fresno receives high marks from its natives, despite survey scores : loyal residents are befuddled by the bad rap city gets - central air swamp cooler

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fresno receives high marks from its natives, despite survey scores : loyal residents are befuddled by the bad rap city gets  -  central air swamp cooler
The reputation of the city is not good, for them, most residents do not know why.
Considering that it doesn't take more than 20 minutes to cross the town even during peak traffic.
Average well-kept three-
Bedroom house with pool-
The street near a school cost $75,000.
Residents are 45 minutes from great fishing and hiking, 90 minutes from skiing or Cambria beach, two hours from Carmel and three from San Francisco
Need to be more convincing?
85 recognizable people, a good state university and two
The Community College of the year, two excellent art museums, a dance repertoire, Symphony Orchestra, several very active theater groups, if the bulldog in Fresno is not the last selling point, then, mikhail barreshnikov recently held a conference center.
In fact, most murals never thought it was necessary to sell their city.
People born here tend to stay and often have stories about families who have been transferred here, and then they decide they would rather quit than leave.
After many young couples chose Fresno
Shopping throughout the state.
But here comes Robert M.
Pierce, a geographer at the State University of New York at Cotland, has the courage to rate American cities in a journal called American demographics.
As can be seen around the world, Fresno has 277 people, ranking last among the surveyed urban areas.
It was in 1984.
Pierce ranked 288 out of 329 cities this year. (
Surveys like this have never been kind to Fresno.
Rand's list of 1981 ratings-
McNally ranked 272 out of 277 cities and 226 out of 329. )
But for some reason, Pierce is the most bones.
This is the 277 mural will never forget.
Joan Eaton, 32, said: "Frankly, I think this is the first time that people here are vaguely aware that Fresno is not heaven in everyone's eyes, A loan officer at Wells Fargo decided to leave Los Angeles with her husband two years ago and chose Fresno instead of San Francisco in Denver. Sacramento and Santa Barbara
It is true that Fresno has its problems, it is hot in summer, and there is tuule fog in winter, especially so.
There are a large number (16%)
Unemployment and some planning and interpersonal struggles that plague any urban area.
But for loyal murals, their problems are not worse than anywhere else, and from all angles they are better off than most.
In a somewhat contradictory twist, residents are pushing their cities to become more complex and international when they boast that their cities are small. town, know-your-
The feeling of neighbors
Meanwhile, 277 has become the slogan of a rally calling for unity, which is only equivalent to the red wave that Fresno has sent out for its beloved basketball team.
As Fresno celebrates its centennial this month, many leaders agree with architect J.
Martin Temple, 50, has been a resident and former president of the Chamber of Commerce since 1939.
"In fact, the 277 rating is one of the better things that happened to us.
This caused some reflection.
"Probably like many residents agreed with Mayor Dale Doig, he made a comment when he left the office for 30 minutes to go fishing at the foothills.
"I don't worry about bad images because I like it here.
I don't think we have to defend ourselves.
These two sentences are typical murals.
Fresno has been in the middle and middle, not big enough, not international enough, not small enough, not charming enough.
Even today, with a population of 274,750, Owen, the fastest in California --growing city (
According to a study by the California Center for Continuing Economic Research)
Fresno is still a city created by agriculture for agriculture.
It is located in the richest agricultural center --
San Joaquin Valley is the world's latest choice of origin for Leland Stanford.
2,000 lush-
Acres of wheat fields owned byY.
Easterby and the original canal system irrigation from nearby foothills and mountains, where Stanford decided to build a town site.
At that time, the county seat was in milleton in the foothills, but when the railway stopped at the station in the flat, people followed.
Some of them are Chinese, businessmen in the Millington area.
Later, Armenians, Latinos and other immigrants were attracted by the prospect of cultivating a better life from the fertile land of Fresno.
Hmongs came recently ---
Over the past three years, about 60,000 of these Laos mountain tribes have been resettled in the valley, with more than 15,000 people in Fresno.
Spanish is ash's Spanish language and is now the recognized center of agribusiness in the valley.
