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Police officer Tacoma shot and killed;
Tennessee wildfire: 7 deathsU. N.
Warning Aleppo "into hell ". Aired 4:30-
5a ETAired December 1, 2016-
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Business break)[04:30:21]
CNN anchor Christine Roman: Donald Trump has Saved 1,000 jobs.
How did he make a deal? The president-
Choose to go on the road today and win a round.
Will Ripley, cnn anchor: A blocked block.
A gunman who killed the police is now locked up in a house.
The standoff extended into the middle of the night.
Romans: Tennessee lost more lives and homes.
The fires are still spreading.
Thousands of evacuees are now wondering when they can go home and see if they still have a home.
Welcome to start as soon as possible.
I'm Kristen Roman.
Ripley: this is will Ripley, John Berman.
Thirty minutes in the past. m.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Welcome to New York.
Stayed in the same country once.
I like it.
Ripley: Donald Trump got up first this morning and was ready to run for a win. The president-
Elected today to the operator's factory in Indianapolis with the vice president
Mike Pence, the outgoing Indiana governor.
Pence and the unknown incentives are key to convincing the company to keep about 1,000 jobs in the state, rather than exporting them to Mexico.
We get more information from CNN White House senior correspondent Jim Costa. (Start Video)
CNN White House senior correspondent Jim Costa: Will and Christine, Donald Trump will visit an air-conditioning plant in Indiana later today to win some sort of victory.
This is the same factory he opposed throughout his campaign to ship jobs to Mexico.
Now, after discussion with the president
Election of Vice President
Mike Pence, the outgoing Indiana governor, said the company would leave some of its jobs in the United States. S.
New Treasury secretary candidate Steve Mnuchin says this is an example of Trump delivering on his promises.
Treasury secretary candidate Steve MNUCHIN: the carrier's deal, you see, I think that's great. The president-
Election of Vice President
Elect picked up the phone and called the CEO of United Technologies to tell them that we wanted to keep our job here.
I don't remember when the president did this last time.
We should point out that the transition does not provide details of the carrier's transaction.
Later in the day, Trump plans to show up at a fundraising and gathering in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he made a decisive move on election day.
His staff called it part of his "thank you" trip to express his gratitude for being elected as the next president-
Will and Christine(END VIDEOTAPE)
Roman: OK.
Thank you, Jim.
When it comes to Trump's agreement with the operator, the details are the devil. The president-
Elect's transition team and operators control financial considerations that save all of this work.
According to CNN's Martin Savidge, Trump is waiting for the hero's welcome in Indianapolis, and there are still many problems. (Start Video)
Martin Savage, cnn correspondent: Good morning, will.
Good morning, Christine.
Many people are looking forward to the president's visit.
Elected Donald Trump, most of them are operator employees who want to express their gratitude.
But they also have a lot of problems.
It's not that they don't appreciate it, it's that they don't.
But remember there are 1,400 jobs here.
Only 1,000 people are believed to have been saved.
That means hundreds of people are worried that their jobs will still be lost.
They still have fear before they hear the details.
There are other questions, such as, do they have to cut wages, how long will the carrier be willing to stay?
They have no answer.
There are other people who would like to learn more about the deal to get operators to change their minds?
Some believe that airlines are getting more rewards from Indiana.
But keep in mind that as early as February, the state tried to keep the company here when the operator said it was leaving.
However, there was no success.
So it seems to be more than just a national incentive.
So maybe someone suggested that the president --
Elect said he could make some kind of deal by reducing corporate tax laws or reducing federal regulations.
But there are still some people, especially the operator's employees, who believe that the operator's parent company, United Technologies, may start to worry because they sign defense contracts worth $5 billion a year, if they transfer the carrier to Mexico, these contracts may be compromised-
Will and Christine(END VIDEOTAPE)
Martin Savage has achieved some very good results there.
You heard that Steve Mnuchin, the incoming finance minister, said the president called the CEO of United Technologies.
