eye infections bring exploration of senegal to a halt - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
eye infections bring exploration of senegal to a halt  -  air conditioner dripping
You won't believe my eyesRed. Oozing.
It's swollen and looks like I should go to the women's shelter. I rushed to Dr. Boukoulou.
A friend I made here recommended him.
"You got the Apollo virus . "Boukoulou said.
"It's an epidemic.
"The technical name is acute rash inflammation.
In the summer of 1969, the Apollo 11 space shuttle first surfaced in Ghana.
The locals thought they were suffering because they watched the launch with unprotected eyes.
Its quaint history is uncomfortable.
Therapeutic eye wash Dr.
Bukuru suggested.
The antibacterial drops he prescribed were blood. orange.
I'm no longer a victim.
I look like a vampire.
My son and daughter were woken up by red and swollen eyes the next morning.
So, after three weeks
We went back to our empty apartment. No school. No excursions.
No clothes even.
We were in pajamas.
Four times a day, we took turns lying on the bathroom floor dripping.
Noah, 5, rolled into a ball.
I told him to keep quiet so we can help the good guys beat the bad guys in his eyes.
"Mom, what if the bad guys win? ” he says.
We came to Senegal to look for new eyes.
This is not what we think.
But maybe there's insight here.
As a family, we have never spent so much uninterrupted time together. (
My husband Graeme has been miraculously spared so far.
He offered us comic relief. )
The bad guys then unload more ammunition.
Lyla, 7, has a fever.
The children do nothing.
Graeme takes a bath in cold water and turns on the air conditioner.
Still, she is burning.
What other unknown tropical diseases might she have?
We searched our travel guide.
Called medical service.
A young doctor arrives at ten o'clock P. M.
She told us that this was the work of Apollo.
We need Tylenol.
"Don't you have it in your pharmacy?
She asked doubtfully.
When we leave Canada, we leave more than just our home.
We left all the support networks and local knowledge that we had quietly acquired over the past few years.
Where can we buy Tylenol at night?
How can we get there without a car?
I stood on the dark road outside and waited for a taxi.
Finally, the speed will slow down.
It has no headlights, no taillights.
Through my dripping red eyes, I recognized two people in the front seat.
I have never taken a taxi before.
This seems to be a particularly stupid idea.
But I waited 15 minutes and Lyla was burning.
So I climbed in and my heart beat faster.
The car slowly drove on the dark streets of the city. There’s a line-
In the pharmacy.
I grabbed the last box of children Tylenol and went back to the waiting taxi.
The driver turned the key. Nothing.
He and his friends went out and pushed until the car caught up with some speed and then he jumped back and lit the ignition.
After a few blocks, his friend came out again and paid him.
"Where are your friends going? ” I ask.
The driver replied, "he is a customer . "
"He asked me to stop for you and say that since you have a sick child, we can take your medicine first.
This unexpected kindness made my eyes more tingling.
Today is the sixth day of the disease.
Leila's fever eased and Noah's eyes cleared.
However, mine is still stubborn red and itchy.
Eduardo told me at the door: "It's terrible for you because you 've never had it before . ".
He's a friendly pool man in the apartment.
He called and asked me why I wasn't typing on the balcony.
"We are used to Apollo.
I tell you, it will go.
It always goes through.
"I think I made more than one friend here.
Catherine Porter, a star columnist, is on vacation for a year in Dakar, Senegal.
She will write about her adventures every week in the Life section.
You can contact her at catherine_porter @ rogers. com .
Take a look at her daily snapshot on Twitter.
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