If only 3% of the population is active in agriculture, it is still deeply recognized that agriculture directly affects the economy of the city.
Cathy Recht, 45, said.
A generation of Fresno, board of directors of the Fresno Historical Society: "When the raisin crop fails, it affects us.
When it rains, we all wonder if it will hurt the crops.
It's interesting, but even though all the different people have moved here and even though we try to think we are complicated, our thinking is still facing farmers.
"In fact, Fresno's proximity to agriculture may be one of its temptations.
Most of the nearly 40 people interviewed have nothing to do with agriculture. they all mention agriculture, which can only be said to be sentimental.
Ken Robertson, 37, expressed a typical view that he was an entertainment writer for Fresno bees, who grew up in the picoliveira area of Los Angeles.
After finding jobs in Tennessee and Las Vegas, he moved to Selma two years ago, a small town with a population of 10,000.
The commute to bees is short.
"Even though I am not a farmer," he said, "Here, it gives me a good feeling to buy fruit at the booth on the side of the road.
For me, pick up a 40-
Bring a box of oranges to my family in Los Angeles. A.
"My daughter and I can ride a bike and get to the vineyard in 10 minutes.
She can see her grandparents in their vineyards.
It's great to think that in these crazy moments my daughter can still be a little child in this country.
"Despite the cultural integration, Fresno is not a true melting pot.
On almost any weekend, there will be Armenian dinners, Japanese festivals, and Latino festivals.
Chinese, who also strongly support the Metropolitan Museum, also support the traditional Confucius Institute, where Chinese children can learn about their Chinese traditions.
The school is just across the street from the Chinese Baptist Church, right next to the only Buddhist temple in the valley.
Even those Chinese who have moved to more upscale places in the town, such as fig gardens or Sunnyside, will still return to the old neighborhood to church and socialize.
In this way, the supervisors of Sharon Levy and Moon Frey have increased their richness in Fresno.
"It's like a thread on a piece of fabric.
It makes us more interesting than homogeneous.
But the racial heritage of Fresno is full of stories of discrimination.
Without hearing how Armenians in their 20 s and 30 s were ridiculed and refused to work, it would be difficult to talk to them.
Even when discrimination eased in their 40 s, Armenians were still excluded from the frat in Fresno State, restricted from buying more upscale residential areas and banned from joining certain clubs.
It is strange that the Armenians of Fresno rarely express their pain.
"This is no longer a problem.
They could not enter the Brotherhood;
Now they are their president, "said Art Margosian, 55, shrugging, a journalism professor at California State University, Fresno, a former editor of the Armenian newspaper the California messenger.
"Change comes very slowly.
Some people think this is the civil rights movement.
Things have relaxed a lot since then.
But I think it's definitely money . "
"There are enough people to get rich.
We have a good business.
We are very frugal.
We did it, saved it, bought the land.
"Then in our 1960 s and 70 s, we entered the government and we put people in politics.
Some people who work in the rear end decided to donate money to the community.
"Now you have Armenian doctors and lawyers.
We're all in this community.
We donated a lot of money.
Yes, for the cause of Armenia, but for the Bulldog foundation, so for children with disabilities. . . .
"I don't know what restrictions are there today," he said . "
The modern lobby of the new Holiday Inn Center Square, ironically, used to be "little Armenia" in Fresno ".
Of course, discrimination occurs when two people get together. . . .
Today's Hispanics are catching up with the Armenians of the time.
"At least like Armenians, the Latino population of Fresno is also here.
Betty and Armando
During the Revolution in Mexico, the parents of Rod rigz came here.
Her father is active in the growing Mexican community in Fresno.
The 55-year-old Betty rodriggs is active in the Mexican league and she tends to look at life from a challenge rather than a problem perspective
As part of the centennial celebration, the American women's and leadership committee selected "100 fine murals ".
She is also involved in groups that care about the needs of migrant workers, saying, "Education is a big problem.
"Her husband was the city's first Latino executive and later the city's first Hispanic high court judge.
He is now a judge of the city court.