That is the parent company of the operator.
This is a company that receives a lot of revenue from government contracts.
If you get a government contract, you're looking at the government and a company, you get the contract, the others you're shipping overseas, and it seems to me that this government is almost silent leverage ---
Ripley: of course, the $5 billion defense contract, about $65 million, is used to keep these jobs in the United States. S.
Obviously, this is only a few cents for shareholders, but the potential impact is much greater.
Romans: greater investment in the future by this government. RIPLEY: Right.
Romans: I will doubt, I am not sure, but I will doubt that this government is also talking to other companies because, you know, one--
This is a symbolic but very important victory for Donald Trump's narrative as a businessman.
How many other companies are he putting pressure on now?
Ripley: Our strategy is to sit across the table and make these faces --to-
Face the company's meetings and corporate struggles to keep these jobs. [04:35:01]
This will be a different approach.
Romans: this is also in Indiana, where Mike Pence has studied well for a long time. So, we'll see.
I'm sure we will learn more today.
Ripley: There are many more questions.
Sarah Palin, one of the first public figures to support Donald Trump, seems to confirm the report that she is considering becoming the Minister of Veterans Affairs.
The former Alaska governor even posted a video on her Facebook account that came up with her idea of fixing V. A.
Trump, the ABC News team, is considering Palin for the role.
A source close to 2008 Vice President norming told CNN that Palin made the transition team aware of her desire to serve the president --elect.
Of course, when people support him and recognize him like she does, he does value loyalty.
Romans: On Wednesday, Linda McMahon, head of WWE wrestling, stopped at Trump Tower for an interview with the Presidentelect.
The former Connecticut state Senate candidate, one of Trump's top competitors to lead small business management, has been in extensive talks with transition team members for several days. (
Start Video Editing)
Linda McMahon, head of WWE wrestling: The meeting went well.
It was a pleasure to be there and I was honored to be invited in.
Whenever I think of the President
The American Elect asks you to come in and talk and you will be happy to do so.
We talked about business and entrepreneurs, about job creation, about SBA.
So, we are very well protected.
Reporter: Are you looking for a job?
McMAHON: Well, it's still to be seen. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Romans: McMahon was an active supporter of Trump during the campaign.
She donated $6 million to a professional. Trump Super PAC
Ripley: If Donald Trump decides to pick David Petraeus as his secretary of state, the respected former general will have three days to inform his parole officer.
Court documents show that he also needs to inform the authorities before leaving North Carolina.
All his work trips must be approved.
Petraeus was suspended for two years for sharing confidential information with biographer and emmera Broadwell, who was the CIA director at the time.
Despite his criminal record, his former military leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan are still highly respected. President-
In the process of finding a new director of national intelligence, the elected Trump has narrowed the field to three finalists.
Retired Indiana senator Dan Coates is getting serious, according to sources.
He is competing with former Homeland Security Advisor, Fran Townsend, and General Michael Rogers, the current head of the National Security Agency and head of the National Security Agency. S. Cyber Command.
Roman: OK.
Shortly after Donald Trump's official nomination as finance minister, Steve Mnuchin announced his most important goal. (
Start Video Editing)
Wilber Ross, business minister candidate: Well, I mean, our top priority is the tax plan.
The tax plan includes both corporate content and corporate tax reduction. S.
The most competitive company in the world, making sure we return trillions of dollars to the United States, as well as individual income taxes, where we will carry out the most significant middle-income tax cuts since Reagan. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Romans: the biggest tax reform since Reagan.
He also said rich Americans would not cut taxes in full.
This is different from the suggestion made by Donald Trump during the campaign.
So, look forward to some negotiations.
Mnuchin is one of Trump's three contacts with Goldman Sachs.
He worked there for 17 years and was a partner before leaving Hollywood to become a Hollywood financier.
Trump also met with Gary Cohen, the current chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs.
He is reportedly considering leading the Office of Management and Budget.
Steve Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, also worked at Goldman Sachs in his 1980 s.
