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Return to arizona, arizona's main pageCNN newsroom, to fight wildfire;
Syrian fleeing
The debt ceiling battle continued in June 9, 2011.
15: 00 ETTHIS is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Brooke baldwin, cnn anchor: Good afternoon, everyone.
I started with the fire in Arizona.
They called it a huge mud pit and threatened to cross the border into New Mexico.
We are here to better understand how far and how fast fire has spread from this map.
Look at this with me.
The whole thing started in May 29.
Now it's bigger than New York and Chicago combined, with more than 600 square miles in 10 days.
I want to bring you in.
I think about 200,000 of the pain was scorched when we first really talked about it.
It's about 400,000 now.
A glimmer of hope, this is the first, what, no. red-
A day marked because of the wind.
Chad Myers, ams meteorologist: Yes.
Baldwin: but it can still burn some grass and move on.
Oh, of course--
It is still out of control.
Just because the wind disappears doesn't mean--
I mean, it has nothing to do with what's under control.
Today, gusts are blowing again 15, 20, 30 miles an hour, and again.
Miles: there will be this ---
There won't be 40, 45 and 50 gusts like we did yesterday.
This is good news.
That's why it's red.
The flag warning has entered Albuquerque east.
But now we have these people in Albuquerque and East who have to breathe this smoke.
Breathing outside is relatively dangerous.
You know, God, people may die from inhaling smoke, not because of this diverse and diluted type, but if you're close to it, breathe it for a long time, you will have problems if you have asthma.
You have a problem right away.
You have to close the house.
They also said they 'd turn off the swamp cooler.
You used to have a swamp cooler.
Do you know what that is?
It's just one--
A wet film that blows through the fan.
The fan evaporated the water.
Your house is cold.
Don't use that today.
Because it is a better filter, use a normal air conditioner.
Baldwin: Chad Myers, I want to be on the side because I want to go straight to Jim Spelman and he's--
Literally, he has been driving towards the fire.
Baldwin: in terms of our communication with him, this is contact and contact.
So we want to get him online as soon as possible before it disappears.
Jim Spelman, let me look down and see where you are.
You're near Springville, Arizona.
I know you're on this fire.
Talk to me about conditions.
Chad and I just said it was the first one. red-flagged day.
I think a lot of firefighters will use it as much as they can.
Jim Spelman, CNN Producer: Yes, Brooke, they must be.
One of the things it allows them to do is, where they deliberately burn the fuel there, really build the line more stably.
They tried to build a 300-to-400-
There is basically no fuel trench, so it has nowhere to go when the fire reaches it.
It is difficult to do this under strong winds.
It creates the so-called spots.
It exploded a mile, two miles, three miles behind firefighters.
Then they both caught fire.
Then they have to quit and start over.
Brooke, so they hope to take advantage of these advantages as much as possible today to build these things in densely populated areas here ---Brooke.
Baldwin: Jim, what tools can these firefighters use?
Spelman: everything from the bulldozers you might get on the site to a lot of hard work.
There are not many roads here, so they have to hike these trenches with these hand tools.
But today, because of the low wind, it enables them to use a huge DC-
7 drops on it.
They have been trying to add this to Arsenal, but the wind has been too windy for the past 10 days to make it an effective and safe action.
So they're ready.
They hope to get it up later today and drop a drop on a part of the fire.
Spelman: this will help build this buffer zone between densely populated areas and fires ---Brooke.
Hey Jim, I heard. -this is Chad --
I heard some news about the fire near some wires.
It can affect people, you know, the power comes and goes back across the state.
How much do you know about this?
What do you know?
You're closer than we are.
Yes, absolutely.
They are burning under these power cords, trying to create a controlled buffer around them.
It is one of the main power lines to New Mexico and is also a fiber optic line.
If these fiber optic lines, all communications, the Internet, the phone, everything-
They only listen to the radio. to-
There is radio communication even in the fire area.
So that's something they're absolutely worried about.
They don't think it's a problem today, but it's one of their top priorities when they see some of the worst situations
Case scenario for the next few days.
Baldwin: Jim, we 've been reporting that in terms of damage, 11 buildings, maybe houses have been destroyed, and 600 of the other buildings are threatened by this fire.
Town, in terms of evacuation, we keep hearing about you in a town near Springville and Igal.
