evapolar is a portable personal cooler that promises to be a solution to the aussie summer - how to make air cooler at home

by:HICOOL     2019-07-08
evapolar is a portable personal cooler that promises to be a solution to the aussie summer  -  how to make air cooler at home
This is the world's first portable air conditioner designed for personal use.
The small unit claims to cool down your personal space.
Source: supply when the buckle on your seat belt doubles into a branded iron and your refrigerator is blocked --
Packed with zoomed Doopers, it is very safe to assume that the summer of Australia has arrived.
While those with air conditioning may not be too worried about the hot summer, those who can only use the base fan have a different view.
Thankfully, there is a new product that promises to provide comfort in the hottest months of the year without leaving the bank bankrupt.
Meet Evapolar-
A portable personal cooler that humidifies and cleans the air.
This product is the idea of former Russian classmates Eugene Dubova and Vladimir leveinvas, which was put into development after receiving a crowd donation of more than $1 million
The magic behind the funding site IndiegogoThe product was created by Eugene's father, Vladimir, who invented the technology called EvaBreeze a few years ago and patented it.
"The Moscow metropolitan must find the most effective way to cool down the subway tunnel, and Vladimir Dubovoy is able to evaporate based on their evabrematerial materials and water, the team said.
Following in the footsteps of his father, he began to use the technology in household appliances, and the rest was history.
How does it claim to work?
The compact device is expected to save 12 times more energy than the traditional separation system and claims to be in 3-4 square meters.
"The working principle is very simple: you need to fill the removable tank and then insert the evaporation," the team said . ".
"In two to three minutes, the evaporation box absorbs a lot of water.
Water is then evenly distributed on the surface of the cooling pad.
"When the air passes through the mat, the water evaporates, which allows the air to cool down while saturated with water.
In addition, the device does not include other toxic coolant found in freon or conventional air conditioners, "there is no organic substance in the evaporated air cooler, only the fan, water and evaporation pads made of mineral nano-materials do not create conditions suitable for bacterial growth, "they said.
Almost sum up everything you need to know.
Source: supplier does it really work?
While a specially developed vaporized nano-material based on basalt fibers sounds impressive, the big question is whether it really works.
Evaporation, as a person who belittles heat, is a very popular concept and I can report that it does help to reduce the intensity of those hot days.
Of course, it will never be as powerful as the right air conditioner, but you have to look forward to it.
Evapolar is a good investment for USB powered products that cost less than $250.
Over the past few weeks, I had this device running on my bedside table at night and found that it provided enough relief to allow me to sleep comfortably.
The device is obviously not enough to cool down a room, even a couple, so it's not unlimited --
But it also does not guarantee that it has these capabilities.
For the cost of the product and its decent features, I suggest it's worth your time.
Evapolar can be purchased online for $ A240.
What is your solution?
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