cool aid want relief from the heat? here's what you'll pay to keep your home cool. - in a heat pump

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cool aid want relief from the heat? here\'s what you\'ll pay to keep your home cool.  -  in a heat pump
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-More than a month before the official start of summer, last year's record-
The heat may just be a hazy memory.
But once mercury climbs, your only remedy is over-taxed room air conditioning or poor ceiling fans and you'll want you to plan ahead.
In fact, if you intend to install or replace household air
The air conditioning system is now the best time to do so.
In the spring, many manufacturers offer
Season rebates or other incentives, contractors will not overstock in the event of strong summer demand.
But before you pay $2,000 to $5,000 for a new home
Cool the system and continue reading.
Air through elaborate customizationconditioning (AC)
In addition to the original price tag, you can save some cold cash.
The blow is split for most homeowners
The central air conditioning system is the choice of cooler.
As shown in the chart on page 194, this system usually has two components: an outdoor box containing compressors and condensation coils that work together to cool the refrigerant, and an indoor unit with a blower, it loops the air through a cooling coil.
If you force
The blower of your stove can do double work.
Cool 2,200 for a system large enoughsquare-
According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average price of foot house is $2,500, including installation costs.
If you don't have a plumbing system at home-from a forced-
Air heating system, for example-
Depending on the size of the House and the difficulty of working, your cost will increase by at least $1,500.
Major exchange manufacturers such as Trane, Carrier or Rhine charge similar prices for similar devices, so your
The cost of the front end depends mainly on two factors: how much cooling capacity you need and the energy efficiency you insist on.
To answer capacity questions, you need to rely on expert advice.
Among other factors, the contractor will calculate what size unit you need based on the square feet of your home, the number of insulation materials and doors and windows. For an average-
You may need 1/2 in a mild climate-to three-ton machine.
If you have exposure or shadow from the south, it is expected that you will be informed that you will need a larger unit.
The cooling capacity is expressed in British thermal units (BTUs)
Per hour or ton (
One ton equals 12,000 BTUs).
When it comes to efficiency, you can spend money and save money.
The key is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio (SEER) of the air conditioning unit, which tells you the amount of energy you need to provide a specific amount of cold air.
The higher the SEER, the higher the unit efficiency.
Now, the federal government requires 10 seers for all new central air conditioners. 0 or more.
If you plan to stay for a few years, consider a more efficient system with at least 12 seers. 0.
While it will cost more than $10 for $700 to $1,000. 0-
It will also cut your electricity bill.
For example, if you run the air conditioner 1,500 hours a year, select three hourston 12. 0-
According to the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute of the manufacturer trading group, the SEER model can save you $72 a year in electricity bills.
This means that you can recover the extra cost in about 10 years.
If you use air conditioning frequently or the electricity bill is high, you can recover the cost faster.
If you live in a hot climate, you may want to add 20% to 30% to a heating and cooling system called a heat pump.
As with central air conditioning, the heat pump keeps your house cool by extracting warmth from the indoor air and discharging it outside.
In winter, savings come when the system can absorb heat from the outdoor air that is 32 [as cold]degrees]
Warm up the house.
Heat pumps use 30% to 60% less energy than electric furnaces.
If you already have an air conditioner, want to upgrade to a more energy efficient one
Efficient system to see if your local utility will help.
For example, Florida electric power and lighting provided customers with a new $76 3-ton 11. 0-
SEER unit, or $442 rebate for the installation of 14. 5-SEER unit.
In Phoenix, when you replace your natural gas heating and AC system with a heat pump rated 10. 0-
SEER utilities will refund $30 per ton. (
For seven ways to lower your monthly energy bill after AC is up and running, see the box on page 196. )
Finally, carefully record the cost of installing the cooling system.
When you sell your house, in order to calculate your tax base, you can increase home improvement expenses in your house cost, which can cut any capital --gains taxes.
There's a lot of extra stuff on the central air conditioner today ---
But it's only worth a few more.
An increasingly popular frill is a built in
In an air purifier that removes allergens or smoke from indoor air.
These specialized filters can be a good thing for homeowners with severe allergies.
However, they will only increase the purchase cost of $800 and clean the air if the air conditioner is running.
For working families, it will cost $150 or more to buy a programmable thermostat.
By setting it up, when you go out during the day, the temperature in your home is only up five degrees, and you can reduce the cost of cooling by 15% per month.
How about buying a new, more ozone air conditioner?
Friendly refrigerant called R-
410A, not R-
22. which one does almost all residential air conditioners use today?
Currently, only a small number of manufacturers produce systems for this new chlorine
Free refrigerant.
Under federal law, all companies have to use new refrigerants, but there are more than a decade to go before the deadline.
Should you be an early adapter?
"Consumers should not rush to do so now," suggested Bob genstein, president of the US air-conditioning contractor (ACCA).
If you find the idea of helping the environment attractive, you may pay the price:
For example, the price of 410A equipment from the operator is twice that of the company's regular system.
Choosing a contractor with so many variables, it is critical to choose a contractor who can guide you to the right equipment and charge a competitive fee.
One way to find a reputable company is to call the local branch of ACCA and ask for a list of contractors near you.
Call local, call national office: 202-483-9370.
Looking for contractors with liability insurance (
If the worker is injured or your house is damaged)
Who passed--
And hire the following certified technicians-
Excellent technology in both ACCA and North America.
If the contractor is required to obtain permission in your state (
As 32 states in the last count did)
Please call the national licensing commission to verify that the license has not been revoked.
Then get a free written assessment from two or three contractors.
In addition to displaying the product and price, the estimated start and end dates should be listed (
Depending on the season, this can range from two days to a few weeks)
, Recommended efficiency rating of equipment and any warranty and manufacturer available-
Sponsorship rebate
If you only need to cool down a separate space, like a bedroom or a studio apartment, the room air conditioning will do the job for $200 to $1,000, depending on the efficiency and cooling capacity of the machine.
The biggest mistake for consumers is to misjudge the number of BTUs needed per hour.
Excessive cooling capacity for space can cause the device to turn on and off too frequently, thus hindering its efficiency.
Too small a unit cannot cool or wet the room properly.
From experience, buy one unit per square foot of living space, 20 BTUs per hour.
That is, if you live in a particularly warm climate, or say on the top floor of a high level, you may need more cooling power
Apartment building.
As with central air conditioning systems, efficiency affects prices.
There are at least 8 new room units. 0 EER (energy-
Efficiency ratio);
An average of 9. 08.
In general, when comparing models with similar prices, choose the models with higher prices and you will find them on easy modelsto-
Spot yellow can guide standard.
Finally, it's changed.
The Up model may have remote control or even heating in winter.
Save your pennies and choose a simple-to-
Install efficient models to work for the space you need to cool.
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