You know, during the campaign, he will even use the image of Goldman Sachs and CEO Lloyd Blankfein in some closing remarks against Hillary Clinton, saying she will be a candidate for Wall Street and Goldman Sachs-
When you talk about Treasury, I mean, people who work closely with Goldman Sachs are closely related to Treasury, bond and bond markets. So --
RIPLEY: As we learn quickly, things that are said on the road are not necessarily translated during the transition and during the new government.
We are closely following a story in Tacoma, Washington.
There's a sad story there.
A police officer shot dead.
The gunman kept the police out overnight.
As the early start continues, we are monitoring an update on this standoff. (
Business break)[04:43:14]
Rome: Breaking news from Tacoma, Washington.
A police officer shot dead.
Suspect surrounded by barricades
The unidentified official shot dead Wednesday afternoon after responding to a domestic violence dispute.
He did not survive the operation.
The authorities surrounded the home and heard positive gunfire inside.
As this continues to unfold, we will bring you breakthrough details.
Ripley: Tensions between one night in North Carolina.
Four people have been arrested.
They are protesting D. A.
In the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in September, Officer Brentley Vinson decided not to sue him.
The families of the victims vowed to continue fighting for justice.
We now get more from CNN's Brian Todd. (Start Video)
Brian todd, cnn correspondent: Will and Christine, some of the dynamic protests on the streets of Charlotte, have come together to protest against Washington, D. C. A.
I decided not to file an allegation against Constable Brentley Vinson, who filmed Keith Lamont Scott on September.
The number of people on Wednesday night was not as large as in September, when the number had reached thousands.
There were not so many of these protesters on Wednesday night.
But they did walk a few blocks and the police were quite aggressive with them.
The police were very strict with their rules and left the protesters on the sidewalk, and we did see four arrests and some fights with the police because they were really aggressive and tried to keep the protesters on the sidewalk.
I was told by a police commander that they wanted to strategically address the issue.
Let them have a say and let them protest, but don't stop the traffic.
Of course, the protesters came out tonight to express their displeasure at Washington, D. C. A.
Decided not to charge Officer Vincent. The D. A.
Andrew Murray said that all the evidence they collected during the two-month investigation led them to believe that Officer Vincent, who shot Keith Lamont Scott was justified. [04:45:04]
Constable Vincent felt threatened and his life was in imminent danger, and Keith Lamont Scott ignored ten orders to put the gun down.
The Scott family claimed he had no guns. The D. A. says he did.
There were claims and counterclaims throughout the investigation.
But D. 's decision not to sue Officer VincentA. today.
This is the reason for the protest on Wednesday night.
The officials concerned are performing their administrative duties.
The police did tell us that there were some internal investigations to ensure that there were no violations of policy in this case.
It's not clear whether Keith Lamont Scott's family will file a civil lawsuit, but they say they will still file a claim for Mr. Scott --
Will and Christine(END VIDEOTAPE)
Ripley: Brian Todd, Charlotte, North Carolina.
In South Carolina, the jury resumed its deliberations later this morning at the trial of former South Carolina police officer Michael Schlegel.
He faces manslaughter charges for shooting Walter Scott in 2015 traffic jams.
Scott has no weapons.
You may remember this witness video that shows Slager shot and killed the father of four children while trying to escape.
Slager has pleaded guilty and his lawyers think the background here is important.
They said the video did not show the entire fight between the two.
Romans: pay tribute to the Brazilian football club members who lost their lives in the Colombian plane crash.
On Wednesday night, thousands gathered at the stadium in Medellin, Colombia.
A marching band was held on the court and fans cheered the lives of the victims at the stadium.
Investigators say the pilot of a charter plane told air traffic controllers that he ran out of fuel.
They said he desperately requested permission to land before the crash.
Ripley: the survivors who were still fighting this morning were horribly hurt.
Protesters at the Dakota pipeline will get a boost from thousands of veterans.
