set on fire.
He also said that some people have been arrested and the investigation is under way.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya says arson is essentially terrorism.
He vowed to punish anyone who tried to burn parts of Israel.
Central America suffered a double hit by Hurricane Otto and an offshore earthquake. The U. S.
The National Weather Service says the tsunami threat has passed but remains dangerous.
It was downgraded to a tropical storm after landing in Nicaragua on Thursday.
It has been accused of killing several people in Panama.
Let's invite meteorologist Derek Van Damm, who is now with us to update on the situation.
Derek, I mean, the area was really hit.
Derek Van Damm, CNN International Weather Anchor: Yes.
Can you imagine, Isha, if you are one of these tourists and just enjoy the holidays and then you get both tsunami alerts and hurricane alerts at the same time?
Well, that's what they're dealing with on the west coast of Nicaragua.
This is the latest.
In the same time and space, we have experienced double natural disasters.
That's what we're talking about.
We have about 1: 00 Hurricane Otto. m.
On Thursday local time, the coastal area of Nicaragua.
Then, almost-
At the same time, we have level 7.
An underwater earthquake triggered tsunami warnings on the west coast of Nicaragua and El Salvador.
Now, the good news is that the tsunami is very small, very small, and actually the tsunami waves associated with this earthquake are very small, but nevertheless, you cannot accurately predict how big these waves are.
So, if you're on the coast, you're at the resort and you're a tourist, it's definitely not something you want to deal with, especially when you're facing landings and hurricanes.
The biggest impacts remain floods, mudslides and landslides.
This is from Hurricane Otto, who is now leaving the area.
This is the latest information we have on Otto. [01:15:00]
Again, it landed around 1: 00 near San Juan Bay, Nicaragua. m.
Interestingly, this is the southernmost landing and Hurricane in Central American history.
In addition, Otto's center is now crossing the eastern Pacific Ocean.
It will start to stay away from land, but as Otto continues to mix with some mountainous terrain, it is still possible for us to trigger flooding in this area.
It's now downgraded, so technically it's weakened to a tropical storm, but it's still a terrible and dangerous storm as it continues to move west.
Isha, we have been discussing this for a while.
We should see the Atlantic hurricane season at the end of November.
For us, it is very rare to experience a hurricane in this part of the world at this time of year.
Let's hope this is the last time.
Derek Van Damm is always grateful
Thank you, my friend.
Van Damm: Okay.
Sai: it's time to rest now. Some are (INAUDIBLE)
Muslims say they fled Myanmar because of the brutal rape, torture and arson carried out by the National Army.
A live report is coming soon.
In addition, a construction accident in China has killed dozens of people.
Our understanding of the power plant disaster is ahead. (
Business break)
RHIANNON Jones, CNN's sports anchor: I'm Rihanna Jones with your CNN world sports headlines.
Manchester United have a memorable night in Europa Europe. -
Europa League, easy away from the Netherlands, final 4-
0 points in Old Trafford
Captain Rooney, who kicked off for the host. INAUDIBLE)
United's best scorer in Europe.
It was an unforgettable night for Rooney and his team.
Steven Gerrard, a football legend, announced his retirement. The 36-year-
The old man said: "My career is very good, and I thank you for every moment I have in Liverpool, England and LA Galaxy.
The former England captain ended his career at the age of 18.
Spent a month at the pond, but spent most of the time at Liverpool and 17 years at Anfield.
He won seven major honors, including 2005 Champions League.
There is no doubt that the announcement will give football fans hope that he will return to Anfield for a background role in Jurgen Klopp's team.
Argentina's Juan Martin del Portello will have the opportunity to become a national hero this weekend if he can lead Argentina to the first Davis Cup.
They will have an incredible season for the 28-year-old.
One-year-old left 1004 in the ATP rankings, ending the season with 34.
But Marin Cilic hopes to lead Croatia to the second Davis Cup.
The two are likely to face each other in the final on Sunday, which could be a decisive match.
Look at your sports headlines.
This is Anna Jones. (
Business break)[01:20:00]
Cesay: Myanmar faces more allegations of abuse of human rights by Rohingya Muslims.
Some Rohingya refugees say they fled Myanmar and entered Bangladesh because of violence that has plagued their homes for weeks.
It was said that they had been raped, tortured and witnessed the killing of their families by the military.
CNN is trying to verify these claims.