Have you had a chance to talk to these people?
Just yesterday, we had a man living around these towns.
I am sorry, he said, I will not leave my house.
Isn't that necessarily normal?
Are most people out of town?
SPELLMAN: Yes, there must be only a few people doing that.
But every time there is such an activity, someone wants to ride out.
We talked to someone yesterday.
He built his own small family sprinkler system around his house.
He has a water pump behind a small four-by-
Four to fight any hot spots that should land there.
He was determined to ride it out.
This is the first thing.
Rescuers need to worry about people in the evacuation zone.
But in the end, they can stay as long as they sign a waiver saying they acknowledge the risk.
Jim Spelman, I would like to ask about your situation.
I know you and I are electronic.
Post before the show.
You said you were driving close to the fire.
How close did they get you?
Also, where are you?
What did you see?
What do you smell now?
Spelman: Now, we are leaving the main road 260 for the town of Greer.
Last night--
Late yesterday afternoon, fire broke out near Greer and the fire was damaged, possibly destroying some buildings in the town of Greer.
This is the area they are most worried about, the northwest corner of the fire.
It left behind them yesterday afternoon.
They had to retreat.
This is where they have the least defense.
So, this is where they are very stressed right now.
We are now trying to get into Greer.
They blocked the whole area.
The road is closed, so we were escorted by the firefighters here.
And progress is slow.
Many roads are closed.
Of course, we are also trying to get out of the way.
But you will see some nice places and then the whole side of a ridge and we didn't see smoking yesterday.
So there must be progress.
Although there is no red flag warning today, they clearly tell us that the fire will spread today.
Just because these winds are not as high as in the past, there is no doubt that it will grow.
They just wanted to make sure it wasn't there--
In all possible cases, where to enter the structure and where people are.
Jim, I want you to put the phone down.
Go get some photos. Be safe.
Take some photos.
Do me a favor.
Give them back to us.
Maybe we will get you back on the phone. -
Back on the phone line.
Thank you, Jim Spelman.
Do you still have an idea?
Miles: when the fire gets so big, 600,000 acres, whatever tomorrow, when will it be the next day ---
You have to talk about the mileage of the FireWire. You're --
When you have a small fire of 640 acres, you have a mile on each side. (CROSSTALK)
Baldwin: perimeter?
Miles: perimeter.
Now, all of a sudden, your Zhou is as big as Rhode Island.
Can you imagine trying to save the fire and stop it from going to Connecticut or Massachusetts as big as Rhode Island?
That's what these firefighters have to do. (CROSSTALK)
BALDWIN: Yes --(CROSSTALK)MYERS: --spread out.
Yes, both Chicago and New York are big.
Baldwin: Chad miles, thank you very much.
Now to this --
Thousands of Syrians are trying to escape from the country.
Our Ivan Watson is at the crossing.
He will be with me next.
And then today everyone is talking about the woman, the wife of Anthony Weiner, who is here.
We have some videos of her traveling in the Middle East with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
We will have more news about her. (
Business break)
Baldwin: In Syria, refugees are flocking to the Turkish border to try to stay ahead of the government's feared crackdown.
Now, Turkey says more than 1,000 Syrians have crossed the border, and that's just what happened overnight.
CNN's Ivan Watson reports on the border between the two countries. (Start Video)
Ivan watson, cnn correspondent: you're watching one, Brooke. AUDIO GAP)
From Turkish territory to the border road near the Syrian border.
Many of them brought back refugees, Syrian refugees from here, less than a mile from where I was standing (AUDIO GAP)territory.
Many of these refugees have fled the Syrian border town of Jisr Al-Shugur.
When the crow flew over the hills, it was about 10 miles.
Why are they running?
They are worried that the Syrian army will attack them in that town.
They now describe the town as a ghost town.
The Syrian government says there are as many as 120 Syrian security forces in Jisr Al-Shugur.
This is a claim denied by the refugees themselves.
It is impossible, they say, when soldiers are asked to open fire on peaceful civilian demonstrators, the soldiers begin to open fire on each other.
The point is that in just a few days more than 2,000 refugees have crossed the border into Turkey.
They are now housed in a refugee camp run by the Turkish Red Crescent in an abandoned tobacco factory.
