column: end of an era for the players championship in may - how to make a swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-30
column: end of an era for the players championship in may  -  how to make a swamp cooler
Pontewedra Beach in Florida. —
To celebrate his victory at the player's tournament, Weber Simpson opened the cork on the champagne bottle.
Although this moment is not designed, it also indicates the end of an era.
The player tournament is over 12-12 and it has all the signs of a major event in addition to public recognition
A year of running in May.
Simpson created or bundled four records, one of which can play the former drama swamp of TPC Sawgrass in any one month. He had a seven-
Enter the final day with a shot lead, the biggest of the tournament's 45 gamesyear history.
On Sunday, no one was closer than four shots.
The only other time that happened to the players was in 1994, when Greg Norman did not make bogey until the 13 holes in the last round, and at 24-under 264.
The idea behind moving to May is to start with the Masters tournament in April and hold a big golf event every month to make the weather better, more abundant during the day, and to present a good opportunity at the company, fast conditions.
This year's version is a mystery.
The stadium was never on the edge even if it didn't rain.
At least according to Florida standards, the wind is very small and the score is extremely low.
In the final round, Jason Dufner made a bird to break the 10-
Reach 12 points to get third placeunder par.
The tournament has a total of 1,754 birds, breaking the record of 136 birds since 1996.
Simpson leveled 63 course records in hole 17 with double bogey on Friday, when his sand wedge hit the wooden shelf in front of the green and landed behind the green, fell from behind to the water.
Brooks copeka matches the record on Sunday, although it takes a albatross when he is a albatrosshopped a 6-
His second shot on the standard pole was hit by the iron into the hole. 5 16th.
Everyone is looking forward to making it harder.
Charl Schwartzel predicted on Friday: "The golf course on the weekend will become a beast . ".
Charles Howell III has a bogey
Free 67 rounds on Friday, expected to see "more brown than green" tomorrow afternoon ".
It never came true.
It's almost like the PGA Tour wants players to have their own way on the court in case there's any debate about returning to the field.
The lawn is as pure as ever and full of grass.
Henrik Steinson suspected on Tuesday that it was too good, too green to be the final Test by the end of the week.
"This is the simplest game I 've ever seen," said Stephenson . ".
"Hopefully in the March, it will return to the time when it feels like the main --like.
Because I think it's more of a tourist activity.
"Adam Scott won the player in the third game and never became a fan of" May Day.
"I don't think they got the right settings on this date," Scott said after the 11 th draw. under 277.
It was one higher than his winning score in 2004.
"It is in very good shape.
I just don't think they take the risk they should take when preparing different classes.
It's too easy to see those scores today.
The risk is not enough, and the return is great.
"Since the transfer to TPC sawsaw in 1982, there have been 8 rounds of 63 people in the competition --
Six of the records
Tying scores since 2013.
Vice President Mark Russell
The PGA Tour rules and competition chairman said the main explanation was the lack of wind.
He also rightly pointed out that to exclude Simpson, the winning score in recent years will be on the court.
"There was a disaster at that golf course every turn," Russell said . ".
"But you can score points if you navigate correctly.
He also said it would be different in the third quarter.
The fairway is sand-
Capping before moving to May, so it should drain better.
The problem is that we have to rely on the weather before the game and the cool weather. than-
The normal spring means a rough down.
"I think we will have more control in the third phase," Russell said . ".
What tourism cannot control is the perception of its primary events.
When it was last held in the third quarter, it was an anchor for the Florida swing, only two weeks from the Masters.
Even if the players are going on, there is a lot of expectation for Augusta National team.
Next year, there is a buffer for one bit.
Their players will be the third of Florida's four stops and three weeks away (two in Texas)
In front of the master
It may still feel like the master's deck.
But it may have a better chance of feeling like a major one.
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