forget smartwatches, now you can wear an 'air conditioner' on your wrist: smart bracelet provides cool or warm air on demand - portable swamp cooler air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-09-01
forget smartwatches, now you can wear an \'air conditioner\' on your wrist: smart bracelet provides cool or warm air on demand  -  portable swamp cooler air conditioner
Putting your wrist under the tap is an era
The old trick to calm yourself down when it starts to overheat.
But not everyone has a tap or a cold fleece.
With this in mind, a team of students has developed a bracelet that is like a wearable air conditioning device on the wrist.
The band, known as wristeify, guides cool or warm air to the surface of the wearer's skin to balance the body temperature.
Video tips developed by Matthew Smith, Sam Shames, Megha Jain and David Cohen
Tanugi from MIT recently set up the embr lab.
However, unlike the real air conditioner, the device only adjusts the temperature of the wrist, not the humidity.
Last year, the team's concept won $10,000 (£6,100)
First prize in the MIT materials engineering production and design competition-
It is now the final player in Intel's "Make it Wearable" competition.
As a result, the team received an additional $50,000 (£30,700)
Help make the band a reality.
In addition to the bonus, all finalists receive guidance and technical support from Santa Clara
Technology giants.
A prototype version has been developed and is being tested.
Designer Niccolo Casas also designed a conceptual illustration for the appearance of the final model.
As the company explained: "wristify uses all
Natural cool or hot waves will activate the temperature sensor on the surface of your skin to make you feel refreshed.
"When it cools you, it gently emits blue and a warm orange color as it heats you.
"Our comfort depends not only on the core temperature, but also on the thermal comfort Research of the past 30 years, we have designed a device with maximum comfort, which is also very cautious and energy-efficient --efficient.
The winners of the Intel competition will be announced on November 3.
Embr labs said the team was working to develop the twisted bracelet as quickly as possible, but did not disclose when it was available or how much it might cost.
Cooling the wrist can cool or heat the rest of the human body as it is a point of pulse-
This means that the temperature changes to reach the blood faster.
"At The embr lab, we have a shared belief in the importance of connecting our minds, bodies and environment," the company continued . ".
Use our patents
In the case that technology is not yet mature, we are trying to make a piece of jewelry that can really work.
In fact, we think this will change the world's perception of wearable devices and comfort.
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