edmonton city councillors call for a pause on blatchford green energy - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
edmonton city councillors call for a pause on blatchford green energy  -  in a heat pump
On Wednesday, the Commission looked at a complex plan to heat blatford's house with sewage and waste heat from the ground, and most lawmakers said they needed more time to make sure the plan was right.
Even some progressives in Parliament say the delay is worth it if it means reducing the risk of the city.
But that means that the first homeowners may not be able to move in until 2018, not next year.
"I would be happy to take the time to correct the mistakes instead of making a hasty decision," said Mayor Don Iverson . ".
"Leadership and innovation require some investment, which is not surprising to us. ”Coun.
AndrewKnack said, "it seems like a reasonable sacrifice to make sure we have the right information.
"If the bill is passed on Thursday, the government will work with Epcor to write a memorandum of understanding on how to operate and regulate the new blatford utility.
They will come back in autumn.
At the same time, the mayor's office will endeavor to obtain federal and provincial funding.
Proposed $236
$98 for million projects-
Millions of grants or capital investments to build pipelines and factories before initial customers are attracted.
The rest of the money will come from the residents of blatford who will pay the same rate as the fees Epcor charged to other Edmonton people.
The proposal, coupled with energy-efficient buildings, will result in a carbon and neutral index of 74 at blatford.
The council could choose to deal with peak consumer demand by establishing a larger renewable energy system, reaching 77 cents, but there seems to be little interest in the plan.
A bigger system costs $206. million grant.
Ultimately, the entire development project is expected to generate $0. 229 billion in profits for the city.
Instead, peak demand for hot or cold weather can be handled with natural gas or biofuel boilers.
The government is still investigating the best way to power the site.
The use of solar or wind energy will bring 30,000 of the community closer to carbon neutral.
217 of the city is under construction-
The HA community on the site of the former downtown airport did not decide on the heating supply, as the pipeline would be embedded with the construction of the road. Also, the geo-
The Exchange system relies on drilling hundreds of holes 100 to 145 deep in the first of two rain lakes. The geo-
The exchange and sewer heating system transfers heat from the ground and sewage to the water pipes that circulate through the vicinity.
Then, a heat pump similar to the technology used in the refrigerator allows each homeowner to concentrate heat energy to warm up.
The regional heating system means that the heat can be effectively shared between all buildings.
This technology has been used many times before, but it has never been used for such a large community.
On Wednesday, several members of parliament joined Cohn in urging caution.
Michael o'shri called for a third time
Review of the proposed utilities and the political parties for the development of Blatchford as a whole.
"It's a great vision, but it takes longer to start.
Is it really worth taking risks in terms of what we will get from it ? " He said he was concerned that the weak economy and the low demand for home buyers could put the city in trouble.
"It really makes me very uncomfortable.
Others urged their colleagues to move the plan forward. Coun.
Michael Walters said many outside experts have been consulted.
"At some point, we just need to move on.
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