CNN's Saima Mohsin reported more in Bangkok.
Saima, you 've got some first-hand information on what's going on in Rakhine state, which is very rare.
Saima mohsin, cnn correspondent: Isha is very rare because of the blockade of Rakhine state, the media, non-governmental organizations, the United StatesN.
Access is not granted.
Many of the activist groups I talk to often are very frustrated.
They have been trying to get there for weeks, at least to check people's malnutrition, food and water conditions.
Then, in early October, we saw this terrible crackdown, which, of course, continues to be denied by the government of Myanmar.
But we have spoken to those who have managed to escape, they have crossed the border into Bangladesh and they have spoken to us from the camps.
Now, a lot of the videos we see on social media, Isha, have been successfully released and we can't use them in my report at all.
It's terrible. Take a look. (Start Video)
Mosin: he doesn't know yet, but Abu Hashem was born to one of the most persecuted minorities on Earth, the stateless Rohingya minority.
They face yet another crackdown by the Burmese authorities, and their accounts are harrowing.
Rahida, Rohingya refugee (
By translation)
They raped women.
Some women died after being tortured.
They even killed a new one. born baby.
I was startled to see this and escaped from home.
The same can happen to us.
MOHSIN: Abul's mother, Rashida, took him on foot for four days day and night from their home in Maungdaw, desperately trying to reach the Naf River and crossing to neighboring BangladeshRASHIDA (
By translation)
Myanmar's military fired heavily.
When they shot, we lay flat on the ground.
We have been moving from village to village.
After that, we had to cross the river in the middle of the night.
MOHSIN: rahida came along with her loved ones, but the family of her friend Naseem was torn on the road. NASEEM (
By translation)
We had six people when we started our journey.
We lost three family members.
My husband and son were killed and my other son was missing.
CNN cannot verify the reports independently.
All these disturbing videos were posted on social media within Rakhine state.
The Rohingya region was blocked and media and aid agencies were blocked.
John mckissike, head of UNHCR: The Myanmar military appears to be aiming at ethnic cleansing of these populations.
MOHSIN: The Myanmar government has denied reports of human rights violations, claiming that their target was only the violent attackers who killed nine border guards in October 9.
Since then, more than 100 people have been killed and 600 arrested.
Human Rights Watch also released satellite images of NASA, which they said showed authorities burning houses of more than 1200 Rohingya, which the government denied, saying the attackers
For the few who managed to escape the violence, they ended up here, a dirty refugee camp in Cox Bazar, southern Bangladesh, and are working to cope with the influx of thousands of Rohingya.
Bangladesh has stepped up security measures to push them back. NASEEM (
By translation)
We leave everything there to save our lives.
Now, how do we get back?
They will kill us.
Mosin: Now, families here will wait and hope for the opportunity to live without fear of persecution. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Race: We Thank horse racing Mosin for his first-hand reports there, which are very difficult to obtain.
At least 74 people are now killed in a construction accident in eastern China.
The disaster took place on Thursday morning when a platform built to help the plant repair collapsed.
According to the state
Xinhua News Agency reported.
Authorities say 68 people were on the platform when it collapsed.
More than 200 firefighters and rescue dogs were deployed to find survivors.
Next is Newsroom L. A.
A pen made of bullets is used to sign a peace agreement.
We will tell you about the historic agreement between Colombia and its largest rebel group. (
Business break)[01:25:00]
You watch the CNN Newsroom Live in Los Angeles. I'm Isha Sesay.
Headlines this hour: ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly truck explosion in Iraq, saying it was retaliation for the battle in Mosul.
An explosion at a gas station southeast of Baghdad killed at least 80 people on Thursday, most of them Iranian Shiite pilgrims.
Less than 1 of some Aleppo residents-
Just a few days before they starved to death.
According to a Syrian activist interviewed by Reuters.
At least 59 people were killed in the besieged city on Thursday alone.
Activists say a woman died in a chemical attack on chlorine.
French police are looking for a suspect after a woman was found dead in a nursing home for priests and nuns.
A guard said an armed introducer had forcibly entered her home and the woman was the target.
Police believe the attack has nothing to do with terror.
And hope is renewed in Colombia.
Decades of conflict that killed thousands of people could end.
Shasta Darlington reported on the latest deal between the government and the country's largest rebel group. (Start Video)
CNN Correspondent Shasta Darlington: The Colombian government has signed a peace deal with the FARC rebel group, ending the battle for half a century again.