There is less talk about discrimination than the fact that "I want to see people blend more together.
Everyone tends to be their own, the place where Mexicans go to Mexico, the place where the Japanese go to them, Angelos. . . .
But it's changing.
The 55-year-old Armando Rhodes is less generous.
He noted that the proportion of Latin American people in public offices and in business and civic leaders in cities is very low.
When he talks about the old man, his anger is still obvious
He said the boy club he met when he first became a judge.
"Discrimination has not changed over the years," he said . ".
"It's subtle, but it exists in society.
There are also some changes, of course, but they come slowly.
Professionals and educators have changed.
You can go to the club if you have money.
However, as he said, change is possible, and Rodriguez talks about his own ability to bring about change.
After all, he already has
From those who are so inclined, Fresno is a great place to fight heroic battles.
This is a place with grass.
There is a good chance of success.
Look at President Gottschalk's wife, Sharon Levy, who was inspired by the conditions she saw when visiting the junior Hall as a member of the Fresno Youth League, and decided to enter politics.
She ran for the Board of Supervisors, came second and decided that she needed more credibility for herself to be appointed to the planning committee.
On 1975, she again ran for the Board of Supervisors with a doorto-door campaign. She won.
She will still speak in front of any group that asks her.
"I want to make a difference," she said, sitting in a small office in the county building.
"I retire when I think I can't make a difference anymore.
"Fresno seems to have inspired that attitude.
Robert Barrett, director of the Fresno Arts Center, said that a few years ago, he and his wife Barbara went to the state to find a place to relocate from Long Beach, "Fresno attracted us most. . . .
"What we see in central California is a kind of vitality," he said . ".
"Nothing has been done yet, but it will.
If we really want to contribute, we decide that we don't want to be the third generation.
We want to be the first.
"Lest anyone forget that Fresno is home to the late writer William saloyan, Metropolitan pitcher Tom Siver, and the late great Chicago Cubs first baseman Frank cash (
He is the man who has repaired to gain fame).
To a large extent, Fresno appears to be present in the climax of the "Summer Boy;
Never lose, never really want to lose that "strange weed --
Saroyan's human comedy describes a world of haunts, rubbish, beauty, boredom, but beauty.
"Although Fresno is trying to become a cosmopolitan city, it is not uncommon to see young people from five or six neighbors, and then just as many dogs, going to baseball.
Or the whole family goes cycling every weekend. -
After the church, of course.
Joan Eaton believes that it is easier to balance professional life and family in forseno than in Los Angeles, and she remembers her father (
Guarantee finance company
Chairman Eaton)
Rushed out of his downtown Fresno office.
See his son's track and field in the afternoon.
"He can go back to the office in an hour.
"The city is full of basketball hoops in the garage, in the driveway, and in the backyard with a pool. Family-
People who live here say, what is the most important thing in Fresno-
They always say that's why they live here. -
The way of life is: informal, friendly, entertaining, and most importantly, familyoriented.
"Parenting is a big deal here," said Penny Raven, 42, a social columnist for Fresno bees.
Even in people who can afford the full cost
She said the time Steward will never livein.
"People want to see their children healthy," Raven said . ".
"They also want to see their children work.
No matter how much money a family has, the children work in the summer.
"This is not to say that rich murals do not notice more secular temptations, such as those that can be found in San Francisco or Beverly Hills.
That's what private jets do, or commuter flights that often take off from Fresno airport.
After all, it's so easy to go to the city once a month for hair cuts, shopping, meals and theaters.
Of course, there's no Mart's fur shop in Fresno. -
They're three generations here.
Miss LaVerne's fashion (
She was my former manager.
No longer in Fresno).
With Berkeley and Macy's, Raven said, "they're trying to get into Neiman --
Marcus of Fresno
"Rich people like to travel.
They like to play in London, visit friends of the French wine country, and see what China looks like. The Cadillac (
At least four to five years old are allowed)
Is the preferred car--
Other than the new rich who like the Jaguar and Mercedes and those who have just divorced, Raven said.