Dozens of wounded were treated in local hospitals, most of them young people with bullet wounds, shrapnel injuries, and burns.
The Turkish government, a close economic and political ally of Syria, announced that the border would remain open.
So we may expect more refugees in the days to come.
Brooke, we actually spoke to an activist in a town in Syria who said protesters were burning tires on Wednesday night, trying to stop at least nine Syrian tanks from entering the rebel northern border town of Jisr Al-Shugur --
Call you back, Brooke. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Baldwin: Ivan Watson, thank you so much for being between Turkey and Syria.
Now, back in Washington, desperate moments need desperate measures.
Vice President Biden is now involved.
He opened this controversial debate on the very real money issue in our country.
Next, we will tell you what he is doing today and how it all affects you.
Now take a quick quiz.
The current debt ceiling is just over $14 trillion. It's $14. 3 trillion.
But do you know what it was when it was the first set in 1917?
Here are a few guesses.
Multiple options make it easier for you.
One, $11 trillion, two, $11.
5 billion or $730 billion?
Answer immediately after rest.
But first, the CNN help desk offers some free money advice. (Start Video)
Carmen Huang Ulrich, cnn correspondent: It's time to go to the help desk where we can get answers to your financial questions.
Manisha Thakor is a personal financial author who is with me this hour.
Doug Flynn is a registered financial planner and founder of Flynn Zito.
Guys, let's answer the first question.
Randy from Cameron Park, California.
Randy asked: "Our house is about 41% under water and we will have a hard time paying $2,800a-
My monthly offer when I retire nine years later.
"What's the harm of walking away now," Manisha.
Manisha thakor, an expert in personal finance: There are many shortcomings.
First of all, we get the whole moral issue and how you feel about doing it.
The other is just that if you need to borrow money in the future, it will have an impact on your credit score.
I noticed that Randy said she planned to retire in nine years.
I wonder, why retire if you still have this?
What I would prefer him to do is talk to people at the National Credit Advisory Foundation or Homeowner Crisis Resource Center and really try to figure out what they can do with their budget.
Can they refinance?
Can they do short selling?
Is there anything else they can do to make it feel like leaving is not the only option?
ULRICH: Right. Great advice.
Now, Terry from Belvedere, Illinois.
Terry asked: "If I retire at 62 and get social security, I can make $14,400.
"Is it this year?
"Now, can I keep working and contribute all my $14,400 income to my $401 (k)? " Doug?
Registered financial planner Doug Flynn: Well, the first part is that I think it's actually $14,160 this year.
Flynn: on top of that, they take back one of your two dollars from social insurance. So, you do --
You do.
So the second part of his question is this.
If so, you can. -
If your plan allows
That means you can definitely put 100% of your income at the top. -
This year is $22,000 for people over the age of 50. -
Eliminate taxable income
But your plan must be allowed.
Look, there are federal rules, and then each plan is approved by the Department of Labor.
Your plan may be an old one that only allows you 15% or 25% of your income.
If so, you may not be able to do it even if you should. So --
But if the plan has been updated and 100% is allowed, you can do what he wants to do.
But this is the case.
You have to get a description of the summary plan, or the Social Democratic Party.
They have to give it to you legally, and while it's hard to get it, they have to give it to you.
This will tell you what you can do.
Plan as planned.
Thank you so much.
Now, do you want us to answer a question?
Well, send us an email.
Feel free to email to CNN's CNN desk. com. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Baldwin: OK, right here on CNN, some breaking political news about former House speaker Newt Gingrich.
He wants to be president of 2012.
Recently, after throwing the hat in the ring, I took a two-
He and his wife went on a holiday in the Mediterranean for a week.
Let's take this breaking news to Mark Preston, senior political editor.
Mark, what are you learning?
Mark Preston, CNN's political editor: Yes, Brooke, you're right, House Speaker Newt Gingrich decided ---
Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, has decided to become president.
Well, his road will be a little harder.
As other news organizations now report, CNN has learned that Rob Johnson, his campaign manager, has resigned.
In addition, several other senior staff members of the Gingrich campaign left.
This is a very critical moment.
CNN will have its first real Republican presidential debate next Monday night, when all candidates will be on stage.
However, it does not appear that Newt Gingrich has arranged for his senior staff to enter on Monday night.