Because nearly two months ago, the Colombian voted to reject the original peace agreement.
President Santos and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
The rebel leader, known as Timothy piano, signed the new deal using a pen made of bullets at a simple ceremony. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male (
By translation)
Make language the only weapon for the Colombian.
Juan Manuel Santos, president of Colombia (
By translation)
Citizens expressed their views in October.
They say we want peace.
But we want a new deal.
During these 40 days, we heard the voice of the people of Colombia.
When we are so close to our goal, we hear their voices of fear and hope to persevere and not lose motivation. (END VIDEO CLIP)
DARLINGTON: while there is some chase in the new deal, the biggest difference is that President Santos will not vote nationwide.
Congress will vote directly on the matter.
This is also in stark contrast to the grand ceremony we saw at the end of September when the head of state flew to the United States. N.
There is the secretary-general.
The President of Colombia says they have finally found peace.
Of course, in the national referendum just a few days later, the Colombian voted to reject the agreement by a very weak margin.
But it highlights the split in the country, where anger and frustration have killed more than 200,000 people and displaced about 5 million after decades of conflict.
Many columnians believe the rebel leader has not been held accountable at all.
They're not looking at prison time.
They are allowed to run for public office in the future.
The new deal does have tougher sanctions.
Not all requirements are met.
In fact, that's not enough, critics say.
But with Santos and his allies holding a majority in Congress, the bill is expected to be passed in Congress.
CNN, Rio, Shasta Darlington. (END VIDEOTAPE)
CNN host isha sesay: What's more, Oliver Griffin is now joining us from Medellin, Colombia, who is a reporter from Columbia.
Oliver, thank you so much for being with us.
What is the difference between this latest agreement and the original one that was rejected in the October referendum?
Columbia correspondent Oliver Griffin: Well, depending on which side you're on, there are either a lot of changes to the deal or it's not enough.
You know, the new deal includes judicial security for the military.
There are concerns from the top
Military members believe the deal is wrong.
These problems have therefore been resolved.
The FARC was asked to write all their assets on paper.
So, you know, they have to disclose how much money and how much wealth they have and increase the information they provide about drug trafficking.
This is something else that has been pushed forward.
There are other things for more conservative Christian members ---
You know, in the new agreement, they're really pushing for protection of family values.
This is what is called (ph)
Certain members of various organizations
But there are objections to others.
For example, former President Alvaro Uribe, the main supporter against the agreement, said the new agreement was only a touch of polish for the agreement signed in the October referendum and subsequently failed.
So I think, you know, there are still some controversial issues. SESAY: Yes.
There will be no referendum this time.
The agreement will be approved by Congress.
How does this work with the Colombian public, if you wish?
Griffin: Well, this is also the way some people are very opposed to Uribe and more conservative (ph)
According to another referendum, society.
President Santos said (ph)
Obviously, this is not going to happen.
This new deal is final.
This is being passed as soon as possible.
A few days ago, he made a statement after several killings of human rights ---
Human rights leaders in community institutions (ph)
Everywhere in this country-that limber (ph)
Between the agreement originally signed and the period in which the ceasefire is now extended.
This is a dangerous place for this country.
Yes, of course.
I mean, it's one thing to reach an agreement.
Implementation is another matter.
If so, what are the challenges ahead? -
Did Congress approve the agreement?
Griffin: well ,--
The main challenge will be large-scale demobilization. -the FARC group.
There is an institution that already exists,-
You know, for a long time, the government (ph)Agency (ph)
Colombia, working on demobilized guerrillas (ph)
And paramilitary.
And, you know, before, they-
They work with these groups, on a smaller drip --by-drip scale.
All of a sudden, they will have to work with more than 20,000 demobilized members of a group.
The meaning will be tested.
Of course, the US governmentN. is involved.
They will oversee the whole process from abandoning weapons and the DMZ, where, you know, former Farc fighters can ---
They will be followed by international institutions. But it's --
Moving all of this will be a challenge ---
These sudden surge of demobilized personnel, if you wish, enter a place where they can be safe and feel that they will not be persecuted at the same time.
Cesc: Oliver Griffin, join us from Medellin, Colombia.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
Griffin: Thank you.
Sai: The Newsroom L. A.
"This is the second day after Thanksgiving in the United States. S.
