Cubans fly around the world hunting shopping bargains - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
Cubans fly around the world hunting shopping bargains  -  outside air conditioner
Most people don't think Haiti is a shopping destination.
Unless they're Cuban.
Every afternoon, hundreds of Cubans gather in the capital of the poorest country in the hemisphere at a shabby Crossroads looking for clothes, light bulbs, perfumes and other goods that are in short supply at home.
In an effort to attract customers, Haitian hawkers blew up the Cuban reggaeton music. In a year-
Old cafe with Cuban flag, Havana-
Born Angelina Luis Dominguez and her niece, Ye Li Terry Louis, offered black beans, rice and roast pork to fellow citizens during their lunch break.
"There are thousands of Cubans," said Luis Dominique . ".
"There were four or five before;
Now they have taken root.
It feels like the whole of Cuba is here.
"Cuban market" in Port"au-
Prince is part of global trade, estimated at more than $2 billion, determined by the Cuban people's increased freedom of travel while the communist state continues to control its domestic economy.
Clothing, household goods, hardware, personal goods
National care products and other goods
The cost of operating stores in Cuba is two or three times that of other places.
That's when they sell in an economy that's running short.
In addition, Cuba's national monopoly on imports and exports does not include the small but dynamic private sector, which employs more than millions of people who are usually paid three to four times the wages of state workers.
Since Cuba canceled its annoying exit permit five years ago, Cubans are packing their bags for flights to easy destinations for entry requirements. In Port-au-
The Prince of Panama, Cancun, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and even Moscow, Cubans are packing their suitcases for personal use and reselling them at home.
In Panama, the Cologne free trade zone has a "Little Havana" where Cubans spent $0. 308 billion last year and are expected to spend more in 2018, said Louis Carlos Sarns, assistant general manager of the development zone.
"We now have an important Cuban customer coming to shop and making a significant contribution to the business in the region," Saenz said . ".
Panama is very keen on Cuban business, and its embassy in Havana has begun to provide private business licenses to Cubans --the-
On-site "travel card" without lengthy visa application process.
"As a result of the tourist card, there are now more Cubans coming," said Jose Hernández, who was shopping in the free zone with a group of relatives last week.
"It's a big deal for us to take back air conditioning, electric motorcycles.
It's gold in Cuba.
"This business tour has diversified the long-standing South Florida-centric trade, where Cubans have family ties in the United States. S.
Transport personal or commercial goods by relatives.
The Trump administration decided last year to withdraw most of its staff from the Havana embassy, bringing trade away from Miami. End visa processing there and force Cubans to travel to third countries to apply for permission to visit the United StatesS. The Miami-
In a August study, the Havana-based advisory group estimated that Cubans had spent $2 billion on the return of goods to the island in 2017.
Expenditure may be equivalent to 2-5 of Cuba's gross domestic product, depending on what changes have been made in estimates of gross domestic product in the absence of reliable economic statistics.
Cuba maintains strict restrictions on the quantity that individuals can import and works as a "mule --
Bring back goods for others
According to some official statements, it is technically prohibited but rarely prosecuted.
Haiti is struggling to cope with increasing violence and currency depreciation, and it seems that it is grabbing an increasing share of Cuba's shopping cake.
In the neighborhood around the market, dozens of Cubans are sleeping. and-
Provide breakfast for tour shoppers in a house rented by Haitian owners.
Dozens of Haitian "guides" help Cubans find professional products such as electronics and hardware.
"I have visas for Panama and Mexico, but I like Haiti," said Eduardo leva, who runs a small hardware business in Cuba.
"There are a variety of items here, which you can't find in other countries.
"Tiny Sunrise Airlines operates 12 direct flights a week from the Cuban city of Havana, Camaguey and Santiago to the portau-Prince.
Cubans interviewed on the market said they spent about $700 on air tickets, food and accommodation, another $700 on goods, and they resold at a high enough price, every trip can earn several hundred dollars in profits.
Most of the people interviewed said they were almost
A monthly trip, in a country with an annual salary of less than $2,000, generates an additional income of more than $400 per month.
"Cubans are very kind to us.
They came and they brought the item home and we could make a little money, "said Terese Rencher, who bought the Peruvian item. made T-
Shirt with designer logo in Dominican Republic and sold in "Cuban market.
"This is the way I send my kids to school and to college," Rencher said . " She's 23. year-
Daughter studies at a hotel school in the portau-Prince.
Some Cubans say they have been robbed by young people because they know that Cubans may carry large amounts of cash, but, compared to the Odyssey where many Cubans have promised to provide food for their country's informal retail market, they still prefer to travel quickly to the neighboring islands.
Taxi driver Braulio Hernandez said: "Compared with Russia, Haiti is closer, not cold, and the goods are almost the same . " He is looking for tools and parts for his home carMaintenance workshop. ——
Associated Press Evens Sanon in Portau-
The report was facilitated by the Prince of Cologne, Panama, and Juan Zamorano. ——
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