Visit anyone's home
Raven said that success has been achieved in the field of agriculture, and it is likely to be rewarded.
However, there may be a mortgage on their second home.
They like the big welfare circuit of the party.
There is also a big benefit.
But in Fresno Society, tickets rarely cost more than $50 per person.
"The frresans don't like to spend a lot of money on tickets, but once they get to the party they are happy to spend a lot of money," said Larry Baraki, who is squeezing 1,700 people, $30 per piece (
Before deciding to have a party for two nights)
Participate in the annual Fresno Convention Center exhibition at the Fresno Art Center "Carnival.
According to Penny Raven, the owner of the fashion clothing store, Balakian, and Ann Sullivan Whitehurst Fresno, head of public relations at St. Agnes Medical Center, are trend makers in throwing out benefits.
They all go to what Balakian calls "big, wild and crazy" and they say Fresno is a "great place to try new things ".
"The situation of some residents like Ronald Paul, 55, and Angela, 54-year-old wife --
A generation of grape growers, art collectors and artists called Fresno "a state of mind, a great place to go home.
"However, their maturity seems to be more of a matter of spite than a product of living in Fresno. Architect J.
Martin Temple believes that if the murals become complex, it is the way to survive ---
"We are as isolated as the sights of the big city.
"This feeling of isolation, coupled with the increasing complexity of its residents, may be behind the apparent enthusiasm of Fresno to grow bigger --time.
Robert Barrett, 39, is the director of the Fresno Arts Center, a man many Fresno people are worried about, and he is "destined to get something bigger ", "Look at how the new facilities at the Art Center have been financed and built in just two years after about 28 years of relative status.
Raising money is not a problem. The museum has an operating budget of $500,000 and $1.
5 million expansion funds and $100,000 endowment funds.
The reason, Barrett says, is that when he looks at the end of the "Fresno collection" exhibition related to the centennial celebration, "the art center is a representative of how people feel about their community.
People like it to be an elegant Act, a small piece of jewelry.
It attracts our customers.
It symbolizes their success.
This proves that we are sophisticated.
"I will tell you something," he added . ".
"I need to raise money for the catalogue.
It's not within our budget.
So I wrote to a lot of people and in the first week I had more than I needed.
The community is not yet aware of its potential, but there is a strong sense of pride.
In other cities, the focus is so scattered.
But in general, we are proud to develop our services. "He smiled.
He knows the problems that other museum curators have with the board, but in Fresno, he says, "It's not difficult to get the support of the most esoteric projects, but out of the pride of citizens rather than the aesthetic.
There are several people who are major donors who are willing to admit that they do not know anything about art.
People may even be less interested in art.
They say they give it because a good museum of art is what they want in the community and what they want to give their children.
"My daughter, always saying Fresno is one of the best places to go to other places," Kay camings said . ".
"She smiled affectionately in the direction of 19-year-old Jennifer camings, who was setting a table in the yard.
"Jennifer always shows people all the intimate and beautiful places around Fresno.
Lake, Yosemite, Carmel.
I mean, no one can say that Fresno is the most beautiful city.
I think it's ugly.
But in order to make the city look better and get rid of the black stone look, we have made great efforts (
A long and fast Street
Until two years ago, food restaurants and car dealers were the only route from Highway 99 to Yosemite).
We need to make more trees. planting.
There's a real feeling that we don't want Fresno to look like L. A.
"Having dinner outside is a typical Fresno summer night: from the heat of the day in your 90 s to the low temperature in your 70 s, a slight wind blows, 8 p. m.
Clear enough to figure out the stars that are just beginning to correspond to the deepening blue.
In the summer, almost all of the cammyses do what the Fresno family will do, and have dinner outside.
The Fresno root of Kay Cumming is very strong.
Her father is C. W.
Bonner with Bonner packaging company
The world's largest privately owned raisin packers
Bunner packaging was founded in Fresno in 1890 and sold to Minni aporiis-based MEI Corp. in 1983.
She met John camings, an interior designer, who grew up in the San Francisco suburb of Belvedere, San Francisco, when she applied for a copy at the stained-
The glass company he owns with his brother.