Sales on Black Friday are already in full swing and retailers expect sales to be completed ahead of schedule this year. Plus, one big-
Name company will donate all its Black Friday sales--
Yes, all the people.
Let's tell you which one. (
Business break)
Traditionally, American retailers call the day after Thanksgiving. S.
Black Friday, hoping to sell their books to black.
The madness has begun.
These shoppers in Minnesota have lined up in hopes of making some big deals.
This year, many stores have hyped up additional savings online, some of which have been available since earlier this month.
Nearly 6 out of 10 Am Americans-
According to the National Retail Federation, more than 0. 137 billion people are expected to go shopping this Thanksgiving weekend.
They also predict that overall sales will grow this year, which is an optimistic forecast.
Between 6% and more than $655 billion in holidays.
Outdoor retailer Patagonia usually brings millions of dollars on Black Friday.
But this year --
They decided to do something different this year.
The company has announced that it will donate all its "Black Friday" sales to grass-roots environmental organizations.
It is estimated that the cost of protecting natural resources such as water, air and soil will exceed $2 million.
Now with me is Rick Ridgeway.
He is vice president of public affairs at Patagonia.
Rick, thank you very much for joining us.
We appreciate it.
Rick ridgeway, vice president of public engagement at PATAGONIA: It's our pleasure.
Patagonia has already donated money. -
Let me correct that the green business is 1% of its daily sales worldwide.
Explain to our audience the further thoughts behind it and give the 100% of the money you make on Black Friday sales--
Charity, environmental.
Yes, you're right.
Starting at 1985, we have provided 1% of our sales to the Environmental Protection Group.
I may emphasize sales and non-sales. profit.
They're at the top. -
Good year, bad year, rain or shine, the money is put into a fund and donated to environmental groups around the world.
Last year alone, nearly 800 environmental groups were funded, most of them small local groups fighting to save the rivers and beaches in their backyard. -and --and wetlands.
Their values are the same as ours.
You know, after the last election, I-
I have to say, we decided in Batagonia, you know, it's time to redouble our efforts.
This is the source of this idea.
Black Friday at 12: 01 on November 25. m. to 11:59 p. m.
In every time zone in the world, we do business in Batagonia.
Or in our own retail store, all sales-
It's 100%. it's going back.
Sai: 100%
RIDGEWAY: Everything we make in 24 hours
These environmental groups we support are going through an hour.
SESAY: What --
What kind of numbers might we see here?
RIDGEWAY: Well, through the sales of previous years and the forecast of this year, we estimate that this will be far more--
Over $2 million
Sai: over $2 million.
It's incredible.
You are now vice president of environmental action. Lisa Pike (ph)That's what she said.
Let's put it on the screen.
"This is a difficult and divisive period for our country.
"I believe the environment is the result of our joint efforts.
We all believe in environmental values.
"This is positive.
It's a forward-
She left me a message. -
She gave it there.
Do you think that will be the case during President Trump's term when we have heard about the intention to remove fossil fuel regulations?
RIDGEWAY: Well, we will do everything we can to get our voice heard.
You know, it's cool to work for a company with a vice president of environmental action. SESAY: Yes.
RIDGEWAY: I 've never had this situation anywhere else.
But our company is more like a No. for-Profit-
The company can probably make a profit.
We are privately held.
The family that owns our business owns it. -
Use it as a tool for environmental protection.
That's what we do.
That's why we are in the business world, and again, supporting environmental NGOs around the world trying to save nature, but many of them are also working to provide solutions to climate change.
This is at the heart of who we are and why we do business.
Cesay: it's clear that Batagonia and people like you are well aware of Donald Trump's doubts about climate change and his concerns about tackling global warming and climate changeWhat --
The intentional dialogue within Patagonia is about President Trump's future on environmental issues and what does that mean for your efforts?
RIDGEWAY: no one knows what it will look like.
You don't know. I don't know. I don't even. . .
Do you have fear? RIDGEWAY: . . .
I don't know--
To be honest, he knows.
But, as I said, we will do everything we can to influence him, to put pressure on him and to use our voice and as a megaphone for these issues that are very important to our company, but for everyone, for all our citizens ---of this planet.
We support these environmental groups because they share the same concerns we have.
They know that without clean air and clean water, it is impossible for us to have a healthy society.
There is no healthy market without a healthy society.
You don't have a healthy business without a healthy market. So in this (ph)
It feels like a selfinterest.