Of course, we will follow this principle in order to figure out what action will be taken next by Newt Gingrich.
He was criticized, as you said.
He has been running for two weeks.
Yesterday, it returned to New Hampshire.
But he came down today.
We follow this story in Washington. -Brooke.
Mark Preston, let us know if you have any knowledge of Newt Gingrich and his senior staff.
Thank you, Mark.
Give you a quiz before the break and ask if you know how much America hasS.
The debt ceiling was first set in 1917.
So, you have three choices.
You thought about it.
You think about it carefully.
What is the answer?
Second, the answer is $11. 5 billion.
Now, the 2011 debt ceiling this year has triggered a fierce battle on Capitol Hill.
Vice President Joe Biden is now jumping in as a referee.
He once again brought Democrats and Republicans back together to try to break the deadlock in raising our national debt limit.
The country's credit has now reached its peak.
We're going to August 2.
This is the deadline for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to raise the issue.
But you have to submit a slow employment report from last month, and the stock market crash, which just adds more urgency.
I want to go to Jenny Sahadi.
She is a senior writer of CNNMoney. com.
I read your article, Jenny.
I know the key to the problem is that Republicans say you have to cut spending and cut trillions of dollars.
In exchange, they will vote to raise the debt ceiling.
But what about spending cuts?
What do you hear from some of the deficit hawks you're talking about?
How will this hurt the economy?
Jenny Sahadi, cnn correspondent: Yes.
Yes, I talked to some of the professional deficit hawks, like David Walker, who used to be basically an auditor in the country.
He used to be American. S.
Chief Auditor General
What he said was
The short-term deficit is really not a national problem because it is the result of the short-term deficit
Long-term problems such as high unemployment and slow growth.
So his attitude is, of course, we can do some cuts, but we don't do much in the first place because it will hurt the economy.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the same thing in a speech to international bankers on Tuesday.
The concern is that if you take too much money out of the economy, it will hurt unemployment.
This will make it harder for people to find jobs and will also reduce their spending.
So, the concern is that you want to build a long term
Because it will help boost confidence in investors and businesses, and that is the key.
But you don't want to ruin the recovery. So, that's --
That's what they care about.
Baldwin: It's tricky and balanced.
Yes, yes.
Baldwin: then you have Chris Van Hollen, a senior Democrat on the House Budget Committee.
I want to quote him.
He says using the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip is like--quote --
"Play Russian roulette with a full-load revolver.
But, Jenny, if we-
If they don't vote, we will default? What then?
Sahadi: Well, this is the case.
So, let's say that August 3 is coming and we haven't raised the ceiling yet.
Sahadi: The fact is that no one can say exactly what is going to happen, because the bond market is there, and the stock market is unpredictable.
But what I heard from bond investors is
They think it's ridiculous that lawmakers don't make this proposal because it's just opening a door for investors who are starting to worry that they won't be paid.
Now, they may be paid in the near future.
Because Tim Geithner may decide and may be able to pay them first, it opens the door to doubt for them.
Baldwin: So, I talked to a couple of members of Congress, you know, how Americans are taught not to default, right, our mortgage, and so on. (CROSSTALK)
Baldwin: So what kind of information would this bring to this country if the federal government did that?
Sahadi: another bond investor I interviewed said he thinks that if we pay the principal and interest on the debt, technically we may not default. But we'll look like a banana republic because what we're talking about is basically that we're going to pay some people, but we're going to have to get others stiff for the time being, and once legislators end up raising the debt ceiling, we will have to pay for them and they will eventually have to do so because even if we don't increase our spending any more and we don't cut our spending tax any more, we have to keep raising our debt ceiling.
So it's not a license to spend more money.
This is the license to pay the bill we have already incurred.
Baldwin: As we said, the deadline is August 2, although I remember reading Moody's AAA rating.
They will re-evaluate it next month.
So the clock must be ticking.
All three rating agencies.
Jeanne Sahadi --
SAHADI: they're all saying, hey guys, don't screw things up.
Baldwin: You have to do that and do it quickly.
Thank you very much.
Sahadi: Thank you.
Baldwin: remind me that you can read her article.
Go to CNNMoney. com.
Next is the new immigration law in Alabama, which the state governor has just signed.