The couple, who lived in Marin County, decided to move to Fresno in 1968 because of the superior labor conditions.
When the cards came out of the stain
They decided to stay because "here John may have an impact in the design space.
There are many designers in the Bay Area.
Kay camings, 45, is an artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Fresno and the Bay Area, and he sees Fresno as a gradually exciting place.
Places like Belvedere are already beautiful.
There is nothing you can do to revitalize it.
"There is too much room for expansion here," added John camings, 49 . ".
"Fresno will have a lot to do in the next two or three years.
"Carminsis has a keen sense of Fresno's progress.
They have been living in buganvera for years
Stylish home in one of Fresno's many old trees-
There are many blocks.
Now, they are building a house on the foothills of the north end of Fresno, covering nine acres and two ponds.
They believe they are in front of the crowd.
Kay camings said that giving Fresno a few years, the city center could be moved all the way from the city center to Blackstone and Herndon, where St. Agnes Medical is located.
Further north, as a gift was given to the city, Woodward Park was just finished, with its picnic area and trails rolling along the bird sanctuary.
Drive outside the park and sign on expensive ads
It sounds like farmland in the foothills. (
Protecting the Woodward Park site is a pet project of Lou Eaton, chairman of secured finance.
Many residents call him "Dorothy Chandler in Fresno ".
He also established the new Metropolitan Museum in the city.
The Bonner family is the main promoter of the construction of the amphitheater in the park. )
Now, however, Fresno is just, uh, Fresno--
There are street parties, neighborhood yard sales, absolutely no nightlife.
It doesn't seem to bother Mark camings, a height 16-year-
The old man who came home this summer will attend Thatcher School in Ojai this fall.
He works at home every day.
I used to hate Fresno, his sister Jennifer, who studied at Western College last year, plans to try a dance career in Los Angeles and likes to compare Fresno with other cities.
She's also at home in the summer, working on ripe tomatoes ---
These days, in the scene of the Fresno restaurant, food, expensive, very "in ".
"I used to hate Fresno," she told during the summer while drinking almonds.
She uses a seasoned iced tea made from a ripe tomato mixture.
"But since I came to Los Angeles, I can really see the advantages.
I mean, I can take a walk here, and everyone here likes sports and entertainment.
I know you drive home and you see motorbikes and motorbikes all look like Americans but I really feel suffocated in LAA.
I got home this summer and all the fresh vegetables made me feel healthy.
"John camings also made a comparison.
At the beginning, he found that the crowd in Fresno was a bit rebellious.
He still doesn't know much about Fresno's school, which is why his children have been sent away.
But about his career, "I talked to my friend in San Francisco and I realized that I don't need to play games here.
I don't need to socialize with my clients if I don't want.
You won't meet a bunch of pseudo here. sophisticates--
You can build your career here without having to struggle.
"Jennifer is still thinking about nightlife.
If it's not Roger Rocca's good corporate concert hall and several other attractions in the Tower area, there's absolutely nothing to do.
The people here don't go to the bar, and there aren't so many good restaurants, she said.
The answer suddenly appeared.
Jennifer camings declared: "If we had Melrose Avenue, we would have succeeded.
"If you live in Fresno, you have to have a swimming pool," said Cindy bagart . " As they entered their two living rooms, they cast a critical eye on each of her children
Story House near Fresno City College.
Jeff baggert added that their home was an old house where he came out of the back porch and hurriedly dried some clothes.
They have a swamp cooler, which is probably one of the first pools ever built in Fresno.
Bread bags in their 30 s are a little small --
The age version of The Partridge Family, wherever they are invited, sings Christian pop songs.
On this day, they will perform at the wedding within an hour and they will finish the wedding.
Cindy and Jeff grew up in the San Joaquin Valley, where they lived in some cities on the west coast.
Portland is their ideal, they say.
Fresno is a compromise.
Jeff Baggot 50 points.
Commute to his family's glass business in Tulare every day, while Cyndi is a roaming music teacher at the Fresno United School District, looking to work as an opera professional.
