cooler air coming, but still sunny - air and water swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-07-29
cooler air coming, but still sunny  -  air and water swamp cooler
I had a rare cup of coffee with a friend this morning (
I am more of a tea friend)
Discuss what blog to write this afternoon
He joked that there is nothing to say about the good weather, which is certainly mostly true.
However, all these dry weather will soon become a problem as the leaves are rapidly appearing on the trees and all plants use water at an amazing speed.
I will update the weekend and future forecasts on @ growingwisdom's Twitter, please follow me there.
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Let me review our weather for the rest of the day until the weekend.
If you want to call it that, the only weather maker is a cold front at the back door that will cross New England.
The rear door frontier moved from the Canadian marine times to the southwest, changing air quality to a colder ocean type.
In a very short time after one of these fronts passes, the temperature along the coast may drop by 10 degrees or more.
Because the air behind the cold front is usually quite stable, we can't see much in the rain in front of the back door.
Unfortunately, this is the case today.
The rainfall is low and we have officially become unusually dry so far this week.
This is the first stage of drought, followed by moderate drought.
Although groundwater is still relatively high due to snow this winter, the top soil is very dry.
This is not good for growing seeds or young roots.
Starting in autumn, this is also a problem for newly planted trees and shrubs.
It is important to water these plants this weekend as they start growing again and need water.
The reason for all dry weather is a large chunk of the atmosphere that prevents more typical showers from entering the area.
As moisture moves towards the New England region, they are drying under very strong high pressure.
When the weather system reached its climax, they were diverted from northeast to south.
This model will last until next week.
Although there was a slight risk of a shower sometime in the middle of next week, I did not see any noticeable rainfall in the forecast.
Even with a look at the very long distance model, we may see heavy rain at the end of the month.
There is a high risk of fire due to lack of rain.
Fire permits have been suspended or greatly reduced in many areas.
Burning is undesirable because things get out of control very quickly.
Pollen levels will also continue to soar, looking for yellow film on everything as pine pollen increases.
I don't want to be Debbie Downer, so let me end with a positive and optimistic attitude.
It's the best though we need to rain
We may have spring weather in New England.
Many places in the country have record snow, rain, and even heat.
For more than a week, our weather is almost ideal and will last at least longer.
Whether you're going for a run, having lunch outside, or just mowing the lawn, Mother Nature offers real enjoyment to the area.
We know there is a balanced way to weather, and if it rains all summer, at least we will have a wonderful spring.
I will update the forecast for the whole week on @ growingwisdom's Twitter, please follow me there.
Feel free to comment or ask questions.
Gardening this week is the best lawn shaping time of the year.
In this week's video, I talked about some of the things I'm going to do this time of year to keep the lawn healthy.
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