The leader of the veterans organization stands on the rocks and says that even if it means cold, Blizzard, they are ready to go to North Dakota
In order to act as a human shield for demonstrators, it is like conditions.
The Facebook page of the book urges members to wear gas masks, body armor and earplugs.
Police have ordered protesters to leave before Monday before they face arrest.
Roman: OK.
What if I say changing your lifestyle can make you more successful?
Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos and Uber CEO and media mogul Arianna Huffington are doing one simple thing.
It is said to be an important part of their prosperity.
We will tell you what's next.
You're curious, are you?
I'm curious.
I want to know. (
Business break)[04:51:50]
Romans: Five suspects trying to detonate a bomb outside the United StatesS.
Earlier this week, the embassy in Manila wanted to be accepted by ISIS.
Philippine police say the damage and casualties caused by the explosion will be very serious.
Two suspects were detained and three others remain at large.
After the attempted attack, the level of terror alert in the Philippines has increased, which means there are more security checkpoints and random search of vehicles across the country.
Ripley: The United Nations brought to the attention of the world this morning that Syria, especially eastern Aleppo, is becoming a huge cemetery.
There is an urgent need to provide food, water and medicine to nearly 200,000 civilians trapped in the war zone.
The challenge is to find a safe passage for humanitarian efforts as bombs continue to fall.
CNN Correspondent Mohammed Lera sent the latest live broadcast from Istanbul, neighboring Turkey.
Mohammed, we know that Russia and Syria claim that they have reopened the Kostro Road, the only road in eastern Aleppo.
Can the supplies go in from there?
Muhammad Lera, cnn correspondent: Well, this is certainly a hot topic today. The U. N.
Say the road will not take them to eastern Aleppo.
So there's some back and forth with Russia saying that the humanitarian corridor is open, U. N.
Said, not so fast.
But not long ago, Russian Foreign Minister will held a joint press conference with Turkish foreign minister in Turkey.
There were several very important gains from that discussion.
First, they learned that it was acknowledged that Putin and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan had spoken on at least three different occasions in the past few days.
So, obviously, we are very involved.
Secondly, it is also very important, and one of the questions raised by the Turkish foreign minister is whether Turkey plays a middleman role between Russia and the moderate opposition?
Interestingly, the Turkish foreign minister did not deny this, just saying that he believed that all parties needed to be present because peace negotiations were important and included all parties on the ground.
So when it all happens, of course, AmericaN.
A warning of a terrible situation.
The head of the United States. N.
The humanitarian mission came out, basically saying that eastern Aleppo is becoming hell.
The French foreign minister announced late yesterday that it could be the worst civilian massacre in eastern Aleppo since the end of World War II.
You can't find a stronger word than that, and that happens when the Syrian regime continues to push forward rebel-controlled areas in eastern Aleppo ---Will.
Ripley: It's just a heartbreaking situation for families there, especially those who continue to suffer.
Mohammed Laila-thank you.
Roman: OK.
The death toll in Tennessee is estimated to be rising.
Seven people were killed and more than 50 injured in the fire.
Now there is rain in this area and the flame is wet.
They are not completely out.
Now people are worried about mudslides.
We got more from CNN meteorologist Jennifer Gray this morning, who is in Gatlinburg. (Start Video)
Jennifer Gray, cnn meteorologist: Will and Christine, people wake up at the evacuation center and don't know if they can get home or not, and don't know if they will have a home once they get there.
There is a lot of despair and destruction around the sanctuary because people have a lot of problems and they have been waiting for the game and don't know what is left of their items. [04:55:09]
Most people only have clothes on their backs.
Of course, the food here is also very rich.
They got the items they needed.
There is actually a medical clinic as well.
But for the people in this area, it was a tough few days.
Of course, there is no news when they will go home, many of them because if you can believe it, there are wild fires burning because we have a lot of rain.
So, you can't imagine that the wildfire is still burning.
But with the storm coming, they have very, very strong winds. We had cloud-to-
Ground Lightning offset a little of the benefits of rain.
