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gardening  -  room evaporative air coolers
Carl Tomero
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Have you ever thought that you can store a little summer until mid winter when you really need it?
While this may be wishful thinking, the owner of the home Conservatory will certainly be close to doing it.
Gardeners with greenhouses can experience many of the fun of summer gardening in warm greenhouses, although the winter wind is cold and the snow is deep.
It is strange that more and more people are enjoying the experience because, despite the increasing energy costs, there are more home greenhouses being built today than ever before.
People can now walk into the showroom on Long Island and choose the desired model from the model shown, just like choosing a new car.
Greenhouse owners across the country are organized to participate in the Association of greenhouse owners.
A group of greenhouse owners from the Long Island Horticultural Society meets regularly to compare trials and awards for greenhouse owners.
The greenhouse operation course in a local botanical garden is almost overbooked.
Of course, there is a growing interest in gardening.
But the greenhouse has a special return because it provides the ideal environment for planting flowers or supplementing flowers purchased from the florist.
As we all know, Christmas cactus and poinsettia are hard to blossom in the living room, much easier in the greenhouse, and it is easy to force spring bulbs.
Gardeners who are interested in exotic and unusual plants will find that the greenhouse will allow him to collect as much as possible.
With the recovery of the greenhouse, indoor plants do not need to suffer the usual fate by being exposed to too little light or humidity in the ordinary living room.
They can easily rotate between the greenhouse and the house as needed to keep them in shape.
When entertaining, an outstanding but delicate plant can be taken to the coffee table and returned to the greenhouse before being affected by the bad.
Advertising a greenhouse located outside the living room, accessible by sliding glass doors, is both an extension of the room and a place to plant plants.
With tile or slate floors, a pool or fountain and lush tropical plants, it will be the ideal solarium for a dull winter season.
The vegetable gardener can fill his greenhouse with his favorite winter vegetables, which can be freshly harvested every day.
Outdoor gardeners will find this an ideal place to plant vegetables and flowers in the spring.
Is it possible for you to do all these things in any greenhouse you might purchase?
The answer is obviously no, unless you build a business scale.
However, they are available in a variety of sizes to suit all needs.
The smallest and simplest is the window greenhouse connected to the outside of the house window, which can be accessed through the window.
They provide shelves for several plants to grow, and most of the heat required may come directly from the house.
This can be replenished as needed by heating the cable or heating the lamp.
The window greenhouse is perfect for people with several options for plants, or a person who can use it as a place to start a new plant from a seed or branch.
The most common greenhouse is leanto.
This shed-style structure is built on the basis of a house or garage, usually for easy access to save heat.
Using another building as one wall will save a lot of heat on similar structures that all walls expose.
They are available in a variety of sizes from 6 to 8 feet.
The independent greenhouse, which has all four walls, provides the best light.
Because they do not take advantage of the existing walls of another structure, they will be the most costly to build.
However, they may have one end on the other building or are connected to the other building through a closed passage.
There are also greenhouses of this type, from 6 to 8 feet, available in almost any size.
There are a variety of styles to choose from.
Greenhouses with curved eaves are the most attractive, however, if built with glass, there must be a supply of curved glass on hand for emergency repairs.
You rarely walk into a local building supply dealer and find such glass on your hand.
Another option for advertising coverage to become more popular is fiberglass.
Glass and fiberglass are also suitable for growing plants.
Fiberglass is more impact-resistant than glass and may require less shade than glass in summer.
On the other hand, some people think that glass is more attractive, and if it is not broken, the glass may stand up better as it grows older.
However, the early fiberglass darkened with age.
A better level guarantee offered today for 20 years.
If you plan to plant flowers in a bed on the ground or in a container on the ground, you may want the glass to approach the ground for maximum light.
If all the plants are to grow on high benches, then the glass only needs to reach this level.
The latter will save heat, because the loss of heat through wood, bricks will be reduced;
A concrete block or stone used as a base rather than a transparent covering material.
This also allows the use of building materials that match the premises or other ancillary structures.
The basic structural materials can be wood or aluminum.
Each has its own advantages.
Wood is a bad conductor of heat compared to aluminum.
As a result, wooden frames will result in a heat demand of about 1 to 3%, lower than aluminum.
Instead, the wood needs to be maintained on a regular basis, while the aluminum does not need to be scratched or painted.
The aluminum is stronger and will provide the same strength as the wood, with finer structural units.
This allows the aluminum house to accommodate more light.
If Wood is selected, make sure it is rotatable or Cedar resistant and keep it well treated or painted.
Do not treat any wood in a greenhouse, bench or apartment with miscellaneous oil or PCP.
Both are highly toxic to plants, especially in closed structures.
Instead, it uses cuprinol provided through the greenhouse supply company.
Cost is another factor he considers.
The greenhouse is not a cheap structure, but there is no doubt that you can find a greenhouse suitable for the "cheque book.
The window Conservatory is the cheapest and costs less than $200.
Larger greenhouses can be as low as a few hundred dollars.
Most greenhouses are prefabricated so you can save a lot of cost by installing them yourself.
If you really want to save money, you can choose to build your own greenhouse with wood and cover it with fiberglass or cheap plastic film.
While these buildings are relatively temporary in nature, he can build a rather large greenhouse for a few dollars.
Plans can be obtained from various sources such as state agricultural colleges.
No matter what type of structure you want to build, check your local building code before building to avoid problems.
Heat is probably the most expensive item besides the building.
From the point of view of even heat, hot water is the most ideal.
Many home greenhouses are heated with small gas or electric heaters.
Greenhouses can often be added to existing house heating systems.
If this is impractical, the choice of heating method will depend on availability and cost.
Any type can be controlled by a thermostat to avoid the need for continuous start-up.
For accurate temperature control, the thermostat should be located at the height of the plant.
While the cost of greenhouse heating may be higher than similar spaces in the home, compared to most Long Island greenhouse owners I 've talked to, they don't feel the cost is high because they are able to grow plants all year round.
Many people maintain heat in the coldest months by using plastic liners in the greenhouse to produce a storm window effect.
A local manufacturer produced a double-layer fiberglass greenhouse for the same reason.
Many labor-saving devices allow you not to worry about the ongoing attention you need to operate your greenhouse.
The automatic ventilation system can not only control the temperature, but also turn off the ventilator when it rains.
The evaporation air cooler makes the greenhouse more suitable for plants and owners in hot summer.
The humidifier will maintain the preset humidity level, and the automatic watering and spraying system can be used for growth and reproduction.
Ensure adequate supply of water and power outlets during construction.
Where should the greenhouse be located?
Although the use may determine the amount required, good exposure is essential.
Southern Exposure guarantees maximum light, but requires a lot of shade in the summer.
Northern exposure is satisfactory for most breeding, but it does not grow chrysanthemums or other plants that require high light.
Perhaps contact between the East and the West can provide a good compromise.
Keep in mind that shadows from another building or a prominent tree can completely change the amount of light available, whether exposed or not.
More can be said about the details of the building, the methods of planting plants, and even having the advantages of greenhouses.
It is enough to say that a greenhouse can provide many hours of enjoyment.
If you want to enjoy one this winter, it's time to start planning.
Those interested in the information of the American hobby greenhouse owners association can write to the organizationO.
674 cases, cortemadeira, 94925, California.
■ A version of this file was printed on page 300 of the New York edition on August 1, 1976 with the title: gardening.
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