This is official.
It may put you in jail for driving illegal immigrants anywhere.
Did you see it, accused of killing her mother? year-
The old daughter collapsed?
We're going to tell you why Kathy Anthony is crying in court today. (
Business break)
Baldwin: Take a look at your headlines and look at this if you think the immigration laws that are controversial in Arizona are tough.
This was signed by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and is now touted as the toughest law in the United States against immigration.
Among other things, it requires the police to carry out immigration identification checks on anyone who has been blocked for any reason, if they cannot immediately prove that they are legal in this country.
In addition, the school will have to check the student's citizenship and report the cost of educating undocumented immigrants.
It is also a crime in Alabama that deliberately rents houses to illegal immigrants.
The law will enter into force on September, 1st.
Kathy Anthony was in a mood in court today.
Take a look at this, wipe her tears with paper towels, and watch the graphic photos of her dead daughter presented to jurors in Orlando's murder trial again today.
The judge warned the audience to control their emotions or leave as witnesses described. year-
Old Carlee Anthony's pipe
Stuck the skull with tape in a wooded area
Earlier, Kathy Anthony's brother Lee stood up again.
He testified that his sister had told him that the nanny had reported little Kathy from her because the nanny did not believe that Kathy Anthony was a good mother.
She was here, and Kathy Anthony was taken out of the courtroom a while ago, apparently sick.
The court has just been closed for a day.
This is the first hurricane in the eastern Pacific region this season.
Adrian forms in the Pacific Ocean near Mexico.
It's already a three-stage hurricane with a maximum sustained wind speed of about 115 miles per hour.
At present, Adrian's biggest risk may be a dangerous tearing current.
She was called Bill and Hillary's second daughter.
When we come back, it's more about the wife of Congressman Anthony Weiner, what we know about her today.
Did you see this?
It may happen in the sun. But guess what?
It may cause considerable damage on Earth.
We'll tell you what we're talking about, tell you how this happened, and we'll tell you what you're really looking.
What is this? Do you know? Tweet me.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
Baldwin: more and more Democrats are openly hoping that Congressman Anthony Weiner will stand up and leave.
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy is the latest high-profile Dem to suggest Weiner resign after the sex scandal.
This is the latest X-today-
Photos taken by Weiner himself are said to have surfaced online.
In addition, Weiner's wife was pregnant for nearly a year.
We would like to learn more about this woman, who has stood by her man so far.
So we asked Mary snow. (Start Video)
CNN correspondent Mary Snow: When Congressman Anthony Weiner fought for his political life in New York, his wife Huma Abedin continued to work thousands of miles away, meet her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Abu Dhabi. The 35-year-
Old Abedin, one of Clinton's top aides, admitted to explicit sexual communication with several women and lied about it, which was clearly not with her husband.
But the Washington Post reporter quoted Abedin's friend as saying don't watch too much while she's away. NIA-
Marika Henderson of The Washington Post: Her friends say it's clearly a bump on her marriage path, she's very loyal to her husband, she loves her husband, she wants to solve the problem.
Abedin is a Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia.
Weiner was Jewish and grew up in Brooklyn.
He is famous for being arrogant and enjoying the spotlight.
It is described as very private.
She was described in 2007 by Vogue, a rare exception.
She is often a person in the background and often stands next to Hillary Clinton and her ears.
Abedin started as a White House intern in 199 and has held several positions since then.
She ran in the presidential election in 2008 and served as deputy chief of staff of Clinton.
She is not just a trusted assistant, but the Clintons call her the second daughter and sister of Chelsea.
When Weiner got married in last July, the former president even hosted the wedding.
Although Abedin did not become the focus, she became famous in Washington.
Henderson: she is considered charming and charming in a head town like Washington, and she brings Hollywood's glamorous look across the road to rolodex, packed with celebrities and political giants. SNOW (on camera)
: A friend of Abedin asked not to be named to respect her privacy and said her friend would do everything she could to protect her.
Earlier this week, Democratic strategist James Cavill said she was popular in the Democratic circle, and Democrats were angry that Weiner had let his wife go through it.
Mary snow, CNN, New York(END VIDEOTAPE)
Thank you, Mary.
The next story, by the way, thanks to Twitter, many people guessed what it was.
