daikin in talks to buy goodman global: report - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
daikin in talks to buy goodman global: report  -  outside air conditioner
TOKYO (Reuters)-
Japan's gold industry (6367. T)
Second in the world-
The biggest maker of air conditioners is negotiating to buy air conditioners in the United States. S. -
Goodman Global Group, a competitor from the United StatesS.
Bloomberg News reported on the acquisition of the company on Tuesday.
Hellman & Friedman refused about 300 billion yen ($3. 6 billion)
The news service quoted a person familiar with the matter as saying it was provided by Daikin.
A spokesman for Daikin declined to comment.
The representative of H & F was not present immediately.
The acquisition of Goodman Global will enable Daikin to surpass United Technologies as the world's largest air-conditioning manufacturer (UTX. N)
Expand beyond the saturated Japanese market.
Daikin shares closed down on the 3 Th.
8% is 2,993 yen, less than 0.
The Nikkei index fell 3%.
The N2 25 benchmark reflects investor concerns that the company will seek to issue shares to finance the deal.
Morten Paulson, an analyst at CLSA, estimates the debt of big goldto-
The equity ratio will jump to 1. 3 from 0.
If it tries to fund the acquisition with direct debt.
"It's not impossible, but I believe management is more willing to keep it at 1. 1.
I think they need to finance about 200 billion yen of debt and 100 billion yen of equity.
"This will dilute the stock by about 10%," he said . ".
"I might look at it from the company's point of view, they want to enter the US market. S.
But personally, I might prefer to see them use more resources in emerging markets.
Take over Malaysiabased O. Y. L.
In 2006, the company touted its ambition to become the world's largest participant in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC).
H & F restaurants in San Francisco
S. -based private equity firms have agreed to pay $1.
In October 2007, Goodman Global had $8 billion in cash, including $1.
1 billion of its own capital.
The deal also includes a total of $2 in assumed debt and other financing. 65 billion.
On that basis, private equity firms will earn nearly £ 3.
If the company is sold for $3, it is five times its original investment. 63 billion.
Last month, Goodman Global withdrew its initial public offering and plans to raise up to $0. 5 billion to pay off its debt.
Backed by the stronger yen, Japanese companies doubled their overseas acquisitions, valued at $31.
5 billion according to Thomson Reuters, the volume for the first nine months of 2010 was the second highest since 2000.
In terms of the number of transactions announced, this period marks the highest level of 367 transactions.
According to the number of Japanese companies traded, the United States is still the most targeted country, with China ranking second. (
Isabel Reynolds, James Topham of Tokyo and Toshida Joko, and Michael Flaherty of Hong Kong;
Edited by Nathan Layne)
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