consumer watch: heat pump misuse goes on bill - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
consumer watch: heat pump misuse goes on bill  -  in a heat pump
You have a heat pump so your electricity bill should be cheaper this winter, right?
Not necessarily.
Heat pump is the most commonly used installation form for fixed heating.
But experts say many people pay unnecessary high bills because they don't use them properly.
Mikael Boulic, a lecturer at the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology at the University of Messi and part of the housing and health research program, said to help families in New Zealand use heat pumps more effectively, more education is needed.
His research shows that in the first few months after the installation of the new heat pump, families tend to receive very high electricity bills.
Boulic says this is because residents will return to the cold house and transfer the heat pump to the highest position.
"They will set it to 29 °C or 30 °C, so the heat pump runs at a very high speed in a few minutes.
"Then the weather gets too hot, so they shut it off instead of keeping the temperature at 18 °c, waiting for the temperature to reach that," he said . ".
People with new systems also tend to heat their houses to warmer temperatures, so their electricity bills increase.
The energy efficiency and energy conservation authority said another mistake was to leave the heat pump all day without anyone at home.
If set to 20 °c, the heat pump may start using more power and waste money in empty rooms.
When the operation is correct, the heat pump is at the top of the list as the most fuel
Efficient equipment.
The standard electric heaters convert 100 of the electricity they use into heat, but the heat pump generates $2. 50-
Electricity worth $5 per $1 in heat. A 4kW plug-
It takes about $1 per hour to use the heater.
However, heat pumps that consume the same amount of electricity will give consumers two or three times as much heat at the same price.
Using a heat pump for a few hours at night and an hour in the morning can save about $500 a year.
Size is also a problem.
To make the most of the heat pump, New Zealand consumer technology writer George block said heat pumps should be selected specifically for rooms or heated rooms.
The heat pump that is too small will have to work harder and use more power.
However, the heat pump is reliable in its aspect. Ninety-
Respondents to a recent consumer survey in New Zealand said their heat pump has a life span of five years and does not require any repairs.
Heat pump prices range from $1,100 to $10,000
House system and installation costs $750-$1350.
As New Zealanders greet the winter, which officially began on June 1, homeowners who cannot afford heat pumps, and tenants whose landlords will not install heat pumps, it should be noted that the results of the New Zealand consumer's latest electric heater test.
The study found that the convection or oscillation tower heater is the best for the living area inside the well
Insulated House.
The heaters with fans are best in the living area, Block says, because they distribute heat evenly.
The oil column and panel heaters are best suited for the bedroom as they only need to take off the chill overnight, and the panel or oil heater is a cheaper way.
Those who live in houses without insulation or ventilation would be the best --
Equipped with an oscillating tower heater or micathermic heater, made of a cloud chip that transmits heat.
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