But we believe the air is clean.
We believe in providing clean water for ourselves and our children.
We believe in healthy soil.
Without these things, you will not have a healthy society.
You know, in Patagonia, I can also add that we believe in science, we believe in science.
Science tells us clearly that we have a problem.
Would you put more money into this battle if needed?
We are redoubling our efforts.
You do.
Rick Ridgeway, thank you very much for sharing this information. It's --
It is very, very impressive to see a company take such a stand.
RIDGEWAY: Thank you for providing what we are trying to do.
We are also grateful.
SESAY: Thanks.
This is from CNN.
Actor Florence Henderson has died at the age of 82.
Her manager said Henderson died of heart failure in hospital but was not ill. ph).
She was surrounded by her family and friends.
Our own Stephanie Elland reviewed the life and career of this lovely T. V. mom. (Start Video)
Stephanie Ilam, cnn correspondent: This lovely lady is Florence Henderson, who plays the favorite mom in America, Carol Brady, on 1970 hit TV showsV.
The comedy Brady Gang
But her true story is not that ideal.
Henderson was born in 1934 in Dale, Indiana, and was very poor since childhood. His father was an alcoholic and his mother left at the age of 12.
Henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help to make a living.
Actor Florence Henderson: I don't remember not singing.
I will sing, take my hat and sing for the groceries.
ELAM: in 1951, she got a starring role in Rogers and Hammerstein's thunder, a big breakthrough for her.
The singer later became an actor and brought her talent to T. V.
In 1959, she was NBC's "Today" girl, and in 1962 she became the first female guest to host the "Tonight Show.
Henderson became Carol Brady in 1969.
Henderson: I created the kind of mother I want to have, and I think everyone is dying for such a mother.
I received a lot of fan emails from all over the world.
Everyone wants my hug.
Woman: Yes, yes.
I hugged everyone.
Woman: Yes.
I got so much love.
Ilam: Henderson continues at T. V.
In the decades after the Brady family. "She even checked. chaed (ph)
On 2010, she walked into our living room on Dancing With The Stars.
Henderson and her first husband, Ella Bernstein, have four children.
In her treatment for stage fright and fear of flying, she met her second husband, hypnosis therapist John Karpas.
Henderson: people used to joke that you--
You hypnotized her.
Ilam: The treatment was very good and Henderson himself became a certified hypnotherapist.
Henderson became a different type of patient and at the peak of her career she began to lose her hearing.
Henderson: for someone who makes a living through music, you can't imagine that when you suddenly can't hear the piano, violin, instrument, it's the most terrible feeling in the world.
The doctor found her suffering from ear disease.
But after many surgeries, Henderson's hearing recovered.
Henderson: I have stainless steel and Teflon on both ears.
I can cook in my ears.
There is nothing to hold on.
Alan: Henderson always looks optimistic.
Henderson: Larry, this is how I feel.
You shouldn't be there if you're not happy.
Larry King: Good night, Florence.
Henderson: Good night, Florence.
Good night, everyone. Good night. (
Business break)
CNN meteorologist Derek Van Damm: just after noon on Thursday, the powerful Hurricane Otto landed in southern Nicaragua.
Look at this system that spans Central America.
Now it has been downgraded and weakened to a tropical storm but still a terrible storm
When we speak with strong winds, it looks like a tropical system, and of course there is heavy rainfall, especially when it travels through the mountains of Columbia and Nicaragua, and the wind stays at 110 kilometers per hour.
In the next few hours, the system will move overseas.
It will weaken as it no longer poses a threat to the land.
Nevertheless, we still feel the impact of this system in this area.
As the system leaves Central America, we will continue to experience showers and some thunderstorms.
Today, however, the temperature in North America is 15 degrees. if you are in Denver, Montreal, Canada, you are 2 degrees, New York City is 11 degrees, Atlanta is 23 degrees, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, teenagers under the age of 20.
Your long term forecast on the New England coastline, if you may be traveling in this area of New York, you will get temperatures down by the end of the week, Washington, stay the same, Atlanta is also cooling down from Saturday to Sunday. (
Business break)
Sai: all over the United StatesS.
The Thanksgiving holiday is a great weekend for overeating, avoiding talking about politics with family members and watching several new movies.
This year's box office is good for almost everyone, including a film about what we can all tell, the pain of growing up.