I don't think I 've ever said the word "magnetic current" on TV before, but everything has the first one.
We will explain what the wild images of the Sun today may do to your internet connection.
The man on the Billboard claimed that if he had his predecessor, he would now be a father.
Girlfriend made different choices about pregnancy.
Now he stands up to quote/not quote "father's rights" why he decides to publicly humiliate the woman he once loved. (
Business break)
Baldwin: one of the biggest outbreaks seen in the sun is today's trend.
Take a look at this amazing video and thank you to NASA for providing this video.
This is a huge sunspot.
This flash allows plasma particles to travel through space and creates beautiful photos, all of which travel along the solar wind, 3 million miles an hour.
One concern is that Chad Myers is going to talk about this, is the satellite on Earth, probably our grid, could affect the transformer, could it be a major problem caused by the magnetic current?
I'm looking at flights that might be affected.
Miles in your best Chad
Esque way, please explain what this is if we are worried, I mean it is beautiful photo.
Chad Myers, ams meteorologist: someone poked at the Sun and The Sun went out and released the Corona material injection.
It is a particle flying to the United States and the world.
Baldwin: hurry up.
But it's not coming straight to us. good news.
Did you see how the sides and bottom came out?
Think about the Earth, then think about the three dimensions of the sun. If it --
If this Corona is sprayed in the middle of the photo, then--
This is what we see. -
Then this gust of wind, we will know that we have a lot of things on the road.
This will be a brief blow to the Earth.
Yes, there may be some earth storms.
This is the northern lights.
So this often happens.
But we are now about to enter the maximum of a sun, which is the cycle of all these sunspots. -
If you hear about it--
And how to start this.
We made a graphic here.
The last real maximum is 99, 2000, 2001.
We have been at least for a long time.
At least you get a CMEs like this every week.
We can't see half because they might go out from the other side of the sun.
You can't see those.
But near the Sun's maximum, you can get two or three each day.
This may be an important part of it.
Now, it is not until around 2013 that we begin to see more and more things. There it is.
The explosion happened.
See that almost--
This will stop and run again--
I wanted you to notice that it exploded and then something was sucked back into the sun.
See where it splashed?
Miles: The size of the water flower is the size of the Earth. That's just --that poof.
I know it looks like a disk the size of your TV, but it's the Sun and the splash is the size of the Earth.
Baldwin: given the size of the splash and the potential concerns about the power outage or my Internet issues today, could this be part of the problem?
This will definitely cause a problem.
There will be more problems in the future.
Last time we had such a big maximum, we didn't have so many satellites.
We don't have so many lies on the Internet.
Baldwin: we are in the digital age, my friend.
Miles: How long can you live without a BlackBerry?
Sometimes, when CMEs come in and the satellite owners see them coming, they may have to shut down the satellite to protect them for a while.
Baldwin: how many heads do you have?
Miles: between 48 and 72 hours from that thing to the time it arrived here.
Baldwin: can the smart people at NASA predict this?
This will not happen, it will arrive here in six minutes.
It will take a few days.
The wind, the flash, the energy, does not come at the speed of light.
Baldwin: we rarely see the amazing view of the Sun, here we are, Chad.
We have better telescopes.
Baldwin: Thanks so much to Chad Myers. Appreciate it.
CNN has been going deep into our listening tour this week.
We would like to hear from you which issues will be the most important when you enter next year's elections.
We went to Philadelphia and the problem is not that different for most cities with budget cutsAnd crime.
Sarah Hoy is here.
She spoke to some people in Philadelphia about what they said had to be changed. (Start Video)REV.
Leroi simmons at the Tabernacle Baptist Church of enong: What pleases me is who they say they are.
Marketing manager Dolly: but for the government it's like you keep making progress and you say and stick to old ideas that don't make sense and don't work. ARDRON-
I want to change.
I want something different.
Dolly: The job of politicians is to work for us, the job of citizens is to work for ourselves and for the government.
This is Le Roy Simmons.
I was the deputy minister of the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, born and raised in Philadelphia.
I think there is a change in Philadelphia.
We have a lot of poor people who really need help.
Who can really take advantage of the political forces we worked on 20 or 30 years ago.
Emma Dolly, PR and marketing manager: My name is Emily Dole.
