could your air conditioner be making you sick? - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
could your air conditioner be making you sick?  -  outside air conditioner
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In the hot summer days, air conditioning will not only help you stay comfortable indoors.
They help prevent heatstroke and filter out serious diseases such as contaminants and allergens.
Air conditioning can be particularly important for people with a lung or heart disease, and when the air is hot and humid, they may have a hard time breathing easily, says Norman EdelmanD.
Senior Scientific Advisor to the American Lung Association.
However, in the absence of proper care and maintenance, air conditioning may also cause health problems, especially when the mold is growing inside.
Here, how to keep cool and healthy when using portable or window air conditioning.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the observation found that mold entering your home may cause symptoms such as throat irritation, breathing and blockage.
Living in a moldy air conditioner "increases your chances of getting a respiratory infection," said Ph Mark Mendell"D.
An affiliated scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, he studied the effects of ventilation systems on health.
Here's how to know if the mold is already living in your air conditioner and how to prevent this from happening.
Remove bad air avoid buying window units with vents
A small opening to let in the air outside
Especially if the air quality in the place where you live is poor, such as near the school where the power plant or bus is idle.
You want to avoid getting particles like diesel exhaust that can cause or aggravate health problems such as asthma and lung inflammation.
Vents can also allow pollen, weeds, and other allergens to enter, so stay away from the vents as well if you are sensitive enough to avoid opening the windows. (
There are very few air conditioners with air vents;
The most important thing is to circulate air from inside your living space. )
You should also make sure that the side panels of the air conditioner are attached to the side of the window frame so that harmful external air does not enter.
For additional protection, use the foam strips that come with most air conditioners when you install them, spread them on top and under the air conditioner to create a better seal.
If you have asthma, if you breathe very cold air after going out in the heat, you may have breathing problems.
According to the CDC, it is also often difficult for older people to endure extreme temperature changes.
Edelman suggests that when you return indoors in the summer, avoid these sudden changes by gradually lowering the temperature.
If you have respiratory disease, try to avoid entering very hot air directly from very cold air.
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