The Edge of Seventeen captures the anxiety, embarrassment and survival dilemma of teenagers. (
Start Video Editing)
Oh, my God, I know.
It's just a hair problem.
You can grow it out.
Are you on it? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sandro Monetti is joining us now.
He is the editor-in-chief of entity magazine and a film and entertainment journalist.
All the pain is increasing.
Sandro Monetti, managing editor of physical Magazine: You know, Hayley Stern field in this movie has never actually been to high school. She was home-schooled.
However, she is here to perfectly show the pain of a teenager.
What a great actor she is.
She has never experienced it.
Sai: What can I say, I still live in the pain of growing up.
Do you want to share it with me?
Sai: No, not yet.
Oh, do you want to talk about movies?
Let's talk about the movie. MONETTI: OK.
Cesc: Some very good things. I want to continue watching three other movies this hour.
"Moana" is at the box office, and "Rules Don't Apply" and "arrive "---
These three people like it in all kinds of ways.
Let's start with "Moana.
"There are stones in it.
This is a good blow.
It's already.
It is sending box office records tumbling.
Its goal is to equal or even break the "frozen" Thanksgiving record.
"Frozen" opened at $93. 6 million.
"Moana" is also expected to do so.
I mean, listen to that wonderful music there. SESAY: Oh.
Manuel Miranda, creator of "Hamilton", is behind the music.
The Little Mermaid has the same director.
"It's a magic recipe for Disney.
It has a rock voice and is the sexiest man in the world.
Yes, it is.
Probably (ph)
Hit me--in that joke (ph).
But, yes, and --
Of course, it is doing a good job at the moment, because in the United States, all the children on Thanksgiving Day are out of school, so it is a very thoughtful policy to release it during this long holiday.
I'm a big kid.
I hope to see it.
I really am.
Of course you are.
SESAY: OK, OK. Touche (ph).
Now, "rules do not apply "---
This is Howard Hughes, not a biographical film, but a BT (ph)
Take Howard Hughes as an old Hollywood hymn.
Monetti: since 1970, Warren Betty has been waiting to make a movie about Howard Hughes.
So it must be good because he has been shaping for a long time.
It has no connection with the audience. You know. . .
Why is this? MONETTI: . . . it's --
Currently ranked 11 in the chart.
I think because of what I said before, the children are out of school.
So parents, you're going to take your child to a Disney movie or a pre-Harry Potter prequel, instead of watching Warren Betty's play ---
Howard Hughes.
This is not true--
The first choice
But if it can stay in the theater long enough, I hope the audience will find it.
It's about the employees of the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes. -
Of course, he and his. -
Rejected the ability of his staff to date.
So, of course, two of them will fall in love and encounter some complicated things. ph).
Oh, it sounds very pleasant.
This is indeed the case.
"Arrive "--
Arrival is a movie about aliens, but I don't believe there are many guns coming out.
Monetti: No (ph)to my liking.
Are you not happy?
Monetti: Well, it's a different type of alien invasion movie, and the difference is that it's boring. There. . .
I don't know if I agree with you.
I only saw it--
But it looks like--
It looks exciting.
Yes, that's what I hope.
Amy Adams, who plays a linguist, was invited to try to communicate with aliens.
So we have two hours for her to try to speak some strange alien language.
I'm cheering. ph)for aliens to --
Guide us very frankly and let us get rid of the pain.
You are--
Is there any merit in this film? MONETTI: Um.
Oh, wow. OK.
Tell me when you rest. (LAUGHTER)
Critics who are better than me think this is good.
Mr. Sessay: Well, let me see.
I think "Moana" got my choice, "Magical Beast" from the last hour ".
Yes, good choice. SESAY: OK.
Maybe Brad Pitt.
MONETTI: Yes, "the rules do not apply.
Maybe Brad Pitt.
Just because.
Sandro Monetti is always happy.
Moretti: same.
Sai: Thank you very much.
Eat more turkey or pecans.
Okay, stay here now.
You watch CNN live in Los Angeles.
I'm Isha Sesay.
After that, I will be back for another hour of news. (
Business break)
This is the CNN newsroom from Los Angeles ".
ISIS attacked pilgrims this hour ago (ph)
On the highway south of Baghdad
The fight against ISIS included spy planes.
We rarely have access to reconnaissance missions against militants.
She was barely registered in the polls.
But she asked for a recount.
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