I am 27 years old and live in Philadelphia.
We have a big problem with unemployment.
It does have an impact on communities, quality of life, and individual families, but it also has an impact on the larger infrastructure of the city.
You can't just ask.
You must attend.
You must be a positive citizen.
That's how we can get things done. ARDRON-
My name is ain. I'm 34 years old.
I live in the German city of Philadelphia.
We need to be more efficient.
Our Philadelphia government sometimes works like 1902.
We can't do this.
It is not only a stop of time, it will also drain our resources and take away from our money.
Maybe that's why we went bankrupt.
Umu Bellis, youth Change Alliance: Hi, I'm Umu Bellis, 21.
Instead of cutting education and putting a month into the police and the army, they need to take money from there and then put the money into school.
Knowledge is power.
We need knowledge.
What should we do without it? (END VIDEOTAPE)
Sarah Hoy, great work.
Thank you very much.
If you would like to hear the Republican presidential candidate debate on the economy and many other issues, please join us at 8: 00 next Monday evening for the New Hampshire presidential debatem.
CNN only covers the eastern region.
You know, a photo is worth 1,000 words.
In this case, 21 words can help the person understand this. Take a look.
Met a guilty predecessor.
The boyfriend behind the billboard is shocking. That's next. (
Business break)
Baldwin: Well, it's an unusual breakup story now, from a small town in New Mexico, population, 35,000.
You will know your neighbors in such a big place.
So when the billboard opens, some people recognize the people that are seen on the billboard, holding the blank space that is just right for the baby.
That guy's Greg rich.
The information he paid me was like this, and I quote, "this should be a picture of me both --month-
If the mother decides not to kill our baby, it's the old baby.
So Fultz claims his predecessor
My girlfriend had a miscarriage.
Now, however, her friends have said publicly that she has had a miscarriage.
In any case, her lawyer said the billboard violated privacy.
We asked for Fultz's predecessor.
But they haven't answered our questions yet.
I want to go to Greg fuz and his lawyer, both of whom are at the scene.
Greg, Okay, first of all, I have to start with this.
You know, pregnancy can be a very emotional experience for any couple, especially if we say there is no plan.
So Why deal with your reaction in an open way?
Greg rich claimed on the billboard that his girlfriend had an abortion: Well, it's--
The way it is handled is trying to give me a sense of healing because it is also a very painful moment for me.
What I want to do to help her end this tragic event in my life.
Baldwin: I'm going to risk it.
I haven't spoken to her, but I think it's traumatic for your ex. girlfriend too.
When you say this whole experience, I 've read it to make you aware of the issue of the rights of the father, and that's what motivates you to pay $1200 for the billboard, is this the first time you 've experienced this, pregnant with a girlfriend?
Before that, what was your position on abortion?
This is the first time I have a baby.
I am now 35 years old and I have always believed that I will never be able to get pregnant.
I always had a kiss. life stance.
I firmly believe that abortion should not be used as birth control, it is only my position and it has always been.
Baldwin: that's what happened, Greg.
You're an adult and you feel abandoned by your ex. girlfriend.
Why not be an adult?
Why not approach her and talk to her face?
Why pay $1,200 to humiliate this woman?
First of all, this is about her. OK?
Baldwin: part of the reason.
I can only jump in.
Part of the reason is because she's with you and it's about her.
Well, this--
The relationship I ended a year ago, okay? I'm past her.
This is about my recovery from the tragic investment I was affected.
It moved me so much, you know, I have to do something to end myself.
Baldwin: why then? -
It was never about her.
Baldwin: so why not treat if you want to cure? If you want to heal, why not spend the $1,200 you use on billboards on educating young people about their father's rights if you feel so strongly about the problem?
Well, what I need is--
When I was pregnant, I quickly discovered that when it comes to an unborn child, the father has no rights and there is nothing I can do about it.
I found it very shocking and incredible.
I developed this billboard when my child was born, if the child survived.
But I think it's going to be a very good message and it's deep enough, you know-
Powerful enough information to really start talking about father's rights-
Baldwin: Greg rich, do you think your ex was publicly humiliated?
Girlfriend, has this been a success for your treatment?
Have you ever felt it?
Are you feeling good?
Well, I must disagree with you at this point.
Like I said, it's okay with her.
