Consumer electronics sales sparkle this Diwali - air conditioner accessories

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
Consumer electronics sales sparkle this Diwali  -  air conditioner accessories
Positive mood mirror consumer electronics retailers run stores with countryspite pre-sale
Tax on goods and services (GST)
Inventory clearance sales of consumer electronics, manufacturers and retailers are all focusing on healthy double
In this festival, numbers are growing.
Consumer buying sentiment in the early stage
During Diwali, industry insiders said it was encouraging, and given consumer turnout over the past few days, business growth is expected to be between 15% and 30%.
Amit Gujral, LG India's chief marketing officer, said GST did not change any consumer behavior and did not have an impact on LG's holiday sales.
"The celebrations began with Onan in the south and LG in business with another 30% growth of 27% over the previous year for festivals such as Ganeshotsav, Navratri, pujadulga, Dussehra.
"We are sure that the ongoing celebrations will continue to be purchased from consumers and we want to achieve double-digit growth compared to previous years," he said . ".
Director Rishi Suri agrees.
Consumer electronics (CE)
Samsung India said its digital appliance business will continue to grow strongly during the festival this year.
"Healthy double
Our TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine and microwave oven categories in India are expected to achieve digit growth.
"Samsung has launched innovative products this year that meet the specific needs of consumers and is expected to grow the CE category by 30% during the festival this year," Suri said . ".
Consumer electronics retailers operating stores across the country reflect this positive sentiment.
Reliance Retail, which operates stores in more than 750 cities in India, said that while GST brought brief uncertainty during implementation, these issues have now been well addressed.
"In the early days, we saw strong purchases from all over the world and from consumer groups.
Sales of Diwali season.
In the electronics category, we see the purchase of consumer durables, mobile phones, HETV in a variety of other categories.
In terms of fashion, we see consumers buying fashionable goods such as clothing, daily jewelry and accessories . "
Future Retail representation of Reliance Retail competition between Kishore Biyani and Mukesh D. Ambani, pre-
Holiday sales have been very smooth since last seasonand-a-Half a month now.
"This is especially true for the fashion department that has performed very well.
For the past 10 days, household goods, home fashion, food and electronics have all had great appeal.
Average fare for pre-sale
During the festival, 40-
"50%," said a spokesman for Grand Bazaar. Tata group-
The operating Croma retail chain says customer buying sentiment has improved
GST has achieved record growth during Diwali.
Ritesh Ghosal, chief marketing officer of Infiniti Retail Limited, which runs Croma, said, "the high-end segment continues to be subject to strong demand, doubling demand
Digital growth because we expect more than 50 inch LED TVs, smartphones and high
The laptop market will grow strongly this quarter. With the on-
During the festival, consumer sentiment continues to be positive, we are optimistic about maintaining this positive trend and maintain strong growth driven by the ideal value we offer our customers.
"According to Nilesh Gupta, managing partner of Vijay Sales, consumer purchases are similar to all 70 Vijay Sales stores in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and NCR. "Pre-
Diwali sales have picked up, as can be seen from high consumer purchases on Sunday.
"We expect sales for Diwali to grow 15% this year over last year, driven by LED TVs and mobile phones," Gupta said . ".
Although the business has improved in the past few days, the continuous monsoon (
Especially at the peak of shopping at night)
Kaniya Mulchandani, a promoter of Snehanjali Electronics, said that this is affecting sales, and Snehanjali electronics is a retail chain of consumer durables and Electronics.
"So far, the numbers are shown as a slight go
Compared with the previous growth
Diwali sales last year.
We hope the situation will improve in the next few days . "The e-
Retailers are equally attractive to e-commerce
Their respective e-commerce shoppers
Market platform.
The battle for higher markets is only around two e-commerce markets.
Business player I. e.
Other players including Tata CLiQ, Paytm, shopping leads and Snapdeal include Flilpkart and Amazon.
A spokesman for Flipkart said the company is well prepared ahead of time to gain a significant share of online sales this season.
"Before online sales started, we launched the first similar 'cost-free imaction' facility on our debit card.
This not only helped the market to grow, but also gave us a huge market share of 70% this sales season.
Our sales have tripled from last year, by cell phones, lifestyle and big appliances (
TV and household appliances).
On the other hand, Amazon India says the festival is by far the biggest.
"We have seen a significant expansion in India, focusing not only on increasing the share of existing customers in wallets, buying frequency, but also on driving new business scope and penetration through market expansion.
In India, more than 99% of the available pin codes have placed at least one order on Amazon.
During the festival, sales clearly demonstrated a turning point in e-commerce
A spokesman for Amazon India said: "Business in India . "
Metros continues to be the driving force for the growth of new users.
In 2017, the metropolis exceeded 86% kilometers. The non-
For physical retailers with a national footprint, the same is true for Metro, who say rural markets are growing better than cities.
Retailers say that with the rapid increase in education, exposure to Western broadcast media, steady growth in urbanization and increasing disposable income, consumers in smaller cities have become sophisticated in fashion and technology
"Some of the best-growing markets are Tier 2 and tier 3 cities that have never been served by organized retailers," said a Reliance Retail spokesman . " In addition, manufacturers have adjusted the prices of various products according to the tax impact of the goods and services tax, which helps to boost market sentiment.
The rural market has grown by 20-
Compared with the city market, it has increased by 25%, which has been happening for the past two years, "said a spokesman for a large market. While the pre-
The Diwali sales season is currently in progress, followed by a busy wedding season, which is a big buying period for consumers.
Last year, there was a major disruption in the market due to non-monetization in November.
As this problem is resolved, the consumer sector expects year-on-year growth in all consumer baskets to be strong.
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