egypt battles energy crunch with ban on too-cold air conditioners - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
egypt battles energy crunch with ban on too-cold air conditioners  -  outside air conditioner
CAIRO (Reuters)-
In the face of the energy crisis, Egypt will ban the production and import of air conditioners below 20 degrees Celsius, aiming to appease citizens and industries hit by power cuts and fuel shortages.
Successive governments in Cairo have failed to develop sound energy policies, making it impossible for foreign companies to mine the natural gas reserves needed to meet the growing consumption of the most populous Arab country.
Egypt relies heavily on natural gas for power generation, which is currently under-supplied.
The government expects production in the next fiscal year to fail to meet the surge in domestic demand starting in July.
Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment, Munir faheri Abdul Nur, has used air conditioning restrictions as part of the government's plan to cut energy use to ease the worsening crisis in the industry.
The decision was made last year but will be implemented in the medium term
On June, Abdul Nur said in a statement.
The minister said the ban on air conditioning outside of government regulations would help "ease the burden on Egyptian families ".
Egypt will hold a presidential election later next month, just before the hot summer air conditioning starts, which puts pressure on the already tense grid.
Political chaos.
The sensitive energy sector is currently being maintained through oil product relief in the Gulf Arab states, which will be one of the biggest challenges facing the country's next president.
Gas stations and long lines of power outages sparked anger at Islamic President Mohammed Morsi before he was expelled by the Army last summer.
Experts say the energy crisis is deteriorating and that the energy crisis will not be resolved until more natural gas production is put into production, depending on Cairo's encouragement of large-scale investment. Such long-
Long-standing policy decisions have been delayed again and again.
With daily power outages before the summer darkening homes and businesses, the government's desire to be seen as a positive solution to the shortage, although some ministers acknowledge that the problem is insurmountable in the short termterm.
The power minister said Saturday that the government will not be able to stop power outages this summer.
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