colleen hoover skyrockets to success as self-published books lead to publishing, film deals - buy air conditioner online

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colleen hoover skyrockets to success as self-published books lead to publishing, film deals  -  buy air conditioner online
Sulfur Springs, Texas
After a month of spiritual journey, Colleen Hoover finally realized her dream of writing a book.
Family and friends ask to read emotional stories of first love, married mothers of three little boys living in rural East Texas, working 11-
As a social worker, the digital self is decided one hour a day.
Posted on Amazon, where they can download for a week for free.
"I have never intended to publish this book.
"I wrote it just for fun," Hoover said . " He uploaded "Slammed" a year ago in January. Soon after self
Someone she doesn't know is downloading the book.
Even after charging only.
Readers began to post comments and comments on blogs.
Miss her role, herself.
A month later, the sequel retreat point was published.
By June, both books were among Amazon's top 100 best-selling Kindle books.
By July, both of them had reached the New York Times best-selling list. books.
Soon after, they were picked up by the imprint of Simon and Schuster-Atria Books.
By the fall, she had sold the copyright of the film.
"I didn't expect this at all.
I'm not saying I don't like it, but it took me a lot of time to get used to it, "33-year-
Old Hoover quit his job last summer and focused on her career as a writer.
Hoover is a story of self.
Success in the digital age and so-
The book, known as the "new adult", tells the story of characters in their teens and early 20 s.
Other types include Jamie McGuire's beautiful disaster and J.
Lynn is waiting for you.
"These novels usually have clear material, and publishers see them as a bridge between young adult fiction and romantic fiction.
"In short, they are the story of the character's growth year, when everything is new and new," said Amy pilpeng, editorial director of the "forever" imprint of the Hachette Book Group, best-selling books for "new adults" include Jessica solenson and J. A. Redmerski.
When Hoover finished her third book, hopeless, in December, she initially rejected Atria's offer and decided to self-figurepublish again.
By January, the book was also the best seller of the New York Times, when she signed an agreement with Atria to publish a printed version, but maintained control over the electronic version.
The paperback is ready for publication in May.
In February, Atria bought the digital and paperback copyright of the two books to be published from Hoover: "This girl," which is the third part of the "Slammed" series, later this month, lost hope, a novel with no hope, will be published in digital form in July.
Just last week, Hoover announced a new deal with Atria on her blog to publish two books next year.
Vice president Johanna Castillo
Atria's president and senior editor said she learned about Hoover while reading the book blog.
Check out Hoover's blog not only detailing her thriving writing career, but also detailing her dayto-
Castillo began his day.
At about the same time, Hoover's agent, Jane dysteele, sent Hoover's book to Castillo.
"I read them and I like them and we are moving forward very quickly," Castillo said . " He added, "the voice in which she has to connect with the reader is very special.
Hoover sharply wrote in an article in June that he was able to move from a single
Wide mobile home of "a real house.
A house with door work and an air conditioner, the air conditioner will not turn off if you run two electronic devices at the same time.
"Seven months ago, we were trying to keep our balance of payments," she wrote in her blog . ".
"Now, things have finally come together. it's all because of you.
Everyone who has spent a few dollars to buy the book I wrote deserves a heartfelt thanks from my family.
Hoover said the confluence of events led to her work, "Bang", about an 18-year-
After the sudden death of her father, the old girl who moved to a new state with her mother and brother fell in love with their 21-year-old --year-
Old neighbors who love grand slam poetry soon find out they can't be together.
The book is inspired in several directions.
Hoover recently attended the concert of her favorite band Avett Brothers, with a line in one of their songs --
"Decide what to do, do it "-
She's been playing back in her head.
Then one of her sons took part in a community drama show where she put her laptop on her laptop during rehearsal, which included watching videos of people performing grand slam poems.
This in turn led her to try to find a book with the main character being a grand slam poet.
When she could not find such a book, she thought that she could write a book by herself.
Hoover said: "When I sat down and wrote the first paragraph, I thought 'Oh, I can do that. '".
"I did not make an outline.
I did nothing.
I just wrote it one sentence, I don't know the direction of the story.
"Even after being able to quit her job and sign up with Atria, Hoover said that her popularity did not start to decline until the fall when she and other independent writers organized a signing at a Chicago hotel.
"I remember coming up and down the stairs, there were hundreds of people in line, and someone said, 'Have Colleen Hoover, 'and they all started to freak out," she said . ".
"This is the first time I thought it was much bigger than I thought.
"Hoover grew up in rural eastern Texas, married a baby at the age of 20, and received a degree in social work from Texas a & M. Commerce.
Before returning to school, she was an investigator in the child protection services department to qualify for teaching special education, and she did it for a year before returning to school again for a baby nutrition minor, and will work for the federal project for women, babies and children, known as WIC.
Mary Black, a book blogger who has been primarily reading and commenting on independent books for the past few years, is one of Hoover's early fans.
A few months after Hoover's upload, Blake commented on Bang and asked the reader if he was in the mood to read a book that would draw you from the first few lines, make you smile make you laugh, make you fall in love absolutely, then sigh and sigh again.
"Her writing is 100 real," Blake said in a recent telephone interview . ".
"I think I can relate to her role.
I can relate to their situation and I can relate to their response.
When I read the book it plays in my mind, I can see that it actually happens, like a seamless movie.
In a recent blog post, Hoover and her readers shared what she said was "The frustrating explosion of the past "--
In 2006, she published an article on MySpace, writing that while she was convinced that she was "born to write a book", she believed she would never write.
She wrote that she had looked into whether the attempt was worth it and decided that she should not even try in the event that the possibility of getting a publisher or being able to support her own writing was low.
She wrote on her blog: "It's a good thing that I don't listen to myself.
It also said that great changes have taken place in the publishing industry.
Online: The blog of Colleen Hoover, www. colleenhoover.
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