falcon towers continues rejuvenation trend on 104th street - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
falcon towers continues rejuvenation trend on 104th street  -  in a heat pump
A former gravel parking lot on 104 Street south side of Jasper Avenue will soon be transformed into a unique Manhattan --
Style, double tower residential development.
The twin towers will rise by two above 38 and 43 floors-
Floor podium full of retail and commercial products.
The creative juice Langham development company behind the project is also 104 Street trendy 15-year-
Under the stimulation of the injection of important residential buildings on the four buildings, the long revival --
Icon Towers I and II, and Fox I and II.
"We did a lot of projects on 104 Street, so Falcon is a natural evolution.
While other projects are busier on the north side of Jasper Avenue, Falcon is located in a more quaint and quiet place in the south of the street overlooking the valley, said Reza Mostashari, president and founder of Langham.
The location is within walking distance of Rogers Square, city center night view, 104 Street farmers market and Bay Enterprise Square light rail station, and should create a sensation for those who want a city center lifestyle that suits walking.
With a background in electrical engineering at the University of Alberta, Mostashari has a strong passion for design and he has a vision for the city.
It began in Garno in 2001. unit wood-
Frame house.
Since then, developers have left their mark in downtown Edmonton, from 14-
The first downtown omiga restaurant in Langham
Residential projects were completed in 2005.
"High-rise buildings throughout the region have matured.
104 Street is a unique Street.
Old warehouse area, brick facade building, etc.
"I saw the potential and the market was strong in 2005, so I started with Icon I on the 30 th floor and the sales were strong and we were motivated," he said . ".
"Every project I do, I try to make it better than the last one," says hands ashari, who is hands-on
When it comes to design.
"I really want to make the Falcon the best, better than anything I 've done before.
"The first tower, Falcon one, will be launched and will provide 296 units, while the adjacent tower, Falcon two, will provide 356 units.
Springboard for two towers
Floor platform that will embrace hands-
Selected retail and commercial products, as well as chi-chi double-
Lobby floor height-to-
Marble ceiling, wooden decoration.
The exterior lines of the two towers are elegant and stylish, with vertical passages and geometric structures.
"There are many curves --
Glass curtain wall curve.
There is also a triangular angle on the balcony that creates an interesting image, "said Mostashari.
Inside is Jackie.
Fashion, clean-
Elegant Sports finish lined with white marble, tiles, concrete and luxurious wood flooring, with chin at the same time
Overlooking the beautiful valley of Edmonton.
In order to cater to a wide variety of demographics, the floor plan provides considerable variation in size from 559-square-foot, one-
Bedroom Residence-1,842square-foot, two-storey, three-
Loft Design for bedroom and study.
Every family has a state. of-the-
An art mechanical system consisting of an energy recovery ventilator and a water source heat pump, converted into high-performance heating and cooling, with very high efficiency and a large amount of fresh air.
Construction will begin in the fall of 2019, with an estimated occupancy rate of 2022.
Starting at $250,000, excluding GSTbedroom home.
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