evaporative cooler maintenance tips - changing your cooler pads - what's a evaporative cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-23
evaporative cooler maintenance tips - changing your cooler pads  -  what's a evaporative cooler
Evaporation cooler-
In my years of work with the evaporation cooler, I have found that poor maintenance of the cooler liner material may be the biggest cause of premature deterioration of the entire cooler.
Most owners think that it is money-saving for them to keep the old mats in the unit for as long as possible, but, ultimately, in the long run, they have to spend more money, before they have to change, the whole cool year must be changed.
I will explain why this is usually the case.
But first let's take a look at the different types of evaporation cooler media.
The most common liner material for different evaporation coolers of evaporation media is Aspen liner.
The mats are named because they are made of shavings from aspen trees.
Aspen wood is then enclosed in the mesh size of the plastic cheese cloth for each evaporation cooler shutter.
Aspen slices are very commonly used because Aspen slices absorb and release moisture very effectively.
By releasing more water into the air, the temperature drop using aspen pads is better than some other material.
Although these aspen pads are less efficient than CELdek media, CELdek media is a cellulose paper designed to be honeycomb-like.
CELdek media is generally 8 in. and 12 in. thick blocks.
As the air passes through thicker materials, more water is absorbed, which brings a greater temperature drop to the air.
Since the manufacturing cost of aspen pads is much lower, they are more commonly used in evaporation coolers.
Why replace pads on a regular basis, so why should you replace aspen pads every year, even though they don't look so bad after a year?
Your float valve lets many gallons of water into the cooler every day.
When the moisture cloth is on all aspen pads, it evaporates constantly.
This is good because it produces cool air.
But on the other hand, it leaves all the raw minerals from these gallons of water every day in order to continue to accumulate in a cool pot.
When these heavy mine pumps enter aspen pads, they hold most of the minerals.
Keep in mind that in these types of coolers, aspen pads are in contact with metal blinds.
These minerals are fixed on metal blinds and may spoil the blinds a few years ago when they should be used.
In my experience, most of the owners of the evaporation cooler do little maintenance and complain that the cooler does not last long enough.
Others, they maintain, drain and clean the cooler pan at the end of the year and feel like they are taking care of the cooler.
But they will leave a lot of minerals in the cooler pad throughout the winter, waiting for the metal to deteriorate at the beginning of the next cooling season.
The residential cooler pad is about $7 per unit, and depending on whether your cooler is a window-mounted, side-ventilated or under-ventilated roof unit, you only use 3 or 4 pads per cooler. Spending $20-
Aspen cooler pad is $30 per year, usually much cheaper than buying and installing a new cooler in the years before you need it.
I hope this helps to consider replacing your cooler pad every year.
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