But the rain helps control the fire, and it helps firefighters in the big picture.
We spoke to a crew member who entered the burned-out area and they said the buildings were not on fire, but you could feel the heat at your feet.
The ground is smoking.
It makes you feel how dry the area is.
Of course, the crew will go out.
The federal emergency response authority is expected to provide assistance.
Emergency personnel and firefighters from all over the country came to the garinburg area to lend a helping hand.
So hopefully people here will have answers in the next few hours and days ---guys. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Ripley: Okay.
Jennifer Gray of Gatlinburg
The election for governor of North Carolina has not yet been decided.
The state election commission has ordered a partial recount of 94,000 votes in Durham County.
Republicans say voting is not normal.
Democrats insist there is no evidence to prove this.
Republican Governor Pat mclowry lost 10,000 votes to state Attorney General Roy Cooper, but refused to give in.
Roman: OK.
Arianna Huffington is synonymous with digital media.
Earlier this year, however, she left the site, named after her, to set up a new company focused on health, corporate health.
It is called global prosperity.
Helping people unplug and charge, working smarter is a goal.
She drew a line between more sleep and shareholder value.
I sat down with Huffington yesterday and asked her, from the junior staff to the ceo's anchor, how that would benefit all the professionals. (
Start Video Editing)
Romans: did you leave a message for those type A who will watch my show at 5: 00 tomorrow. m. ?
Do you want to tell them to go back to sleep?
Ali Anna Huffington, media mogul: Yes.
No, I said my message was to follow Christine's advice first.
Christine sleeps at 8: 00. m.
If you have to get up early, go to bed as early as possible.
Create a ritual, a transition that makes sleep simple.
Charge the phone outside the bedroom.
Take a hot bath or a bath so you can go to bed early.
Then you take a nap as soon as possible.
Churchill won the victory of World War II.
So, power nap is definitely an amazing productivity tool if you have to get up early and don't get enough sleep.
He also has cigars and a lot of wine.
I don't recommend the part of his ceremony.
No, I don't know. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Ripley: you can sleep at 8: 00, which impressed me.
I did not fall asleep until 9: 30.
She said it wasn't enough, you know?
She said it was not enough to sleep for only five or six hours.
Like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Facebook executive Cheryl Sandberg and others have stressed how much sleep they need to succeed.
Cheryl Sandberg actually says she's been worried about how much sleep your child has, but you don't have to worry about yourself.
You know how much battery life is in your phone, but you don't have it in your body, Arianna said. RIPLEY: Yes.
So, you need more sleep to be truly successful.
She started a new company and thrive. she has established partnerships with some big companies such as Uber and JPMorgan Chase. they will try to do a good job in health at work, draw a straight line from health, there is--being well-
Take a break, get a good night's sleep and get pulled off at the right time and shareholder values.
Better for the company.
By the way, I'm a huge fan of power nap.
I'm going for a coffee, a 20-
Take a nap and then your receptor opens and you can do all of that and then it's called a coffee nap.
Then you wake up and you can go in the next day.
Look at this.
You should interview Arianna.
Your interview is great.
Start early now. (MUSIC)
Romans: Victory Circle of Donald Trump.
He is heading to the factory where he has just saved 1,000 jobs.
Now, the critic wants to know how he came to an agreement, will he come to an agreement elsewhere?
Ripley: A police officer in Washington state was killed.
Gunmen set up barricades in a house late at night.
We are following up on an update on the standoff that is still taking place this morning.
Romans: death toll and loss are rising in Tennessee.
Thousands of evacuees waited anxiously to find out if their home was still there.
Good Morning, everyone.
Welcome to start early on the first day of December.
I'm Kristen Roman.
Ripley: nice to be with you in the same time zone.
Nice to meet you.
Ripley: this is will Ripley, John Berman.
Today is 5: 00 Thursday, December 1. m. in the East.
We started this morning with Donald Trump.
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