Tulare must have been too small for them, she said;
Just not enough chance to sing.
Even Fresno sometimes looks a little small.
The 12-year-old Candi Baggett, who starred in a local Anne, said she wanted to live in Hollywood, sing and dance, or become a costume designer.
Her 11-year-old brother, Jon, and 9-year-old sister, Carla, are shy today and she joins her at Computech High School, one of the schools in the city that attracts talented children.
They guess they like Fresno.
Wang Xinling looked at her daughter with suspicion.
"I think there may be more opportunities for us to perform here than in big cities," she said . ".
"If we are in a place like Los Angeles, if we want to do what we are doing now, we may have to be big --time.
"No way, it's really hot here.
Dry heat is usually over 100 degrees each summer.
No one even pretended it was one of Fresno's charms;
Instead, it's just part of your life :--
"I hate it," said Ron Paul, the grower . ".
"Most people are in the air conditioner.
But we are outside, farmers.
You thought I 'd get used to it.
But I never did. "--
"I just spilled water on myself and went out again," said Kay camings . " She described her daily life at her new home site. --
"Hell, it's colder than the rest of the world," said Joe Levy, chairman of Gottschalk's, the Valley's largest independent-owned department store.
"We have no humidity.
Besides, we're safe. -
No earthquakes, no floods.
Of course, we do have Tumler fog.
It may be a bit frustrating.
"Very clear Season"-
"I don't mind much," said Cathy Recht . ".
"The way the rhythm changes is a bit good.
Everything is slow in the summer.
You get up early and finish things in the morning.
In winter, when the fog comes in, you will adapt your life to a shorter day.
At the end of the day, we have a very clear season. "--
"You're from your air-
Your air-conditioned home-
Your air-conditioned car-
Conditional office, every errand you run in a day, this place is Airconditioned.
You go home and jump in the pool. . . .
So where is the heating? " J.
Asked Martin Temple. --"I'm stuck.
"If I could sell my property and get out of here, I would," complained 46-year-old Larry Raven, husband of social writer Penny Raven and an alcoholic winery.
"In winter, there are 30 days of the year that can't see the sun, and in summer there are 30 days of 100 degrees of sunshine. . . .
There are many nice places in Orange County.
I want to go to more places on the highway. "--
Ken Robertson of The Fresno Bee said: "We endured the heat and fog because it made it impossible for us to become another Los Angeles.
"It's hard to find the essence of Fresno.
As one resident complained, "I can't bear to say this is my home.
"The problem is the curse of so many cities now ---urban sprawl.
The shopping center in the city center is one of the first shopping centers in the country, open at noon and open at 5: 30. m.
Twenty years ago, Fresno, California, on the north end of the small town, was considered a remote place.
It is now the center of office buildings, shopping malls and the most expensive housing in the city.
Residents of Fresno, even their leaders, don't seem to believe it.
More than one person interviewed said: "Planning is not our strength.
Somehow, however, Fresno's expansion did not stop it from feeling about the community.
The residents seem to be satisfied, they still know half of the town and are easily involved.
Frank comments and frankness of Fresno residents to themselves may be part of Fresno's charm.
Lou Eaton, one of the hundred-year "100 mythical murals", said he built the Metropolitan Museum because "I think it lacks complex cultural activities if Fresno lacks anything.
The 53-year-old Joe Levy, who is also an excellent mural, confesses with chagrin that "we are still in the back water ".
Easier for red wave (
Sports of CSUF)
Make money than museums.
"There is another incredible mural, Roselen Kershaw, who has been involved in the formation of many organizations in the town, and he wants to see a broader leadership base for the municipal government and civic organizations.
"Some of us have been in Fresno's Legion for too long.
"Mayor Doig's high on the city (16%)
Unemployment rate.
Cathy reinte lamented that while the land is cheap and there is a lot of it, it is one of the reasons for the deterioration of the city center.
"But even if residents talk about these issues, they believe that somehow, one day, something will be done.
"After all, no place is perfect," says Cathy Rehert.
But Forrest is better than most people.
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