A billboard is a general statement that can be applied to anyone.
Baldwin: she took this to court, so she would argue that, sir, it has a lot to do with her.
She sued you for violating her privacy and for harassing her.
She also accused you of domestic violence.
Greg, is there any reason she's scared of you?
As I said, the relationship has been over for a year.
Baldwin: I understand, but she took you to court.
Fultz: no--
There was no threat to violence.
We even work together in the same building.
The only threat was that she took me to court.
BALDWIN: Mr. Holmes --
Excuse me, I just wanted your lawyer to simply join in.
In essence, she believes this is a violation of privacy. You-
Does everyone think freedom of speech is right?
Todd Holmes, lawyer for Greg fulz: First of all, good afternoon, Brooke, thank you for inviting us to New Mexico and saying hello to us.
In this fierce discussion of national, international and even these issues, an interesting issue is the true meaning of freedom of speech.
Offensive remarks touch on personal life.
An offensive speech involves someone's life problems.
But there is no abuse of privacy here when he exercises the statement that he wants to go out, that is, hey, you know, Dad should have rights in those decisions. Not just --
Baldwin: I know this is your important struggle on the issue of Father's rights.
Greg, the last question I asked you, and then we're going to go to the court to order this billboard to be taken down by the end of next week, or you might be put in jail, so, Greg, what are you going to do?
Fultz: Well, the only way to get this billboard down is if it's forced down because I wouldn't have--
Baldwin: Well, the judge said it had to come down, so do you take it down yourself?
Fultz: when it is forced by someone other than me, it comes down. I will --
I will go to jail when the contract expires.
Baldwin: So, you're willing to go to jail. -
Let me ask you, are you willing to go to jail instead of taking this billboard down?
If this is the last option, yes.
I have enough enthusiasm to support my belief that people can connect themselves with anything.
It does not realize it.
Baldwin: Greg rich, Todd Holmes, thank you, gentlemen.
Interesting discussion, I already know, I have a lot of tweets.
And Greg's predecessor.
The girlfriend and her lawyer did not respond to today's interview.
We must have contacted many times.
We are learning more about these resignations from the presidential campaign of Newt Gingrich.
Wolf Blitzer has the latest news that he will live with me.
Then all your stuff, your bank statement, mortgage, records, is stored electronically somewhere.
If hackers invade Citibank, imagine what they can do to you.
We will talk to a fairly large name in the hacking world, and this convicted hacker has changed his team to work for good people.
He will say how you and I protect ourselves. Be right back. (
Business break)
Baldwin: Let's live the wolf with the latest political news.
Wolf, I 'd like to ask Newt Gingrich.
We know his campaign manager is not there and the staff is not.
Is this a very critical blow?
Wolf blitzer, CNN host, war room: it looks like a huge development.
As you know, some have hinted, Brooke, that the massive presidential campaign he just started a few weeks ago could collapse as we speak now.
He insists that he will move forward and he will speak in Los Angeles in front of a Republican Jewish League group.
He said he would attend the CNN New Hampshire debate on Monday night.
But when most of your senior employees, not national senior employees, but employees working in key states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, collectively resign, this is obviously a very important step.
This has to do with some of the major mistakes he has clearly made.
I don't think many of these staff members are happy with his criticism of Paul Ryan's health insurance reform plan about "meeting the media.
Of course, they are not happy that there is news that they have a credit line of $500,000 at Tiffany's in New York.
Two weeks ago, he and his wife Calista decided to go on vacation, which could make some of them over the peak, having previously planned a holiday on cruise lines in the Mediterranean, Greek islands and Turkey, this is a luxury cruise ship.
You know, you started a presidential campaign, you don't go on vacation, especially in the Mediterranean, instead of going somewhere in the United States, California, Florida, the Grand Canyon.
After you announced that you would run for president of the United States, you started a luxury European cruise?
I think it annoys a lot of his staff.
They have other differences, I'm sure.
But it doesn't bode well for Newt Gingrich and his entire presidential ambitions now, though he says he will continue running. (CROSSTALK)
As you mentioned, he was one of those people invited to the CNN presidential debate on Monday.
Like you said, he still plans to go there.
I appreciate Wolf Blitzer.
Thank you very much here.
We will have more development stories in just a few minutes.
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