coleman expects heat pump to shine - coleman heat pump

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coleman expects heat pump to shine  -  coleman heat pump
Written by william robbinsmay 1979, this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
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Coleman, the company that uses petrol lamps to bring light to rural America, is now heating and cooling customers everywhere.
Today, Coleman is known for its camp lanterns, coolers and camping equipment for Americans in cities and suburbs.
It focuses most on heat pumps, a multi-functional device that can provide warmth or cooling as needed.
Coleman was handed over to William C in the century.
Coleman, a former teacher known as W. C.
He borrowed $2,000 and got a patent for a pressurized petrol lamp that produced a brilliant glow.
His 77-year-old son, Shelton, remains the chairman of Coleman.
In its history, the Wichita-based company has eliminated more products than ever before.
Coleman lights quickly replaced the dim and smoky kerosene lamps, becoming the second-to-none lighting system in rural America, with a companion product in the kitchen, a petrol stove.
Coleman's ad when he saw President Franklin D.
Roosevelt's Rural Electrified Project caught up with lighting and cooking and began producing oil heaters and gas floor stoves.
When these markets began to decline in the 1950s, Coleman began to manufacture heating and air conditioning equipment for mobile residential and industrial residential buildings, with nearly 50% of the market today.
The advertising industry is now shocked by a new device called T. Coleman. H. E. Heat Pump.
Some analysts believe that Coleman is likely to have a considerable share of the promising market, which has the potential to grow with every rise in energy prices.
"The rise in energy bills seems to only increase demand for this product," Merrill said in a recent announcement . ".
According to President Coleman Lawrence M.
Of all the products of the company, "Heat pumps may have the most potential.
He received strong support from analysts such as Herbert C.
Buchbinder of Kidder, Peabody & Company recently described the heat pump as "the most efficient unit in the industry" and "Coleman's biggest advantage in 1979 ".
"In hot weather, the heat pump uses the refrigeration principle to drain the heat from the home.
In winter it draws heat from the outdoors, and even on the coldest days there are some that can be extracted.
Although at low temperatures, these devices require supplementary heat from traditional sources, the pumps are promoted to be more energy efficient than conventional equipment.
But Coleman now has only a small part of the heat pump market, and both the market and Coleman have a long way to go.
A few years ago, when some inefficient models were introduced, the heat pump began to stutter.
When Coleman launched its products last year, sales of 4,000 units accounted for less than 1% of the national market, estimated at around 560,000.
This year, Coleman hopes to sell 15,000 units, accounting for nearly 3% of the total sales expected, and occupied about 5% of the growth market by 1985.
Next month, Coleman plans to introduce a system that will make its heat pump compatible with natural gas and electricity as a supplementary heat source, thereby expanding its potential market and competition.
Entertainment product scoleman is still producing Coleman lanterns, and the company is looking for an expanding export market in less developed countries.
According to Mr.
Jones said, "We produce more lighting in one day than in the month of 1930s.
"Its certified products include camp stoves, cold boxes and kettles, tents and camping trailers, sailing boats, canoes, water slides, air guns, and traditional heating and air conditioning equipment, mainly for the mobile and manufacturing home market.
Advertising Coleman recovered from a major part of its business as early as 20 years ago --
As part sub-contractor for Boeing bombers and manufacturer of oil heaters and gas stoves.
Over the past five years, its revenue has nearly tripled from $3.
Between $7 million and $18 in 1974.
2 million last year.
Sales rose from $0. 283 billion to $0. 176 billion and are expected to exceed $0. 3 billion this year.
Most Securities analysts monitoring the company forecast a record year for Coleman, with heat pumps, sailing boats and canoes growing the most.
"We still need to see what the number of re-orders will be . "
Jones said, but "it looks like we have gone well on our way to lock records in the first half of 1979.
Although it is easy for several analysts to recommend Merrill Lynch shares to investors, Merrill Lynch is cautious about it;
Merrill Lynch said that although Coleman "entered 1979 in its strongest financial and marketing position in history, it" is not immune to the economic impact and the possible impact of energy shortages ".
At the same time, the company offered to purchase millions of its own common shares at a price of $20, a proposal that would last until May 4 unless extended.
The closing price of the US stock exchange yesterday was 19, up.
A version of this file was printed on page D1 of The New York edition on May 1, 1979, with the title: Coleman expects the heat pump to glow.
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