cooler, brainier - inside a swamp cooler

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cooler, brainier  -  inside a swamp cooler
Stephen DeWitt strode from an office decorated with $5 and $20 bills, and he won the blue color from the people who bet on him --
Board floor in California mountain view Azul Systems demo room.
Look at this, he said, waving on 14 racks, each with three large server computers.
There are 16,000 processors in it.
"Talk about chaos," he said with a smile . ".
Then he rushed past the machine and handed them a hand.
What is surprising is tepid.
You will think that 16,000 processors will release enough heat to melt the steel.
An Azul boot unit with 96 microprocessors costs $89,000, similar to a Dell-like box.
But DeWitt, chief executive of azul Entertainment, said his hardware cost was half the original cost over time because it used half or less electricity and took up
Hewlett-Packard has lost its way, DeWitt said.
IBM, Sun, Dell, Fujitsu--
The time for change is ripe.
How much can survive when everything is 50% cheaper?
A big talk from a small computer company that no one has ever heard.
But DeWitt, who gritted teeth at Cisco and Sun, may make a difference. Large-
With trillions of daily mouse clicks on content such as web stories, book purchases, and e-commerce, business computing needs are changing rapidly
Mail has driven a lot of small transactions through the data centers of many companies.
The move has shifted from a machine to a network of sales, services and information --sharing.
Big hardware companies like Dell, IBM, and HP meet this computing demand by offering dirty products
Cheap server, space
Energy-Saving products (a shrunk-
Down board for vertical installation)
And intelligent virtualization software that allows one server to work on two servers.
But with the surge in internet traffic-the U. S. produced 3. 2 trillion Web-
Page views rose 22% in 2005-
Nothing can keep up.
The latest tricks in the computer industry include sacrificing the power and heat of a single, strong microprocessor, doing multiple processing on one chip, and each core runs different requirements.
Intel recently launched double
Core chip for lowpower laptops.
Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are talking about chips with four cores and more.
Sun Solar's Niagara chip enters the data center with eight cores per chip. The Sony -IBM-
Toshiba Cell chip has 9 micro processing units.
Azul does better, with 24 cores per chip and up to 16 chips in a single server.
Bingo: 384 brains.
These brains can handle millions of tiny communications transactions through data centers, especially the peak load that could flood traditional servers.
What DeWitt calls the network
Additional processing, nod to the network-
Additional storage is an idea to revolutionize the storage business by using fast dedicated hard drives that serve a wide range of networks.
Azul Entertainment's rivals mocked DeWitt for selling just a niche product with a weak brain.
In fact, Azul hardware is optimized only for running the Internet language Java and Microsoft.
Net, but there is no traditional language in the data center, such as C language or Cobol language.
Larry Singh, Sun's senior vice president, says it's not enough to have a good chip.
You need computer memory, storage, a lot of software.
You have to run a complete ecosystem.
Debdewitt retorted that his niche would grow to be dwarfed by the rest of the computing world.
His clients, including Credit Suisse, which recently signed, were also involved in the debate.
This is purely to avoid costs. -
Stephen Lapekas, chief technology officer at Pegasus Solutions, said we can't keep throwing servers on our problems, and Pegasus Solutions manages the Internet at 60,000 hotels around the world
When power and management costs are invested, Azul costs about half the cost of its competitors, he said.
The pegasdata data center processes more than 1 billion requests from the internet every month.
Under its old system, Pegasus can only handle no more than 40 transactions per second;
With Azul, more than 4 times per second, to 180.
The communications Security subsidiary of telephone company Bell canada communications uses Azul to manage the personal data and billing information of millions of customers on the parent company's intranet-
When it is considered ready for Bell canada s 100 million month data request.
Azul system is surrounded by $5,000 of water
Cooling cabinets, saving a lot of money compared to the $100,000 air
Recently, the adjustment system was installed in the traditional data center.
DeWitt arrived at Azul in late 2002, ending the first round of risk financing in a timely manner.
At that time, the company had 10 employees.
It is now 200, with investors over $100 million including Accel Partners, red dot and Credit Suisse.
DeWitt started in Symantec's Silicon Valley and served as senior manager for two years at Cisco.
He then became chief executive of Cobalt Networks. Cobalt Networks is a server equipment company that is cheap and convenient to access the Internet.
He sold it to Sun Microsystems for $2.
Inventory was 1 billion in 2000.
Dewitt made millions in the deal.
He could have made more money, but Sun's stock plummeted when he was banned from selling.
After this point, Sun finally gave up almost all the cobalt technology. com bust.
DeWitt said they would not take a radical path.
Now they are stagnant.
DeWitt left the sun on April 2002, including Edward Zande, chief operating officer of the sun.
Within a few months, DeWitt offered to lead a company called Chestnut system, which has a promising, professional and multi-faceted
Core microprocessor.
He changed the name of Azul in Spain to blue.
It's a reassuring color, he says, and it doesn't hurt to remind people of IBM.
At the time, it was hard to get money for any idea, not to mention a new processor that would compete with the existing one.
'I went up and down in all the VCs and I heard a lot of VCs show me,' Ms. DeWitt said.
We offer 0. 265 billion transistors on a chip, using exposure technology that didn't exist until five years ago, managing a new architecture that can scale from one core to 384,
As the core is now popular, azul Marketing's marketing campaign is in danger of being overwhelmed by companies with money.
Intel said that it will
As fast as software companies develop applications designed for multi-core chips.
DeWitt said Azul has 1,000-
Core system in development.
We will run the bank's entire financial system in real time, guaranteeing a second-level response on any website.
There will be no inefficiency, he claims.
Applecart will be unhappy.
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